Hilarious Dogs with that Discovered a Subtle Way to Express their Feelings: Destruction!

Funny Dog Pictures

What is it about hilarious dogs and what they choose to destroy? Is it the item that will make the most mess, or is it the item that you need the most? Do they do it because they’re bored, or hungry, or angry?  What’s racing through their mind at the time of destruction?

It puzzles me since they know what they’re doing is wrong.  Once they’re found out, they quickly avoid eye contact or run to their safe place.  My daughter loves to destroy things as well.  When I asked her why she did it.  I get the wackiest excuse or reason every time.   I just wish I could read dog-mind because I’d love to hear their excuses.  Until I gain that super power, I’ll settle for using my K-9 intuition, and imagination.  Enjoy!

Hilarious Dogs

“It’s not my fault.  The wife told you to take out the trash before I got into it.”

Hilarious Dogs with a Black Labrador got into something

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“Think of all the room you can save if I shred the trash!”

Hilarious Dogs with a husky who destroyed the trash

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“It’s only paper.  Be grateful that I didn’t chew that other stuff up.”

Hilarious Dogs with something got destroyed

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“I don’t do March.  The Easter Bunny irritates me.”

Hilarious Dogs with a calendar with a big bite out of it.

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“He kept staring at me, and never said a thing.  It unnerved me.”

Hilarious Dogs with a stuffed animal victim

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“I thought it was my present.”

Hilarious Dogs with a puppy who unwrapped their own present

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“You’re right.  It’s a stuffed animal.”

Hilarious Dogs with a stuffed animal is dead

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“Feathers belong on birds…not in pillows.”

Hilarious Dogs with a feather pillow destroyed

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“Can we play ball now?  That other thing you play with no longer works.”

remote control is chewed up

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“I knew if I barked at the mailman long enough he’d give me a treat.”

Labrador destroys the mail

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“Something unfortunate happened to my bed.  Now I have to sleep with you.”

dogs bed shredded

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“I wonder if he’s too busy with that camera to notice that I started to eat the house?”

Yellow Labrador ate the house

The Quickest Way to Stop Dog Destruction! Take Hilarious Dog Pictures!

Dog destruction, admittedly, entertains me.  The Funny Dogs, guilty-looks, denial-looks, just-don’t-care-looks…I love it all. It’s not that I’m taking pleasure in the destruction of property, because I know it’s a pain to clean up.  But, somehow, I think these owners were entertained as well.  Otherwise, they wouldn’t have taken the time (or patience) to photograph their endearing dog’s destruction and ultimately share these Hilarious dog pictures.

Hilarious Dog Pictures

“I warned you about recycling.  You really need to be considerate for future generations.”

Hilarious dog pictures with a Canine who made a general mess

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“I’m making sure that it really has 1,000 sheets.”

Hilarious dog pictures with toilet paper unrolled by puppy

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“Stupid bear kept taunting me, also he never blinked!”

Hilarious dog pictures with a Retriever killed a stuff animal

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“Yea, about that pillow you bought for me to sleep on…it exploded, so I guess it’s you and me in your bed tonight.”

Hilarious dog pictures with a Canine who killed a pillow

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“I’m not sorry!  I know how much damage that pen has done.”

Hilarious dog pictures with a pooch got to pen and chewed it up

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“I told you I was scared of that vacuum.  So, you see, I had to attack while it was sleeping.”

Hilarious dog pictures with a German Shepherd who ate vacuum attachment

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“You complained about the required reading.  I solved the problem.”

silly dog pictures with a Canine who did eat the homework

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“I was looking for your keys.  Sorry.  Not in there.”

Hilarious dog pictures with a pooch who went thru trash

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“I guess next time you complain about my hair on the furniture…just consider…it could be worse.”

canine destroyed something messy.

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“I was sick of the uninspired spray bottle wiping clean my artistic smudges on the window.”

silly dog pictures with a canine who chewed up a spray bottle

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Lab starts to eat the house