Over 65 of The Best Funny Dog Memes That Will Have You Laughing!

Funny Dog Pictures

It has been dry times in the world of funny dog memes.  We are about to put an end to the drought.  We have over 65 funny pictures direct from Dog and Pup Town.  All these gems are exclusively from D&PT.  So we hope you love them!

As part of the pack, you deserve to laugh, and laugh you will at these ridiculous canines.  The funniest thing about these pics are that they are universal.  A pooch is a pooch, and for the most part, they all have the same little quirks.  But it’s those funny little quirks that make them so awesome.

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Newest Additions

Of course, if you have never been here before then it’s all new to you.

This post is alive!  What?  What I’m trying to say is that we will be updating it on a regular basis.  Here are the newest additions to Dog and Pup Town’s Dog Memes!

border collie dog meme

We also added a few more below in different sections.  There are a few in the Lab section, the Pug section and the GSD section.  We even created a new section for the Joking Lab, check it out below.

We have also created several new Coronavirus Memes with pooches.  This whole situation with the virus is messed up.  We aren’t making light of the situation.  However, we are trying to make you laugh.

Coronavirus Memes with Dogs!

Honestly, the next couple of Memes baffle me.

Funny Dog meme with a confused looking dog questioning that face masks are made in china

wasn't something else made in china?

They love us being home, yet they still miss their routines.

coronavirus meme with a dog about stay at home

Going to the grocery store is the worst and that was before this whole COVID thing!  Now, it’s been taken to a new level.

coronavirus meme with a dog about grocery shopping and hearing a cough

I can’t believe that our emotional state is being controlled by toilet paper, hand soap and Purell.

coronavirus meme with a dog about toilet paper

Those one way aisles at the store are so confusing.

coronavirus meme with a dog about grocery shopping and one way aisles

I hate it when you see what you want, but you can’t get to it.  Unless, you walk all the way down another aisle, then back up.

coronavirus meme with a dog about grocery shopping

Seeing empty selves in the store is crazy.  Seeing the last of something that you need and can’t get to it is mind numbing.

coronavirus meme with a dog about grocery shopping and toilet paper

Of course, the social distancing rule of 6 feet has everyone doing math in their head.

coronavirus meme with a dog about social distancing

Good thing the virus hasn’t taken away our need to go to extremes.

coronavirus meme with a dog about mask wearing drivers

Cat vs Dog Memes

I kind of went over board with this next theme, Cat vs. Dog.  I’ve had cats and a different energy exists with them.  I read somewhere that cats still have their primal needs.  Basically that means that the want to kill you.

It’s always a matter of perspective.  Enjoy this new theme meme.

At least with a pooch, you always know why they’re staring.  Nine out of ten times it’s for food.  When it comes to cat staring, you never know.

Dog and Cat different perspectives Meme about staring

With pooches, they love it more when your home.  They always seem lost when you walk out the door.  Who knows with cats?
Meme about staying home

When this Stay at Home thing is over, there are going to be a lot of sad dogs.
Quarantine Memes

If you have a pooch, you should never be bored.
Funny Dog and Cat different perspectives about bordom

This one pretty somes it all up.  Unfortunately, I know a lot of people that think like this cat.
dog and cat god picture

I know it’s the same words, but I think the sarcastic tone is obvious with the cat.
Cat and Dog view of Saturday

I’ve just determined that cats rule with fear.  Even if you feed them, you still have to watch your back.
Treat perspective dog vs. cat

Seems more like a marriage meme.  The Lab is from the first couple years of marriage.  The cat is after that honeymoon bliss is over.
Dog Vs. Cat meme

New Memes

That is one smug looking pooch.  It’s true if aliens saw us cleaning up after our K-9, they would they were in charge.

