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It all started at the vet when they asked me how much my Labrador, Cali, weighed.

“Sixty-five” I responded.

“Are you sure?” Asked the tech with a look of skepticism on his face. He then led Cali to scale.

I saw the numbers but I didn’t believe it, seventy-three pounds! How did my pup gain eight pounds in four months? How did she gain that weight and I haven’t even noticed? Her diet hasn’t changed and she gets plenty of exercise. But something wasn’t adding up.

All these questions were soon answered at dinner time in our dining room. That’s when I saw it! My wife feeding Cali.

“I can’t help it, she keeps staring at me.”

My wife is new with dogs, so I really can’t blame her.  I should have known better.  I was raised with the beasts, I’m immune to their conniving behavior. But my wife didn’t stand a chance.

First of all, I think a pleading pooch has super powers! Not only can they hear a refrigerator door open from across the house.   But with one pitiful LOOK they can stamp guilt in your mind. And that guilt leads to stress. Almost all dog owners have experienced the puppy eyes during meal time.

In the first place, is there a gene that takes over their mind when it comes to pleading? How they beg is not a learned behavior, so it must be in their DNA.

Does your dog show this begging behavior?  The relentless hopeful eye contact.  A subtle look at your food, and then back to your face.  Last but not least, the shift to the puppy eyes.

Dog Begging Pictures

It looks like begging at the table is a thing of the past. Probably because eating at the table is a thing of the past.

a dog begging with his head on a sofa arm begging for food

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Big Funny Husky begging

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Puppy dog eyes are very dangerous.

Funny dog picture of a dogs begging

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Awesome husky standing on their hind legs begging for food

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Two funny begging dogs

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Funny dog begging

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It looks like this pooch has actually mastered some tears for the food.

sad faced dog begging

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two funny begging dogs asking for breakfast

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“I’ll do the Dog Dance for some Wine!”  Usually the wine comes before the goofy dancing.

Awesome shepherd begging for some wine

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a dog begging with their head on a cushion begging

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a dog begging with wicked eyes begging

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How to Stop a Dog from Begging

First off begging isn’t a bad behavior.  Feeding a begging dog is the bad behavior.  So, if you really don’t want your pooch to beg, the whole house needs to be on the same page.  Follow these steps to get your pooch back on track.

  • Feed your Dog

    Your canine needs to be fed in the same place at the same time every day.  Make sure that they always eat out of their bowl.  Never feed them from a plate.  I always prepare my Lab’s meal on the counter then place it on the floor.  When I prepare the food, I will not look at her.  I do not want her to think that she has any control when and where she is fed.

  • No Free Food

    We all love sharing our food with our pooches.  How many times have you grabbed some food out of the kitchen, took a bite, then gave some to your canine?  That will need to stop.  If you want to give them a treat, make them work for it.  Also, you really need to be careful feeding them scraps.  I have serious doubts that the food we eat is even good for us.

  • Ignore, Ignore and Ignore

    When you are eating, never make eye contact.  Never acknowledge them.  Do not pet them.  Do not talk to them.  I know you felt guilty.  You can’t stand seeing the pain of hunger in their eyes.  In the first place, they aren’t starving.  Second, they are playing you.  If you can’t stand the guilt, then remove them from the room.  You need to teach them, that they have already ate and now it’s your turn.

  • Be Consistent

    You and your house can not give in.  The moment that you give in gives your pooch the green light to start the whole dance again.  Also, remember that it’s not your canine’s fault.

Dog and Pup Town’s Solution for a Begging Dog

You need to numb yourself from your canine’s tricks and learn how to ignore them.   So in reality you need to train yourself and not your pooch.  The following pictures will help desensitize you from the puppy stare of a begging pooch.  It is recommended that you view each of these images once a day for at least a week.  However, if you still find yourself saying or thinking “awe” then you must continue to look at them daily.

“Can’t you see I’m serious?  I put down my toy!”

Labrador retriever begging for food

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“Your legs blocked your view of me, so I readjusted my position.”

small dog begging begging

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“Oh, am I in your way?  Didn’t mean to interfere with you carrying that food from the refrigerator to the counter.”

cute dog begging

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“You know, fried food is good for my coat.”

begging dog picture of a Labrador with head on leg begging

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“It’s not my fault that you named me Hawk.”

a dog begging

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“I’m down here!  Look at me!”

a dog begging on the floor

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“Don’t mind me.  I’m not hungry at all.”

begging dog picture of a canine stalking food

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“If you love me then give me some!”

begging dog picture of a lab begging for something

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“A Beggar’s motto:  Do not break stance.  Do not break gaze.”

cute dog begging for stuff

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” I love you sooooo much!”

begging dog picture of a pooch with head on foot begging

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Your Final Test

This puppy has some moves.  Would you give in to this pup?

Can you do it?

Have been able to view this post for 7 days without any empathy?  Then it’s time to take your training into the real world with a real canine!

As a recommendation, I suggest that whatever you do, don’t look into their eyes.  I wish you all the success in the world.

As for my Cali, she is now back to her fighting weight of 65 pounds.  It took about four months of no table scraps but it was worth it.  It’s crazy how quick weight gets packed on and how slow it takes to loose.

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Begging Dog looking into your soul!
2 dogs begging for some food