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At Dog and Pup Town, we’ve noticed a pattern with our Dogs of Destruction.  The all-time favorite item up for destruction/obliteration isn’t the trash or a shoe.  It’s BEDS!  Yes, Dog Bed Destruction is the new epidemic.  If a dog can kick back and relax on anything that remotely resembles a bed.   Then they will not only try to eat it.  But they will try to completely destroy it.

We can’t decode this behavior with pinpoint accuracy.  However, we have a couple of theories that seem plausible.

  • If a dog destroys their bed, then they have a better chance at sleeping with you.
  • Maybe they know that you bought a cheap bed.  And they believe that they deserve a bed with a higher quality.
  • Perhaps it’s not the dogs’ fault at all.  In fact, who benefits the most from a destroyed dog bed?  Obviously, the dog bed manufacturers, considering that they sell more product.  What if they have lined the stuffing with a meat scent to promote destruction?

In any event, consider this a BEST OF POST from our year-long compilation of Dogs of Destruction pictures, as we shine a spotlight on the poor pitiful DOG BED!

Dog Bed Destruction

I wonder if they can try to return this bed as defective?

Dog Bed Destruction! K9 in crate with destroyed bed

Source: [email protected]

“I always assumed that the bed was made from a cloud.  And I was right!”

Dog Bed Destruction! canine sitting on top of a bunch of stuffing

Courtesy: [email protected]

Of course, this isn’t technically a dog bed, but we are pretty sure this sofa counts.  Can you even imagine the look on the human’s face when they saw this?

Dog Bed Destruction!funny dog picture of a canine who destroyed a sofa

Source: [email protected]

canine destroys bed

From: [email protected]

At least the destruction is on a hardwood floor.  That makes cleaning up the mess, easier.

canine posing in front of the mess he created[email protected]

canine hovering over the stuffing of a pillow[email protected]

Canine looking in shame over his destruction of his dog bedSource: [email protected]

I believe that this picture is the most compelling evidence of the dog bed conspiracy.

Dog sitting in the mess of foam he createdCourtesy: [email protected]

Funny dogs destroy cushion from outsideSource: [email protected]

Check out the background.  The stuffing look like it in another room.

Canine destroyed doggie bedFrom: [email protected]

Dog Bed Destruction!pooch destroyed his doggie bedCourtesy: [email protected]

Occasionally a bed destruction requires two dogs.

Two funny dogs destroyed pillows or cushionsSource: [email protected]

Dog Bed Destruction! Black Labrador Retriever destroys a dogs bed

From: [email protected]

Dog Bed Destruction! Beagle lays inside a dogs bed that exploded

Source: [email protected]

canine totally destroys their pet bed

From: [email protected]

Surprisingly, not one ounce of guilt or shame for this guy!

Dog Bed Destruction!Canine eats cushion

Source: [email protected]

On the positive side, the sofa is still in one piece.

Dog Bed Destruction!canine killed some piece of furniture

Courtesy: [email protected]

To point out the bright side of this situation.  The remote is still intact.

canine destroyed something messy.

Source: [email protected]

I wonder how long it took to clean this one up?

Dog Bed Destruction!feather pillow destroyed

From: [email protected]

dogs bed shredded

Source: [email protected]

Did you notice all the smiles on these dogs, especially the couple five positions up.

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Dog Ate the Sofa in a funny dog picture