Snotty dog meme

Getting your buddy fixed is not a guilt free experience.

broken dog meme

It’s going to hurt me more than it will hurt you!  Will it though?  I’m guilty of bending the truth for my Lab when it comes to Vets.  However, the guilt for this trip is really bad.

husky meme about getting fixed

Have you ever been at a gathering and a sharpie party occurs to that one poor person who fell asleep?  Thankfully, that has never happened to me.

Dalmatian meme it'll wash out

Funny Dog Memes

I get this look each and every time, I’m eating.  The pooch won’t leave until I prove that I don’t have any food left.  I really do feel like a Blackjack dealer.
Funny dog with captions about eating near a pooch.

This is our take on the dog and the spider meme, just in the water.  Being in the water can be scary.  The worst is when you step on something and it moves.
funny dog memes hilarious water situation with a pooch that looks scared.

This pooch’s face is priceless.  I wonder if time is really this distorted for our canine pals?  Have you ever told your pooch that you’ll be right back, knowing you won’t?

Hilarious memes funny dog picture. Dog looks sad because they are being left alone.

The following two pictures are from our new Beagle Humor Post.  Beagles got some humor in everything they do.

Dog memes hilarious beagle humor. Cute Beagle dog asking if you know what arooo means.

The Legal Beagle Meme.  “It says it right here, I am your best friend!  Now make me some bacon!.”  Pretty solid reasoning.

Dog memes hilarious beagle humor. Cute Beagle dog in glasses reading a book.

I wonder how this relationship started?  Was it the cat that thought falling asleep on a canine’s head was a good idea?

dog with a cat on his head

Unfortunately, my Lab has found this little trick out.  It usually happens about ten minutes into paying fetch.  Right after a long throw, she runs halfway to the ball.  She then turns around and lays down.  Then I have to go get the ball.Husky in the snow with a squinting look on his face

I came to the realization that I’m guilty of this as well. My daughter reminded me when I heard her calling our Lab, Dammit Cali.
crazy looking canine looking at the camera

You know this happens in public pools all the time.
two dogs in a backyard swimming pool
Do you know having a pooch has actually saved me from walking to the mailbox.  My Lab always lets me know when the mailman has arrived.  Their sense of hearing is incredible, even though it can be selective at times.
Out of my way funny dog meme. Dog hear the mailman truck

I haven’t seen a pooch jump this high without a trampoline. What?  You’ve never seen a pooch jump on a trampoline? Then I highly recommend that you check this out, Husky on Trampoline!

Kangaroo dog meme

Dog Driving Car Meme

Somewhere in this crazy world there has to be a K-9 that can really drive!  That is one thing a cat will never be able to do!

Dog in the driver's seat of a VW bug

Dogs on the Boat Meme

These boat pictures reminds me that there are K-9s all over the world hanging out on boats.

I don’t think the kid fell in.  They were pushed.

dogs on a boat meme the kid fell in.

dogs on a boat meme cats dont float

It’s not that hard to imagine these two having a little cat fun.dogs on a boat meme cats dont have nine lives

Jealous Pup Meme

Canines really do think that they are not equal, but better than your children.  Each of them can ignore me for hours until the other one comes into the room.  Then it’s a battle for attention!

Jealous dog meme wants to go outside without a leash
Our Lab actually checks to make sure our daughter isn’t in our room at night.  If she is, then it’s an all out wine feast.
jealous dog wants to lay in bed
Actually I’m kind of jealous that they can go outside.
jealous dog want to go to the bathroom inside

Pug Memes

Pugs are funny pooches and make great memes.  Those eyes can tell any kind of story.  

Pug wrapped up in a blanket with a contemplating look
Look at those puppy eyes! It would be hard to get mad at him.
worried looking pug meme

I hear you Pug-mister!  Sometimes you just have to say, “Pug it!”

Dog humor hilarious Pug Meme.

German Shepherd Memes

GSDs are awesome.  They are the whole package.  What do you say when a visitor gets the sniffing treatment?  It can get embarrassing.  Especially, if you are trying to court a young lady.

Funny German Shepherd Meme. Dog with captions.

