21 Captivating Pictures of Cute Puppies!

Puppy Pics

Cute Puppies can always turn your frown around. When you can’t be with them in person, then the next best thing is their pictures!

Most of us have days filled with hectic stress.  We blink and the day is already over.  Sometimes, we need to take a break and spend some quality time with our dog.

If you’re stuck in an office or a class, playing with a pup can be hard.   So to help you out, we are giving you 21 Pictures of Nature’s antidepressant!  Puppies!

I know it sounds crazy.  But this tactic works wonders.  When things get rough, pup pics can turn your day around.

So jump off the wheel.  Take a minute and enjoy some random pics of some baby dogs.  If you’re having a very hard day, then check out our other posts.  They will make you feel happy!

The Pups

I’m biased when it comes to Labs.  I grew up with these guys.

Black Labrador with a handkerchief around their neck

Source: [email protected]

“Of Course, I’m even more endearing when wet.”

cute little puppy taking a bath

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This pup is nothing but trouble!  How could you ever say no?

Aussie Puppy

From: [email protected]

Is that Duck bigger than the dog?

puppy with a duck

Source: [email protected]

An Alaskan Malamute puppy with a head tilt

Source: [email protected]

“Look!  Now you don’t have to unroll it!”

Cute Puppies with a dog that kills the toilet paper

Source: [email protected]

Cute Boxer puppy sitting on the sofa

Courtesy: [email protected]

“Fifteen-minute dog-nap…that’s all the time I can offer from my chewing-on-everything destruction.”

little puppy taking a nap

Source: [email protected]

Doberman puppy staring at the camera

Source: [email protected]

“I’ll lick.  You load.”

Cute Puppies with a husky puppy on dishwasher

Source: [email protected]

“This is my favorite comfort toy.”

puppy time with a labrador puppy chewing on a tennis ball

Source: [email protected]

“Play with me, or naughty I’ll be.”

husky puppy posing for the camera

Source: [email protected]

This pup is going to be huge!  Look at their front legs.

Cute Puppies with a doberman puppy laying on the ground

Source: [email protected]

“Could I, perchance, trouble you for a snack?”

puppy time with a cute puppy sitting on the floor

Source: [email protected]

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puppy time with a cute puppy laying on the ground

Source: [email protected]

Golden Retrievers are pretty awesome.  Did you know they hold a couple of records?  Find out more with our Golden Pups Post.

Cute Puppies with a pup outside with tongue hanging out

From: [email protected]

“Obviously, I’m pretending to be a bunny even though I hate carrots.”

sweet puppy laying in the grass

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Husky puppy with a big smile

Courtesy: [email protected]

“I’m doing my best stuffed animal imitation.”

husky puppy on the sofa

Source: [email protected]

Boxer puppy staring at the camera

Source: [email protected]

“I’m cuter than a wolf pup, then again we are probably related.” cute puppy being held

Source: [email protected]

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Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy Video of a First Encounter!

This Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy Video is adorable.  These hard working Swiss Dogs do grow up to be near 100 pounds.  If a full grown Berner was doing this I would be a little scared for everyone and everything in the house.  Fortunately, it is a puppy and lucky for us it shows this puppy’s first time with something special.

Do you remember the first time you tried your favorite desert? What about the time that you saw the love of your life for the first time? Do you remember your first day at work or school? Life is filled with memorable firsts.  Check out this cute Bernese Mountain puppy video of his first encounter with a bone treat.

The funniest parts are the heavy metal head banging!  Which reminds me of my first concert.  I’ll spare you the details of that crazy evening, plus I don’t want to date myself.

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy Video

Source: jacycroft on Rumble

For comparison sake, here is a headbanging video at a concert.  I wonder if they sell aspirin at these things?

If you know someone that loves puppies, then be sure to share this post.  Because even your friends deserve to smile every now and again.  If you know someone that loves headbanging heavy metal, then let them know, that you found them the perfect dog.

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Remember, life can be hectic, so chill out and let your paws do the clicking!

Boxer Puppy for 21 Captivating Pictures of Cute Puppies
Funny puppy that unrolled the toilet paper.