25 Crazy Dog Shaming Pictures to Make You Laugh!

Dog Shaming Pictures

Do you need a quick laugh?  These funny dog shaming pictures will do the trick.

In this crazy world, you can always count on dogs to make you smile.  Even if they are acting crazy.  Let’s face it, if you can turn these situations into comedy gold, then you are a genius.  Be sure to visit these instagram accounts of our willing participants.

WOW! Talk about scary.  Don’t worry, this pooch is OK.

I jumped out of the car and scared the sh*t out of my hoomans.

I panicked and dug a hole in the carpet!

My parents spent an hour drying me off last night.  But I really wanted to swim with the kids today.  I am a bad listener, but a really good swimmer.

I actually caught my daughter doing the same thing.

When no one was looking I snuck into the kitchen.  And licked all the cookies my mom baked, cooling on the counter.

I was not a goo boi!

A double shame!

Mom walked away for two minutes and I managed to knock over her full cup of coffee onto the couch!  And then when she ran inside to clean up, I pooped on the rug.

I stole a nugget from my mom even tho am allergic to chicken. 

She probably just missed you.

15 Minutes of Independence.

My name is Bolt!  I threw up cat poop on my mom’s mattress.  And made her spend $1300 on a new one because the smell wouldn’t come off.

I ate my own frozen poopsicle, and I’ll do it again.  -Chip

Today I ate dog poop and enjoyed it!

I peed on my bed, rolled around in it, and then took a nap on my human’s bed.

I hate when this happens!

It is so cold outside I would only poop in the garage.

I ate my weight in bagels while my mom was at the store.  I’m not sorry.

I work with some people that need this sign.

Minutes since I barked at something that was none of my business! 0!

It wasn’t me!

I killed Batman.

I did this.

When mum left the room.  I ate all the treats.  So Winston will have none.

They thought I was lost.  I was found.  In the basement eating cat poop tootsie rolls.

FUnny dog shaming picture of a pooch that was hiding in the basement

I ate a Hershey kiss and 4 mints from a care package that came in the mail.  I gave my mom a near heart attack before her big presentation at work.

-I threw the brand new toy mom just got me out of the window on the car ride home.

-I watched.

I broke my daddy’s leg.

Why do I have a craving for cotton candy?

My human sister’s cotton candy lip balm smelled so good, I ate it!

I like to poop on the shag carpet and watch my people step in it.  And spread it all over the house.

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