Funny Dogs of Destruction: Everything is relative on the bright side!

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Dogs are one of the most competent destroyers known to man…leaving us oftentimes not only exasperated; but clueless.  Like when it’s difficult to distinguish exactly what item has exploded or diminished post-destruction.

But here at Dog and Pup Town we’d prefer not to exasperate or baffle; but rather accentuate the bright side of dog destruction, and offer a few chuckles doing so.  And, hey, when you break it down…even the dark side’s pretty damn funny.  Enjoy these Funny Dogs of Destruction!

Funny Dogs of Destruction

“Look!  A new doggy door (courtesy of yours truly).”

funny dogs of destruction with a canine eats through the screen door

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“Wanted to expand my “tricks” repertoire–Peek-a-Boo!”

funny dogs of destruction with a pooch continually eats through pen

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“Remember, it was from Target.  All in all, I’d say it was an improvement.”

funny dogs of destruction with a canine destroys a piece of furniture

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“Look on the positive side.  It could have been your tax returns.”

funny dogs of destruction with a pooch shreds paper

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“Honestly, I believe it gives the shoe just a little more character…a lot more panache.”

funny dogs of destruction with a canine kills shoe

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“…Also, working out is overrated.”

funny dogs of destruction with a another shoe eater courtesy of our favorite four legged friend

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“Hey, it wasn’t the last roll.  I checked.”

funny dogs of destruction with a Labrador retriever gets a roll of toilet paper

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“Newspapers…out-of-date…clutter, really.  Recycled for you.”

funny dogs of destruction with a canine destroys a room with shreds of paper

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“Look on the positive side, at least it wasn’t a Dr Scholl’s insert.”

pooch destroys an insole

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“Problem solved. No longer left on the floor for you to step on in the middle of the night.”

dog pictures of anti-gun pooch destroys a plastic gun

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“Now you have a one-of-a-kind designer shoe.  Perk up, so I can too.”

canine muncher uses a high heel shoe as a chew toy

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“Killed the spider.  Blinds took a hit.  Sorry.”

canine shreds the blinds

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Silly Dogs

Dogs of destruction rocks!  Of course, I feel for the owners of the objects which were destroyed.  But I can’t get enough of these silly dogs and their antics.  Just imagining the expressions on the faces of everyone involved is addictive.  Trying to figure out the chain of events that led to the destruction, keeps me entertained.

In fact, I like to imagine it a mathematical equation.  First you take mischief, then multiply with boredom, and add a dose of I could care less attitude, and BOOM–it equals DOGS OF DESTRUCTION.  Enjoy these mathematical destroyers in these hysterical pictures of some silly dogs!

“What’s the problem? I killed the floor shark.  Now the kiddos don’t have to hop on your furniture to escape it.”

silly dogs ate the stuffing out of a stuffed animal!

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“As a result of the Bed Mite segment on 20/20, I got freaked out!”

silly dogs totally destroys their pet bed

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“I don’t know what’s more embarrassing…my sock fetish, or ultimately the discovery of my sock fetish.”

silly dogs looks guilty over some socks

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“Obviously, I was looking for loose change!”

silly dogs eats cushion

Source: [email protected]

My bed doesn’t magically turn into Grandma’s bed when she visits.  Period.”

silly dogs killed some piece of furniture

Source: [email protected]

“He puts my toys in his mouth!”

silly dogs ate and chewed up a pacifier

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“Fact-checking to see if there are really 1000 sheets!”

silly dogs eats tissue

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This picture is hysterical!  Of course, the one book that gets chewed up is about a dog!

“I’m tired of how my kind is portrayed in literature”

silly dogs eats Go Dog Go book!

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“Stay still, silent.  If they can’t figure out which one of us did it…we both get off.”

2 silly dogs eat something with stuffing in it!

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“I warned you that my bed was getting smaller.”

silly dogs with a lot of green stuffing

Source: [email protected]

If I don’t get an Easter Basket, then nobody else does either!”

small pooch wearing the basket he chewed up

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More Destruction

As you can see, when don’t like dogs of destruction.  We Love Dogs of Destruction!  One day, I think I will add the entire value of everything destroyed.  I bet it is a small fortune.

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Dog killed the furniture

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