19 Dog Shaming Pics! I Feel Bad for Laughing at Skunk Dog!

Dog Shaming Pictures

It’s Dog Shaming time at Dog and Pup Town. What are these funny dog shaming pics all about?  

Well, in the first place, they are pictures of your pooch with a confession sign, indicating what they did and with the destruction usually in the background.  Also, the look of guilt or shame on their faces is a definite plus

This group of funny dogs spans the rainbow of emotions.  To put it another way, we have funny, sad, sorrow…and one of these funny dog pictures almost made me lose my lunch.  You can figure that one out on your own. 

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Dog Shaming Pics

Good thing that white dog only watched.  Well, good for this house, not so much for us!  That would have been a funny picture!

From: [email protected]

I’m baffled!  How did a dog get a hold of baby poop on a walk?  Does this neighborhood have an issue with people not picking up their baby’s poop?

Dang Ralph!  I wonder if you like tomato juice baths and that is the real reason for your skunk issue.

Dog Shaming picture of Ralph that gets sprayed by a skunk

Source: [email protected]

Source: [email protected]

At least they pieces of the toy are centralized and not spread all over the house.  Usually, I can only tell what was destroyed after my dog goes to the bathroom.

Dog Shaming Pics from ShamedDog!

Thanks to ShamedDog.com for allowing us to post these pictures!

Below, the first four dog shaming pictures are from the same destruction party.  Four dogs would definitely be costly.

dog shaming pics with 4 pictures of 4 dogs who destroyed a couch, Willow the sofa destroyer

4 pictures of 4 dogs who destroyed a couch, Mukluk sofa shredder

4 pictures of 4 dogs who destroyed a couch, Cowboy a unwilling participant in a sofa shredding party

4 pictures of 4 dogs who destroyed a couch, Cash who eats q-tips and sofas

Overall, this guy’s balance must be exceptional.  1 leg up in the air, 3 on the ground and his head, well, you know where his head should be.

dog shaming time with a pooch who can drink his own pee

This pooch is smart enough to wait until his victim is asleep.

2 dog shaming pictures of 2 dogs, little pooch humps a beagles face

As shown above, this is one lazy Beagle, or maybe he likes it?

2 pictures of 2 dogs, Beagle admits to being abused by a little dog

dog shaming time with a canine who dresses up like the devil who barks at 4 am

You always hope a puppy will outgrown their destructive phase.  Sad to say it only gets worst.

puppy's first time shredding TP

The sweet smell of defeat.

dog shaming pics with a poor canine got sprayed by skunk

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pee drinking dog
dog get nailed by a skunk