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So, do you love the Alaskan Malamute Dog?  If you do then you will love these pics and facts that we have below.  If you have never heard of the Mally, then be prepared to be amazed!

Alaskan Malamute Origins

The name Malamute comes from the Mahlemuts.  These are the Nomads that crossed from Russia to Alaska via the Bering Strait.  Ancient Malamutes made this journey with the Nomads.

It is believed the Malamute is the oldest dog in North America.  In fact, the Malamute is the only AKC breed that is native to the United States.  The Mally is the state dog of Alaska.

This dog was a huge asset to those early tribes.  They often helped with hunting seals.  Mallys also was the camp’s security.  Often chasing away polar bears and other dangers.

The Powerhouse

Since they are built for power, they were often used as sled dogs.  The Huskies gave the speed.  The Malamutes gave the power.  They are able to travel long distances without burning out.


In 1925, there was an event where the whole town of Nome almost died.  The town was saved thanks to arctic sled dogs.  Huskies usually get all the credit, but there were Mallys on that team as well.  You can read more about this event, Meet the Dog that Once Saved an Entire Town!

Look at those paws!

War Dogs

Alaskan Malamute dogs played important roles in both WW1 and WW2.

During the Wars their primary duty was search and rescue dogs in Greenland.    They also hauled supplies across the frozen terrain.  During the Wars their teams were responsible for over 100 rescues.  Mals also helped to look for landmines.


The Explorer

Admiral Byrd chose the Mal to help with his trip to the South Pole. Because they could also pull the heavy loads across the large distance, it was a good choice. And since their coat was thick, loved cold temps and were used to living outdoors the choice was great.  They were always requested because of their strength and pulling abilities.

This pic is awesome!  Mallys love the snow!

The Ultimate Cost

Between South Pole trips and WWII, the demand for this dog increased.  Almost all the registered Malamutes were loaned out during this time period.  These events bore grave consequences for the breed.  As a result, by 1947, only 30 Alaskan Malamute dogs existed.

An article by Joan Bryner details some of the events of the South Pole trips.  The Dogs of East Base United States Antarctic Service Expedition 1939-1941, is a sobering read.  In case you already have a negative opinion on humans, this article will not help.

The Alaskan Malamute size

Size matters with this pooch.  Mallys are big and look even bigger with all that fur.

How big do Alaskan malamutes get?

The male Mally is between 24 and 26 inches tall at the shoulder.  The female height is between 23 and 25 inches.

What is the average Mal Weight?

The average weight for a male is around 88 pounds.  The average weight for a female is 77 pounds.

How much is an Alaskan Malamute?

An AKC registered Mally can be pricey.  The price can be between $800 and $2000.  If the pup has champ blood, then $1500 to $2000 is the norm.  Also, if you want breeding rights then expect to pay more.

Do Alaskan malamutes shed?

Mallys, like most pooches shed all the time.  But since they have a double coat of hair, it can get hairy twice a year.  Usually, after Summer and after Winter, they blow their coat.  This allows them to get prepared for the next season.  During the coat blow, the hair falls out in clumps.

What is going on with all the smiles?

How long do malamutes live?

The average Alaskan Malamute lifespan is 10-14 years.

Do malamutes have blue eyes?

No, if there are blue eyes then there is probably some Husky in the lineage.  Blue eyes are an actually disqualifying factor for Mallys.

What is the Alaskan malamute temperament?

Around humans it’s pretty good.  Around other animals, not so much.

The American Temperament Test Society, Inc. performs temperament tests on each breed.   The malamute has an average of 84.8%.  For reference, the Labrador has an average of 92.2%.  The Doberman has an average of 79.5%.

Pictures of Malamutes

All of these dogs are awesome!  Thank you for everyone that allowed us to share them.  Be sure to visit their Instagram pages for more incredible Mallys!

Their coloring is so uniform.

I wonder how much food this big Mally eats?

Talk about one fluffy Alaskan Malamute!  

I think happiness and smiles are in their DNA.

Below is Kompis which the Norwegian term for buddy!

Where do Mallys sit in the house?  Anywhere they want!

Here is another fluffy Alaskan Malamute.  

Could you imagine sharing a bed with this Mal?

If you like Dogs wagging tongues, then you have to see these Tongue out Tuesday Pics. 

I have nothing to say except, WOW!

I think they just told him that it’s going to snow.  

I just can’t get over how they always look happy!

This is how I look 10 minutes into a half hour lecture.

This is how I look after playing tag with my kid.

I wonder how many chew toys these dogs go through?

If you like them when they’re big, you are going to LOVE them when they’re little!


Giant Alaskan Mally Video

This is one huge beast!  Can you imagine sharing a sofa with these one?

source: Viral Paws on YouTube

Alaskan Mal: Been Caught Stealing!

I bet Tonka never imagined that he’s star in his own Malamute Video.  Here he gets caught rummaging through his owner’s purse. Why? His favorite toy is in there!

The funniest parts are him trying to pretend he isn’t doing anything by walking into the other room.  Just the shadiness that Tonka displays shows how smart these dogs are.

Good thing these kind of cameras weren’t around when I was growing up!  I use to do the $ame thing.

Source: TonkatheMalamute on Rumble

The First Year of a Malamute Video

If you want to see the speed of a Malamute’s transformation from cute little puppy to sofa beast, then this is the video to watch!

Quick FAQs

What is the typical Alaskan Malamute size?

  • Male:  Between 24-26 inches (60.96-66.04 cm) at the shoulder. 
  • Female:  Between 23-25 inches (58.42-63.5 cm) at the shoulder.

What is the average Alaskan Malamute Weight?

  • Male:  Weight span is 78-96 pounds (35.3-43.5 kg), with the average at 88 pounds (39.9 kg).
  • Female:  Weight span is 70-84 pounds (31.75-38.1 kg), with the average at 77 pounds (34.9 kg).

How much does an Alaskan Malamute cost?

The Alaskan Malamute price can be between $800 and $2000. 

What is the Alaskan Malamute lifespan?

Their lifespan is 10-14 years, with 11 years being the average.

Do Malamutes have blue eyes?

No, blue eyes are a disqualifying factor for Mals.

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