Nothing like having someone waiting outside the bathroom door for you at 3 in the morning.  It’s even funnier at 3 in the afternoon.

German Shepherd Dog Meme

We actually put our Lab in a canine camp one year during our vacation.  It didn’t turn out well.  So now we get a family member to watch her when we go on vacation.

German Shepherd Dog Meme wanting to come on the family vacation

Wonder Dog!

Of course, as a certified germaphobe I think both things are downright nasty.  Yes, I am comparing the two and I find them equally disgusting.


What is it about mailmen and barking? You’d think after the first 100 times, they would realize there is no threat.
Wonder Dog Meme, pondering who the mailmans dog barks at

Wonder Dog Meme, pondering tail chasing

Golden Retriever Meme

If my Lab had her way, I’d be on a walk for four hours a day. If you love Golden Retrievers then you need to check out, 10 Irresistible Pictures of Golden Retriever Puppies and Crazy Facts!

Golden Retriever Meme about sniffing crotches

Golden Retriever Meme saying why don't you take me on a walk you could use the exercise

Bored Frenchie Meme

I love these Bored Frenchie Memes.  The most dangerous canine in the world is a bored canine.  This one takes it a step further with the ghost barking.  I hate it when K-9s bark into thin air.  It truly freaks me out.  The only thing worse are little kids interacting with something that we can’t see.

Frenchie of the Bored Dog Meme saying I'm Bored maybe I should bark at ghost
Here is an old faithful! Having a canine really changes how you throw out trash.

french bull dog meme

Impaired Pooch Pics

We know that it’s not a good idea for canines to partake in recreational drug use.  But come on!  These pooches look lit up!

golden retriever looking a bit lit

Would it wrong for me to want some of that?

Spacey Dogs Meme with them seeing a flying elf

I can just here the giggles coming out of this lab’s mouth.

doobey dog meme yellow labrador

That is one backed pooched!  Is that retriever smiling?  Do dogs smile?  These do!

canibus canine golden retriever looking for doritos

Funny Labrador Memes

Even the most popular pooch has to own a meme.  Lucky for you we have 11!  If you need some more Funny Labradors then I recommend that when you’re done looking at all these funny pics that you check out.  Plus you have to love them when they’re puppies.

Funny Dog picture of a labrador with a melon on their head.

I might have the only Labrador that hates the rain.  Trying to get her outside to use the bathroom is a royal pain.  Snow is a different story, she enjoys it at first.  The novelty quickly wears off though and starts to look like this pooch.

dog humor memes with a Labrador in the snow.

Let’s face it, Labs can sometimes really be fickle…in, out, in, out.

Barking Laughs Original Labrador Meme, Let me in, I need to go back out again.

A family member dressed up Cali is this outfit because she thought she was cold.  I could tell Cali wanted help, but I grabbed the camera instead.  I could tell by her expression that she thought I was a jackass.

Dog Memes Hilarious situations. My Human is an idiot.

My shoes get the treatment every Monday morning.  I’m pretty sure she’s chewing on them to get me back for going to work.

Funny dog meme of a yellow lab that has a high top in their mouth.

I’d hate to be the person who has to fix that window frame.  You can pick up everything that they can get their mouths on.  Yet they can still find something to chew.  This Labrador is literally destroying the house!

Labrador Dog Meme; Oh you said would you be good, I thought you said wood be good

Do human laws even pertain to canines?  I don’t think she cares.

Non reading Labrador. Great memes funny dog with captions

yellow lab winking at the camera

Joking Labrador Meme

This Labrador picture is hysterical.  It totally looks like he is cracking a joke.  Some of these jokes might have been around.  But having the Joking Lab tell them, takes it to another level.

Joking Labrador Meme. Dog humor hilarious joke.

I can’t believe some of these goofy jokes made me smile.

Joking Labrador Meme. Picture of a Dog with captions. Joking Labrador Meme. Funny dog joke.

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