19 Funny and Good Bad Dog Pictures

Dog Shaming Pictures

What are good bad dog pictures? Dog shaming pictures that are good because they are so bad. Not the pictures but the pooch that caused the event!  I hate calling dogs bad. They really aren’t bad, just misunderstood.

It’s really hard not to laugh.  Especially when you’ve experienced the same event.  The funny thing is that in my house we had 7 of these events happen.  Ironically, my daughter was the guilty one in 2.5 of them.  If you haven’t seen these events play out, consider yourself lucky.  Either way enjoy the pics!

Bad Dog Pictures

I beheaded the Virgin Mary.

I learned how to climb the cat tree and ate all my sister’s food.

This is the half event my offspring did.  She didn’t eat any cat food.  But she does sneak food and her breath gives her away.


paw shirt banner




My favorite activity is to sneak off and eat the cat’s wet food.  Then be all cute and innocent for my people.  Despite my fishy breath.

My kid did this one. The laptop still worked, but it was a sticky nightmare.

I spilled soda on the laptop!  Hopefully it still works.

This morning, 7:20 AM, I jumped on the sliding glass door.  And locked mom out with no phone or shoes.  Sorry.

I chewed off part of my collar because mom and dad left me for a few hours.

I tore up my sister’s birthday car and ate the money inside!

There’s got to be a song made from this picture!

I ate the frog!

I ate 12 mini rolls and the wrappers!  It was a sharing pack!

I hide my expensive raw dog treats in flower pots.

After Mom cleans me up and gives me a bath.  I roll in Poop!

Mom bought me a lobster so I had to break up with Bunny.

I ate my 4th remote of the week.

I ate my Dadz pizza, wings, dip and chips.  No crumb left behindz.

This morning, I stole my sister’s lunch bag from her room.  Unzipped it with my teeth.  Carefully unwrapped her peanut butter sandwich from the foil.  And ate it under her bed.

This is the other one my daughter did when she was two.

I learned how to unzip the zipper on my cushion.  And get to the stuffing, while my mom napped beside me!

I stole a frozen rump roast from the counter and buried it in the backyard.

I ate dad’s drone.

I wasn’t getting enough attention so I pooped on Mom.

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