20 Funny Dog Shaming Pictures with the Sign and the Bad Dog

Dog Shaming Pictures

Is there really such a thing as a bad dog?  I’m sure if they could talk, their actions are most likely our fault and not theirs.  With this in mind, let’s think about our own bad behavior.

When it comes to food I get it.  How many times in your life have you eaten or drank something you shouldn’t?  Of course, most of the stuff was hopefully edible.  Unlike a dog, I’ve never tried to eat toilet paper.  Food snatching is a crime of opportunity.

Sure some of these antics could drive one insane.  But only if you let it.  Sometimes in life you have to throw your arms up in the air and surrender.  When you have a bad dog in house you might have to surrender more often.  Of course, it’s always better for your sanity to inject humor into any bad situation.

Thankfully, that’s what these owners did.  Because now we get to sit back and enjoy these Funny Dogshaming Pictures.

Bad Dog Pictures

I’m sorry Mom.  Thought the stuffed snake was going to bite me, so I killed it.

What is it about TP that drives animals crazy?

0 days since the last toilet paper massacre.

Funny Dog Shaming Picture of a smart dog that loves Dunkin Donuts!

I chewed my mom’s clothes while she was @work today.  I greeted her @the door with these and now I have to wear them.

Dang!  Talk about follow through!

I ate all the food that was in kitchen for 128th time!

I know several people that are guilty of this!

I can’t stop farting.

I ate my mom’s sandwich.

I’m sorry Maddie.  That I chewed up your glasses and left you blind for a day and a half.

>My Mum baked a cake.  And I ate the whole thing.

I ate a winning lotto ticket.

Dunkin’ Donuts Rules!  This K-9 has some great taste!  My daughter laughed so hard at this one.  She’s usually the donuts thief in this house.

I ate all the Donuts!

I’m bad!  I ate fish food and now I’m going to poop freeze dried worms.

My Mom fell asleep and I ate the couch.

I peed on the police crate at the National night out.

Be thankful the ball wasn’t under the sofa like it is at our house.

My tennis ball was left outside.  I tried to get it when Mom and Dad were gone.

Maybe he wants an upgrade!

I peed on my dad’s Super Nintendo.  Sorry not sorry!

Mischievous German Shepherds

Picture camping and waking up to this doggie stalker.  This is the funniest image ever!

I figured out how to open the tent.  I like visiting the other campers at night.  My humans had to clip the zippers together.

All ways trust a German Shepherd or a baby.

Mom left me with her boyfriend.  In protest, I chewed up laptop charger.

Mischievous Labs

I actually caught my daughter doing the same thing.

Mom caught me with her brand new iPhone in my mouth.

I have the same taste in shoes as my mom.  The only difference is I prefer to chew on them!

I ate daddy’s pizza while he wasn’t looking.  Then savored it while getting my lecture.

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Funny dog shaming picture of a dog that cant stop farting
Funny Dog Shaming Picture of a smart dog that loves Dunkin Donuts!
Funny Dog Shaming Picture of a German Shepherd that is stalking a campsite

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