The World’s Smartest Canine! Pictures of Border Collies and FAQs!

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Border Collies are kicking canines!  These pooches are the definition of balls of energy.  This energetic pooch is not only cool looking but smart.  We have gathered some answers to some frequent questions about this breed.  Also, we have cool pictures of Border Collies for you to enjoy.

Of course, don’t stare too long into their eyes.  They have been know to hypnotize animals with their glare.

border collie pictures on the ground

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The World’s Smartest Dog

Neuropsychologist Stanley Coren, PhD is the author of The Intelligence of Dogs.  In his book, he ranks breeds according to their smarts. The Border Collie the smartest dog among all the breeds.

His research shows that Borders are in the top tier of breeds. They can learn a new command within 5 reps and remember it 95% of time.  I know a lot of people that can’t even do that.

tan and white border collie sitting on the bed

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Border Collie Origins

Border Collies are from the border region between Scotland and England.   Their primary purpose is to herd sheep.  They have the reputation as the best sheepherding dog in the world.  A job that they still perform to this day.

Of course their working standard is the most distinguished and famous trait they have.  Border Collie enthusiast vow to protect this trait at all cost.  They do not want to experience what the German Shepherd did after WWI.  Where looks were given a priority over ability in breeding.

black and white border collie picture

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The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognized the Border collie in 1995 as a standalone breed.  Prior to that the Border was under the miscellaneous category.  With AKC recognition, the Border could now compete in conformation (show) competitions. Conformation competitions are strongly related to the looks of the dog over ability.

This action scared and angered many Border collie groups and owners.  The American Border Collie Association (ABCA), the main registrant for Border Collies laid down the law.  If a Border Collie wins an AKC Conformation Championship, the ABCA will revoke the dog from their registry.

Of course Border Collie owners would rather be on the ABCA registry instead of the AKC registry.  Even though dual registry is permitted, many do not bother with AKC registration.  That is main reason the Border Collie doesn’t rank very well in the AKC’s most popular dog listing.

border collie pictures pooch begging

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How big do border collies get?

Border Collies range between 18 and 21 inches from the ground to their shoulder.

border collie pictures close up k9 on floor

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How much do Border Collies weigh?

The Border collie weight is between 30 and 45 pounds.

Border Collie Picture laying on the bed

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If you search for the best dog trick videos on YouTube.  Borders will be always be in the results.  Obviously, a result of their smarts.

They are also great Frisbee dogs!  Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it.  Just check out this video.

Do border collies shed?

Border collie shedding is average compared to most breeds.  They have a double coat so they have the normal summer and fall blow out.  Additionally they shed throughout the year but nothing compared to the blow out.  Routine brushing and bathing can control the situation.  Shedding is normal and needed, so expect it.

border collie pictures black and white

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How long do border collies live?

The Border collie lifespan is typical longer than most canines.  They average between 14 and 16 years with proper diet and exercise.

border collie looks like he is looking over a fence

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What is a Border Collie’s Personality?

The Boarder collie is a smart working dog.  This means that they are full of physical and mental energy.  This breed needs to always be challenged in both areas.  If this K-9 gets board, watch out.  You will frequently need to keep them challenged.  Also, you need to make sure they get plenty of exercise.

border collie pictures with brown and white sitting

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Pictures of Border Collies

border collie pictures with puppy in lap

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border collie pictures with collie head tilt

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border collie pictures with BC outside

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border collie pictures with black and white collie profile

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border collie pictures with brown puppy on the floor

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brown and white border collie with a huge tongue

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black and white border collie in the grass

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3 cool looking border collies

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black and white border collie picture

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Border Collie Video

In case you have some time, here is a cool dog-umentary about this awesome dog.  It’s pretty long, 24 minutes, but if your considering getting a Border Collie, you should try to digest as much information as you can.  Besides, what else do you have to do?  Work?

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Border Collie doing their hypnotic stare