18 Dogs in Snow Pictures! Chill out with a Snow Dog!

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When you’re young and it snows, it’s the greatest thing in the world.  As the sky opens up and drops magical white powder, changing a normal day into a daydream.   Then, you age and have to deal with bills, bosses, and traffic. The magic that once was, turns into a nightmare.

Thankfully, these pups in snow act like children.  This allows us to take pause, be present, and feel the magic once more.  The white covered backdrop and our favorite canines are the perfect mixture for some ultimate Snow dog pictures!  Just like humans there are some pooches that love it, and some pooches that hate it.

Obviously, I think most of the canines below, love it!

Dogs in Snow Pictures

Lucky for Windsor, it looks like someone cleared him an area.   I’d love to see his expression when the snowfall is above 12″.

dogs in snow with a Pooch with his coat

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Those puppy eyes are worth a thousand words or at least six.  TAKE ME INSIDE ALREADY!  I’M COLD!

Snow Dog Pictures with a Cool dog with snow of his face

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Bubba looks like he could certainly sit there and chill for days.

Snow Dog Pictures with a Chill canine enjoying the white blanket of snow

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“The photo session is over.  Can we go inside now?”

Snow Dog Pictures with a Cute pooch with snow all over his face

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What is it about this picture that reminds me of an 80’s shampoo commercial?

Little pooch in the snow

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I wonder what was so enticing for Hank the Tank to stick his whole head into a snow pile.

Dogs in snow with a black Labrador

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dogs in snow with a Cute Husky puppy

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2018 Hide-and-Seek HIDING Champ!

Snow Dog Pictures with a cool canine on top of a snow covered hill

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2018 Hide-and-Seek SEEKING Champ!

Canine in the snow

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“What do you mean my sweater’s too flashy?  It’s only black and white.”

Pooch with snow all over his nose

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This guy looks like he definitely belongs inside of a winter globe.

canine in a snow ball fight

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Snow Dog Pictures with Snow Face

Obviously those canines loved playing in the powder.  However, there are some pooches that even take it to the next level.  When a Snow Dog reaches that level they actually try to become one with the frozen element.  In that case, they end up covered face to tail and are known on the street as SNOW FACE.

dogs in snow picture of a canine with extreme snowface

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dogs in snow picture of a pooch laying in the snow

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dogs in snow picture of a canine with snow on his nose

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canine covered in snow

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dogs in snow picture of a pooch happily covered in snow

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These one is classic!  It should go into the Funny Pooch Pictures Hall of Fame!

dogs who love snow picture of a canine with caked on snow

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dogs in snow picture of a canine laying in the snow with snowface

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Being a kid is when you love snow.  When your older it becomes a huge pain.  It is often more enjoyable is you watch a video of it.  To make it a better viewing experience these videos include pups playing in the cold stuff.

Snow Dog Helpers

This video is awesome, some of these canines are certifiable.   I can’t get anyone to help me do this stuff.  After watching this snow dogs video, I definitely envy those owners.  The only thing my Lab can do with snow is eat it and make it yellow.

Dogs Playing in the Snow

Wow!  If your going to watch one dogs in snow video compilation today, make it this one.  Be prepared to laugh out loud,  because it is a laugh with almost every clip.  It’s a little long, but the time flies by quickly.  Some of the clips are a little cringe worthy, but not a lot of them, and the pooch always gets back up for more fun.

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