Irresistible Pictures of Golden Retriever Puppies with Cool Facts!

Puppy Pics

These K-9s are the poster pooch for families.  It’s no wonder that every other sitcom in the 80’s had a Golden for a pooch.  If you aren’t already aware of the cuteness of these pups, do not despair.  We’re here to help you out with pictures of Golden Retriever puppies.   We also have included 10 facts about this cute canine that are not common knowledge.  If you are already know about this awesome pooch, then just sit back and enjoy!

golden retriever puppy front head shot

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Golden Retriever Facts

Of course I’m listening.  Teach me about my myself!

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  1. Golden Retrievers are the 4th smartest dog breed!

    Stanley Coren, PhD is the author of The Intelligence of Dogs.  In his book, he ranks breeds according to their intelligence. This breed is the 4th smartest dog.  They are under the Border collie, Poodle and German shepherd.

    His research shows that all 4 breeds are in the top tier. They can learn a new command within 5 repetitions.  They can also recall it 95% of time.   Of course, it is no wonder that these pooches are one of the most trained service dogs.

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  2. The 3rd most popular dog breed in AKC registration!

    The 3rd most popular dog breed in American Kennel Club registration! This data is only for the United States.  According to the AKC, the GR has been hanging out in the 3rd position for the last few years.  This position is behind the Labrador and the German shepherd.

    If you want to see the rest of the list then be sure to read, Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds!

    golden retriever puppy posing on the chair for Pictures of Golden Retriever Puppies post

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  3. Golden Retrievers were born in the White House!

    President Ford had a GR named Liberty in the White House.
    Liberty in front of the White House
    In 1975, Liberty was bred, and gave birth to 9 puppies in the White House.    In fact, the Fords kept one of the pups for themselves and named her Misty!
    President Ford with Liberty's litter in the White House

  4. A Golden Retriever holds an Honorary Master’s Degree!

    In 2013, John Hopkins awarded this service dog, Kirsh, a degree. He received an honorary Master’s of Science in Counseling. He received this degree for attending every class with his owner. So, kudos to this pooch for picking up on some human smarts and missing out on some typical dog fun!

    golden retriever puppy on a sofa[email protected]

  5. There are actually 3 different varieties of Golden Retrievers!

    English Goldens are generally stockier with thicker fur.  Their coat color is lighter than the other two varieties.
    Canadian Goldens are thinner, taller, and have a thinner coat than the other two varieties.
    American Goldens are thinner than the English variety, but have thicker fur than the Canadian variety.

  6. Golden Retrievers are Crepuscular!

    golden retriever puppy sleeping on the grass [email protected]

    Crepuscular animals are most active during the twilight hours. Their energy is the highest around dawn and dusk.  With that said, it’s not unusual for this pooch to sleep for a majority of the day.

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  7. A Golden Retriever holds the Guinness World Record for the loudest bark!

    A GR from Australia, Charlie, had his bark recorded at 113.1 db. Here are the sound levels from familiar items to compare with 113dB.

    Mower 95dB
    Night Club 97dB
    Motorcycle 110dB
    Rock Concerts 115dB

    Here’s a video of Charlie doing his thing!  Obviously, be sure to turn the volume down.  Especially, if your dog is in the same room.

  8. A Golden Retriever held 5 tennis balls in his mouth for a World Record!

    Of course, only holding one world record isn’t enough for this awesome breed.  According to Guinness World Records, a K-9 from Dallas, named Augie is also in the record book.  Augie gathered and held 5 tennis balls in his mouth in 2003.  Obviously, the key word for this record is gathered.  Imagine how many people would try to break the record if they could shove the balls into the dog’s mouth.

  9. Golden Retrievers are AKC Champions!

    In 1977, the AKC introduced “Obedience Trial Champion” title.  Surprisingly, the first 3 yearly winners were all the same breed, Golden Retrievers.  Then in 1995, the AKC introduced “National Obedience Invitational.”  You guessed it!  A Golden Retriever won.  In fact, in the first ten years of the competition these dogs have won 6 out of 10 years!

    golden retriver puppy hanging out the car window[email protected]

  10. Golden Retrievers are Water Resistant!

    They are more like water repellent than resistant.  Because they are water retrievers, they have a double coat.  Much like the Lab, water beads on their outer coat.  While their inner coat keeps them warm.

    I guess water repellent and mud repellent are two different things.

    wet golden puppy [email protected]

    How long do I have to wait until that 2nd coat grows?

    golden retriever puppy hanging out under a towel[email protected]

    golden puppy sitting up[email protected]

More Puppies

golden retriever puppy chilling in a piece of furniture[email protected]

golden retriever puppy smiling for the camera on the grass[email protected]

golden retriever puppy posing for the camera[email protected]

golden retriever puppy in the grass for Pictures of Golden Retriever Puppies post[email protected]

golden puppy walking on the grass[email protected]

Could you tell the English, Canadian, and American varieties apart?  Did you know all those Golden Retriever Facts?  Check out the above Instagram accounts for more Puppy pictures.

If you’re thinking about getting a pup, but don’t know what to name it, then check out our puppy naming section!

I love the following picture, even though I’m more a Dunkin fan!

Grab some coffee hand hang around for a few minutes!

golden retriever puppy drinking starbucks awful coffee[email protected]

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10 Irresistible Pictures of Golden Retriever Puppies and Crazy Facts!>
10 Irresistible Pictures of Golden Retriever Puppies and Crazy Facts!
golden retriever puppy in the grass
white golden retriever puppy
cute golden retriever puppy hanging out the window