19 Silly Dogshaming Images! Here’s a Quick Way to Smile!

Dog Shaming Pictures

Why do we take such pleasure in Dogshaming?  In the first place the look on all their faces is priceless.  Also, there is the mess or the destruction.  Additionally, there is the sign with something wacky on it.  Coupled with the action they actually did.  Is it funny because we have experienced the exact situation?  Who knows?  One thing for certain, it’s entertaining.  And if you need to smile, there are few thing that can do it quickly.  Luckily, dogs are one of those things!

Generally speaking, isn’t happiness a state of mind!  From time to time, you might need a little help getting into that state.  Under those circumstances, you need to look below!   How can your mind not be in this state when you have your eyes looking at these funny dogshaming pictures?  As can be seen, these dogs are entertaining, in fact we think every dog is entertaining, but there is something about dogshaming that strikes the funny bone HARD!  Feel free to smile until it hurts.  The best part of these funny dogs is that you don’t have to deal with the mess!

Dogshaming for the Smiles!

I destroyed the pink beaver!
Yellow Labrador Cali destroyed her pink beaver stuffed animal
I poop on the floor and then hide in my bed.

At least it wasn’t a raccoon carcass that was found in the yard.  My dog has never done that, she only rolled around on it.  It only took three baths to get rid of the smell.

I ate the face off my human’s raccoon hide.

I think the actual hiding of the evidence is the funny part of this picture.

For my first X-mas, I chewed and hid these from mom.

Good job BatDog!  Batman would be proud!

I peed on the Joker!

Seriously, I could probably use this sign for my wife and daughter.  A man’s leftovers are sacred!

I ate the last of Dad’s pizza.

I eat my foster dad’s wrapped X-mas gifts.

I love Doritos.  And can’t control myself!

When I get a new toy, I tear the stuffing out.  Then I ask for a new one.

I’m not speaking from experience, but at least the mouse was dropped and not swallowed.

I didn’t think Angela’s HR was high enough on our morning run together.  So, I caught a mouse on the trail.  And refused to drop it until we made it home.

I am surprised that Huskies haven’t done this yet.

We made it snow in Florida!

At least you’re honest, destructive, but honest!

I escaped and ate everything…And I will probably do it again.

I got bored so I ate Mom’s retainer. 

I ate the blinds because a leaf fell off a tree outside.

This dog is crazy!  Maybe he heard a mouse.  Regardless, repairing that corner is going to be painful.

I ate the wall.  Twice!

I got into my fur sister’s food while my parents were gone and ate myself into a coma.  I can’t be trusted now.

Wow a white dog puking up red tomatoes, talk about a mess!

I stole all the tomatoes in the Garden.  Then I vomited all over the rug.

I ate all of Mia’s Goldfish snack crackers when she wasn’t looking.

I could totally reuse this sign if Brother Shaming was a thing!

I think the couch is a sex toy!

These dogshaming pictures are just the beginning!  Get going below for more dogshaming posts!  Share this post with someone that needs to laugh!

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