23 Dogs That Forgot to Look Shameful in Their Dog Shaming Pictures!

Dog Shaming Pictures

As a result of the huge response to the Funniest Dog Shaming Signs post and the most Irresistible Dog Faces.  We’re rolling out something new today…the Could Care Less Dog Faces.  In other words, shameless dog shaming.  Not only are you going to laugh at these new Dog Shaming Pictures, but you are going to love them.

If a dog appears to care less about their shenanigans, then is it really considered Dog Shaming? These funny dogs definitely have an issue with authority, and we love it!  Additionally, there’s even a few that are actually smiling, laughing, reveling in their misdeeds.

Dog Shaming Pictures

No guilt at all!

“I just thought that you needed to upgrade to this century!”

“News Flash!  Sister gave me that sandwich.  She wanted pizza for lunch.”

“I thought it was time for and upgrade.”

“I feel better after a good helping of vegetables” 

“What’s the problem?  I could have actually eaten the whole bag!”

“Do you know what’s really funny?  I’ve been doing this ever since you brought this creature back from the hospital and you just now caught me!”

“And Like a Human I DON’T CARE! Better to fart and bear the shame then not to fart and bear the pain!”

“That’s right, I did it!  And I’ll do it again unless you replace this outdated wallpaper!”

“Is it really my fault that the human poop was accessible?”

“Stop looking at me.  I didn’t know what it was.  I can’t read!”

“How was I suppose to know what I can and can’t eat?  Label the food next time.”

“Look, I love you, and I won’t apologize for that.  I was checking to make sure the fish was OK, and wouldn’t make you sick. “

“Feed me, and my baby sister at the same time.  Problem solved.”

“But they’re so tasty!”

“I need more attention that I was receiving.”

“At least you realize that it was your fault.”

“I’m a dog.  Really, what did you expect?”

“Whatever!  I thought it was snake, and was trying to protect YOU!”

“Sure, we both feel guilty for accomplishing our one goal in life…procreation.”

You said, “Why MUST this family with 5 kids plop down next to us on the beach?” “I’m a doer.  Took a whiz…action, you know.”

“I’m a sucker for shocks.”

“Let me point out the obvious.  Isn’t it her job to take me out?”

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Dog Shaming with looks of no guilt.
German Shepherd is admitting to something Shame Worthy.

I keep thinking of the little dog that pee’d on the baby and can not stop laughing.  Did the parents actually see it happened or did they notice that the baby was wet and couldn’t figure it out?  How long did it take to figure out that the dog was actually the culprit.  Either way, I wish they would have video taped their reaction when they realized what was going on.