20 Shamed Dogs! Do you Think They’re on the Naughty List?

Dog Shaming Pictures

Above all else, shamed dogs are way up there.  What is it with Dog Shaming Pictures that just draws us humans in?  I suppose mostly the pics are a welcome escape from the humdrum of human reality with the bonus of adding laughter and smiles.  Laughter, Smiles, Dogs.  Combine the three and it’s always a win, win, win situation.

I honestly don’t know which of these funny dog pictures rises to the top of the pic pack as supreme.  Overall, each have the outstanding elements of a great dog shaming picture:  the classic signs to describe the crimes; the great doggy-done-it expressions, and the crazy featured destruction.

Anyway, which shamed dog belongs on the naughty list?  We believe they all deserve to be placed on the naughty list.  The first dog maybe might get a BarkingLaugh Pass!

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Shamed Dog Pictures

I don’t blame this dog one bit!  It even says it on the chair, “The best things are inside!”

Something about that word, “no,” is dangerous.

Winner! Winner! Foam Dinner!

Maybe Pepper is just trying to deter other animals?

I know someone who use to do this–pour a bottle of water on their bed to cover up the fact that they had an accident when they were passed out.  Sorry Frank!

Maybe Six didn’t want to be left for the evening.

I think solitary confinement might be needed.

No Blue!   Say it ain’t so!

I hope that they are never reused.

I can’t decide which part of this act just made me gag.

I’m sure in a couple hours this pooch learned his lesson.

We know this is gross; but universal.  Maybe not the sock part.  But the other stuff.  It’s usually how I determine what was destroyed in the past few days.

Wonder if it’s the same mattress?

Don’t ask how, just look at the Instagram account.  This dog is a legit counter surfer!

This photo is courtesy of The Schultz Fund, which is of the Great Pyrenees Rescues of Atlanta.  If you like Great Pyrenees or live in Georgia, check them out!

It must be a bonding thing.

The look of devastation on the white dog is priceless.

He originally tried to hide the glasses.  But he was spotted.

I had a friend do the exact same thing in college. But instead of a chicken it was a quarter.  The hospital part was the same.

Sounds pretty tame considering what I ate on Thanksgiving.

How did you like those antics?  Hope you were able not to gag on a few of these.

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