Do You Have the Balls to Enjoy These Dogs and Balls and Stick Pictures?

Funny Dog Pictures

I know that dogs are man’s best friend; but is man a dog’s best friend? It’s probably a safe bet to say that we are; but balls, I believe, come in a close second. If you have a ball and a dog, you can literally erase minutes off the clock.  

No matter size, color, or material, if it’s round and rolls, a dog will mouth it…ready and willing to play with you.  Get ready to enjoy some classic Dogs and Balls Pictures.

Dogs and Balls Pictures

“But, I thought this is what you meant by March Madness.”

pooch with a crushed basketball for Dogs and balls pictures

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“Small tennis balls are for average dogs.  I’m obviosly a Lab.”

Lab in the water with a big ball for Dogs and balls pictures

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“Tricks on you!  Now, it definitely won’t roll as far.”

little pooch with a crushed ball for Dogs and balls pictures

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“Quick, get to the car!  Some crazy lady’s chasing me with a racket.”

big canine running and returning a tennis ball for Dogs and balls pictures

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“Kids were using this ball as a weapon–kicking it at each other–so I gave them a time out.”

crazy canine crushing a soccer for Dogs and balls pictures

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“If I worked to fetch the ball then you work to get it back!”

pooch won't give up a ball for Dogs and balls pictures

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“Of Course this is legal.  I’m not using my hands!”

canine with a soccer ball in their mouth

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“Nope.  Not getting the ball back.  Hitting it with a stick is making me run too far.”

canine with a baseball

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“Thank goodness!  They finally got a ball that won’t pop!”

lab with a plush soccer ball

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Dogs don’t only love balls.  But they love Sticks!

What’s the Greatest Free Toy for Dogs? Time for the Sticks!

The Sticks are for sure, dogs go-to nature toy, and you can either join the fun and play catch, or sit back and let your dog chew away.  The only glitch I find in the good old dog/stick pastime is your dog sneaking that dirty stick back into the house.  Still, dogs and sticks…never boring!  

I think some of these Funny Dogs got a little confused and mistook a log or a twig for a stick. Thankfully their confusion and their behavior created some Funny Dog Pictures for us to enjoy.

The Toy Sticks

“I’ll hang out in the middle and let Lefty and Righty do all the work.”

the sticks picture of 3 dogs carrying a big stick

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“Why can’t we play fetch like regular dogs?”

the sticks picture of pooch with stick in the water

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“The bigger the stick, the less I need to run.”

 the sticks picture of canine with stick in the snow

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“Go get the stick yourself!”

canine with big stick in the field

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“So you think you can wear me out by throwing a stick?  Let’s see how quickly you wear out after throwing this log!”

little pooch with big stick

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“I saw it first!”

“But I called dibs!”

the sticks picture of two dogs fighting over a stick

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“I think this is the stick that you lost back in October.”

the sticks picture of canine carrying a stick through the snow

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“Don’t laugh.  I’m in training!”

puppy with a twig

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