20 Free Awesome Dog Phone Wallpapers HD

Cool Dogs

This is our first ever post with cell phone wallpapers!  Of course, they are all dog related!  So all these will make cool phone wallpapers for dog lovers!

If you are a follower of Dog and Pup Town, then you’ll probably recognize some of the quotes and pictures from our other posts.  But we have redesigned them as wallpapers.

All images are displayed at 450X800, which is a 16:9 ratio.  However, if you click on each image, the original will pop up.  The original is 1080X1920, which will fit all smart phones.  You will probably have to fit it correctly.

Once you find the phone background that you want, just download the image.  Once the image is on your phone, just do what you do on your phone to set the background.

If you are coming from Pinterest.  Be sure to open the post in the browser and not the app.  The app might not allow you to download the image.

Pinterest Instructions

If you are in the Pinterest app, click on the three dots.

pinterest instruction for wallpaper

Then click, “Open in Browser.”

pinterest instructions visual aid

Don’t Touch My Phone Wallpapers!

First up we have three awesome lockscreen wallpapers.  To remind people to get away from your phone.  Honestly, I think these dogs would rather eat your phone than protect it.

Don’t touch my phone!
dont touch my phone wallpaper with a scary looking dog

This phone is under protection!
Big Black Dog wallpaper i phone. Background phone dark lockscreen

Step away from the phone!
lockscreen wallpaper with a German Shepherd. Step away from the phone!

Cool and Cute Phone Wallpapers for Dog People!

I got my thinking cat on.

Dog Wallpaper smartphone. Dog with a cat on his head. Dog Memes Hilarious pictures. this dog with captions is hysterical. #barkinglaughs

There are no bad days.  When you come home to a dog’s love!

home screen wallpaper for phone. Awesome dog quote.

This quote was one of our most popular post on Facebook.  If you aren’t a fan be sure to head over and join the pack!  My dog winks at me sometimes.  I always wink back just in case it’s some kind of code!

Funny dog saying of free phone wallpaper for i phone and andriod background
I had to throw in a picture of my trusty Labrador Cali.  This was one of her Halloween costumes, Labtain America

Labtain America on a lock screen wallpaper. Dog inspired i phone wallpaper.
You’re a rockstar!
Free Dog wallpaper. You are a rock star!
A dog will always be happier to see you than any person will.
Dog lovers cellphone wallpaper quote

I just want to hang with my dog.
I just want to hand with my dog wallpaper

Warning!  You can’t actually do this.  Going to the bathroom on things is frowned upon in the human world.

Handle every stressful situation like a dog.  If you can’t eat or play with it, just pee on it and walk away.
Pug in a Blanket free phone wallpaper

I’m pretty sure this how I look when I’m running out of work everyday.

Get out of my way, I’m going home!
Funny Dog running like a spaz on an android and i phone wallpaper.

I’m only talking to my dog today!
I am only talking to my dog phone wallpaper

I came, I sniffed, I rolled in it.
Dog Inspired homescreen wallpaper iphone and android.
Sometimes you just need to say, Pug it!
Pug it wallpaper for smartphone
The only thing about humans are their dogs!
The only good things about humans are their dogs. Free phone wallpapers about dogs.

Only my best friend barks.

Only my best friend barks. Cool free dog phone wallpaper

Life Goal, Pet all the dogs!
Paw wallpaper Dog quote screensaver. Life goal, pet all the dogs.

I do what I want!

I do What I want! funny dog phone wallpaper with a Labrador

Whoever said you can’t buy happiness forgot about puppies!
Cute puppy phone wallpaper

I hope that you were able to find some cool dog backgrounds for your phone. We will be continuing to create these awesome wallpapers.

Be sure to follow us on Pinterest.  That way you will know when we have some more cool backgrounds.

If you came here from pinterest, please pin which image you choose.  That way we can see which one is the best.

20 free dog wallpapers i phone and Android. 20 HD Sized background pictures for phone.
German Shepherd telling you that you need dog i phone wallpaper and Android phone wallpaper. 20 free dog wallpapers i phone and Android. 20 HD Sized background pictures for phone.