21 Hysterically Shamed Dogs in Trouble, Can Help You Smile!

Dog Shaming Pictures

Shamed Dogs in trouble means entertainment for you.  What is going on in the world of dogs?

For the most part, I’m starting to lean towards a belief of an actual destruction gene in these beasts.  How else can you explain how universal these destructive antics are? Where else can they learn this behavior if it isn’t in their DNA.  Do they gossip at the vet or the dog park?  Do they get on the internet, when we aren’t home.

Regardless, let’s take a break from the human realm.  With all things considered,  Dog Shaming  is the definitely one of the best ways to take a break from the world.  Enjoy some of these Canine shenanigans and be grateful that you don’t have to clean up some of this aftermath.

Shamed Dogs in Trouble

Do you think most of us can relate to this dog?  I know my daughter can!

I ate a fresh batch of cookies.   And I feel sick and ashamed of myself.

I peed on my dog-sitters Spiderman Blanket.  Then Slept in it.   Now I need a Bath.

I made my mommy chase me barefoot, through a beanfield, then the woods, and then a cornfield before she stopped me by tackling me! So now I’m hiding under the bed.  Keike

This is a funny two part picture.  If you love Labrador Retrievers then be sure to check out, Even the Most Popular Dog Screws Up. Labrador Dog Shaming!

Good for you!

I ate all the cat food!

That is one funny guilty look.  Does it really matter if you’re sleeping?

He doesn’t look remotely sorry!

Let’s face, Labs like eating everything.

I ate an entire bag a treat today and chewed my hooman’s shoes.

This pic is funny, but confusing!

I’m really not sure how this dog did it.  But he stole my sign!

I’m confused, where you not a good dog for not waking her up?  How can you be blamed for you mom having a sensitive nose?

I had the runs last night and didn’t wake up mommy! But the smell woke her up!

Technically, you didn’t eat the whole bag, I see it on the floor.

Was the chipmunk alive before you put it in your mouth?

I wish I had pictures of the rearrangement!

I ate all the hamburgers that were cooked for the fourth of July.  Now many family is hungry!

Well that was some interesting shamed dogs!  But I have a couple nagging questions.  First off, what the hell is nipple cream?  Lastly, how can you tell that a dog has acne?  I wonder if they are going to use proactive.

Dog Shaming Rabbit Hole

If you need some more laughs and smile then I dare you to continue.  Come on!  Rabbit holes have a bad rap.  You can do it!

Funny Dog shaming picture
Lab ate dog bed in the funny dog shaming picture