Throw them in the Tub and Grab a Camera! It’s Dog Bath Time!

Funny Dog Pictures

Funny Dogs are even funnier when you add water!   So enjoy these shots and be glad that smell hasn’t transcended the internet yet!  Why is it that wet dogs for some reason smell worse than a dirty canine?  Gotta love dog bath time!

I think I honestly hate giving my dog a bath more than she does.  Bath times are a pain.  First you have to get dressed.  Which means that you either are wearing dirty clothes or clothes that are old.  You have to prepare the bathroom.  Get everything up and out that you don’t want to smell like wet dog.

Now you have to con the dog to go into the bathroom.  However, they already saw the soap bottle.  The worst is if they run away from you.  After all that, the fun of the actual bath begins.  Of course, I have a Labrador and trying to get their fur wet is a pain.  Their fur is designed to almost repeal water.

One of the worst parts is the shake.  They always know the exact time to shake to cause the maximum amount of mess.   Drying time isn’t exactly the best either.  How many times has your dog escaped the bathroom without being dried off?  And during the chase they somehow manage to hit every piece of furniture with their wet dog smell.

Not to mention, for some reason, they need to roll around in the dirt within 1 hour of this adventure.  Almost forgot,  after this is all over, you need to clean the entire bathroom, including the walls.  I guess I should complain, and should just look at these pictures.

Dog Bath Pictures

Why do eyes look so much bigger on a wet pooch?

wet canine after dog bath

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Obviously, a smart one.

dog bath picture of a small pooch trying to avoid the bathtub

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“Would you mind putting down the camera and drying me off?”

dog bath picture of a drenched canine after bath

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“I’m so going to get you guys BACK!”

funny dogs look cold after baths

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“What did I do?”

black canine in the bath tub

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Rub a dub dub…Two dogs in a tub!

two funny dogs in the bath with shower caps

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“Jumping in that mud puddle wasn’t worth it!”

dog bath picture of a pooch with soap all over

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“I wasn’t even dirty!”

small canine looking cute standing in the bath

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small little puppy getting first dog bath

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dog with mud on his face