20 Dog Shaming Photos That Have the Most Irresistible Dog Faces That Beg For Forgiveness!

Dog Shaming Pictures

Most Dog Shaming photos contain two major components.  In the first place there is the hilariously repentant sign that explains your dog’s misdeed.  In the second place we have the Dog offering his/her best expression of shame, guilt, or indifference.   Here at Dog and Pup Town we love each of these expressions.  With this in mind, for this go around we will be offering the look of shame as the theme.  Some of these dogs are pros and honestly demand instant forgiveness.  I can almost feel that these funny dogs are trying to summon up some tears to complete the look.

It took dog years to select the TOP 20 because there were so many great Dog Shaming Photos in our archive. But if you laugh as hard and often as we did in our search, you owe it to the star-studded shamed dog to share this post with your pack.  Of course, if you are on Pinterest, be sure to Pin your favorite image!

Dog Shaming Photos

Can this Chocolate Lab smile any bigger?

I don’t think this GSD feel guilty for just being friendly.  With the look on his face it would really be hard to get mad.

This is crazy!  How can you not forgive this face?  It’s also great how no responsibility is claimed.

It actually looks like this pooch has a frown.  Sometimes no eye contact is better than contact.

This Aussie is so awesome.  I really think that this dog would get away with everything in my house.

This poor little guy.  I think I’d forgive him.

This canine looks so sorry.  It would be difficult to be mad.

Those are eyes are dangerous.  Some dogs really know how to work it!

Maybe the cards tasted good.  Plus you wouldn’t be spending anything for a couple of days.

I swear this dog looks stoned out of his mind!  It would definitely explain the 22 Granola Bars.

To forgive with this sad face would be easy!

This dog cracks me up.  You know they really feel guilty when they won’t even make eye contact.

I’d let it slide, besides they’re asleep.

Another one with eyes of forgiveness.

I know that this deed was pretty out there.  But look at that face.

I’d chalk this one up to separation anxiety.

Wow!  Hiding under the covers is a slick trick!

It’s the ears that are giving me the feeling of acceptance!

How can you not let this one off the hook.  He’s praying!

As long as it was the Affleck Batman, we are good.

These dogs definitely have the look of guilt down.  On the other hand, there are dogs that could care less.  If you don’t believe us then check out,  Dogs That Forgot to Look Shameful in Their Dog Shaming Pictures!

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