Dog Confessions for the Win! Funny Doggy Shaming!

Dog Shaming Pictures

Dog confessions on dog shaming signs are hysterical.  The funniest part is imagining the owner realizing what just happened.  It’s funny because most of us have been there.  Maybe not to the extreme of some of the below images.  But stuff getting destroyed, none the less.

So sit back and chill with these funny pooches and their evil deeds.  Be forewarned, some of these will have you laughing.

I ate the crotch out of 6 pairs of my Dad’s $25 a pair Me Undies.

It figures that this action was done by a lab.  They will eat anything and everything!

I swallowed a whole sock.  Costed my parents a 130 dollars visit to the vet and I am not sorry.

This pooch better watch out, that’s a federal offense!

I steal $ and then eat it.

I was in the backyard and an angry beaver attacked and I saved the whole house!

Agility class today.  I grabbed a bag of treats out of the instructor’s pocket.  I got zoomies and ran all over the course. Was too tired to do the weave poles from all the running.  So I laid down instead.  Then when doing hurdles I stopped on the course to take a big poop!

Hank the Tank

The next three images is from Hank the Tank.  This dog is awesome.  The sign is a little hard to read.  But the next picture is a good shot of the sign.

I give mom’s car a new scent today.  She didn’t enjoy it How ungrateful is she?

I knocked over wedding invites mom was going to mail today and went to chew town.  Hank the Tank.  P.S. Get tastier stamps!

I broke 5 remote controls.

I ate all of my biodegradable poop bags!

Dang I wished my job let me bring in my dog!

I pooped on the conference room floor during momma’s work meeting.

I got kicked out of doggie day care because I can’t stop making out with the other dogs.

The Neato is a robo-vacuum.  I can’t even begin to picture that mess!

I pooped in the office and the Neato tried to vacuum it.

I like to eat my mom’s Clematis.  Purple is my fave.  I am not sorry.

Wonder if they got the tomato bath treatment?

I wanted to play with the skunk.  He didn’t want to play with me!  Now I’m stinky.

Happy Birthday Nana.  Sorry I scratched your dining room table when I jumped on it to eat your birthday cake.  Love Pancake

This event is legit.  On their instagram account they have a picture of the mess.

I ate a tub of butter and now my tummy is upset.

I tried to pull the wings off a live butterfly.  Then I rolled around on its body.

Don’t sweat it Frankie, my parents had the same opinion when I was a teenager.

I was trusted to be alone for 2 hours.  This is what I do with my freedom.  Frankie

I broke out of mom’s room through the window to chase a cat.  No we have no screen.

This dog confession is hysterical.

I climbed in the shower and peed.

More Dog Shaming

I hope you enjoyed these antics! If you need some more laughter, we have a bunch of dog shaming posts.  Be sure to check out the latest!

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