26 Clever Funny Dog Pics! Put an Instant Smile on your Face!

Funny Dog Pictures

It’s time to get Silly at Dog and Pup Town!  Why do you need silly time?  In the first place, this world is way too serious.  You can’t even have the TV on for more than 10 minutes with getting depressed.  What do you need for silly time?  Funny Dog Pics of course! So, sit back, and enjoy some funny canine antics. If you crack a smile, share with others and become leader of the pack.  Also, stay in know by becoming a fan on our Facebook page.

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Funny Dog Pics

In fact, this picture brings up fond memories of baby-sitting my little brother!

two dogs goofing around in a living room in Pictures of Funny Dogs

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“You can trust me, besides who would I tell?”

Silly picture of a Labrador retriever in funny dog pics

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“Am I thirsty, hot, or secretly mocking a human expression?”

silly canine sticking out his tongue picture in funny dog pics

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“I’m laying down, and standing up at the same time.  That deserves two treats!”

 funny dog pics with A big dog laying on the sofa while his legs are on the ground

Source: [email protected]

“Please don’t wear that to the Dog Park.  It’s embarrassing!”

 funny dog picswith a canine hiding under a blanket looking embarrassed

Source: [email protected]

“Why’d the chicken cross the road?   Because I chased it!  HA HA HA, get it?”

Pictures of Funny Dogs with Rocky is laughing

Rocky is a regular caninemedium!

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“Not thirsty, not hot…just sticking my tongue out at you!”

 funny dog pics with a pooch sticking his tongue out

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Silly Dog Pictures

Sadness is a horrible way to go through the day!  Did you know that sadness can actually be alleviated from smiling and laughing?  It has even been proven that a fake smile can actually release the happy endorphins.  Of course, there will be no need to fake a smile with these pictures.

Sometimes, there’s beauty in pure and random chaos. Sometimes, there’s beauty in simplistic thought.  For this reason, here’s a hodgepodge of silly dog pictures.  Be sure to visit the Instagram accounts of these awesome dog owners.

“Please put the shoe back together and I’ll be a good dog forever.”

silly dog pictures of a dog praying for redemption

Source: [email protected]

“It doesn’t matter that I’m a dog.  Listening to how mean your boss is for the 80th time is boring!”

silly dog pictures of a Shepard yawning

Source: [email protected]

“Why do humans organize their food on a plate?  It’s all going to the same place!”

silly dog pictures of a pooch on the sofa eating off a plate'

Source: [email protected]

“It’s hard being as cool as a Pupsicle!”

silly dog pictures of a puppy lab in the refrigerator

Source: [email protected]

“I really thought I was getting away with something.”

silly dog pictures of a canine ate some funky vegitable

Source: [email protected]

“The one trick I master, forbids me the treat!”

silly dog pictures of a puppy with a snack bone between his eyes

Source: [email protected]

“Technically, this should count as a bath”

silly dog pictures of a canine in the sunshine

Source: [email protected]

“Keep that look going…GUILT is a powerful motivator”

two dogs staring out the window

Source: [email protected]

“Nice and clean…so time to go find the nearest mud puddle.”

silly dog pictures of a pooch just got a bath

Source: [email protected]

“I’m starting with a flip-flop; but I’m working my way up to that big boot.”

silly dog pictures of a puppy eating a flip flop

Source: [email protected]

Pictures of Funny Dogs

Theses images have nothing in common except two things, a weird situation or pose and Funny Dogs!  Props to all the photographers of these brilliant images!  Be sure to pay them a visit on Instagram for more dog pictures.

“Come on man, let me in.  I promise I won’t pee on your tree again.”

pictures of funny dogs with Two dogs having a conversation through a sliding glass door

Source: [email protected]

“You think you’re slick using my butt for a pillow?  Jokes on you!  I ate beans for lunch.”

pictures of funny dogs with 2 funny Dogs laying together on the sofa

Source: [email protected]

“If one more person refers to me as a Husky, I’m going to loose it!  I am a Malamute!”

pictures of funny dogs with close up of a Malmute's nose

Source: [email protected]

“Did they buy me as decor to match their floor?”

pictures of funny dogs with a Great Dane that looks like the floor

Source: [email protected]

“Your two minutes are almost up.  Then it’s my turn…or else!”

pictures of funny dogs with Husky stalking a golden retriever and is jealous for attention

Source: [email protected]

“The force is strong in you.”

Schnauzer with a hat on that makes him look like a Jedi

Source: [email protected]

“Really?  I did the hard work, and you’re trying to take credit.”

pictures of funny dogs with dogs fetching stick in water

Source: [email protected]

“They said I could be anything.  So…I chose shag carpet model.”

pooch hiding in a shag carpet

Source: [email protected]

“Look, I made you dinner.  Oh, you don’t eat raw meat.  No problem.  I’ll eat yours.”

pictures of funny dogs with little pooch eating a fancy dinner

Source: [email protected]

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As an Added bonus, we thought you would like some funny dog video’s as well!

Dog Eating Whipped Cream in Slow Motion!

This dog is focused!  The funniest part is when he is trying to time with his tongue.  Then you see the patience wear out and he jumps up for the gulp.  Who knew that you could make a cinematic masterpiece with a can of whipped cream, a dog and a slow-motion camera.

German Shepherd Funny Video

Wow! This German Shepherd Funny Video will have you questioning reality.  This has to be the craziest growl ever! I can not believe that this sound is actually coming out of a canine. Could you imagine breaking into this house and are confronted by this beast only to hear the sounds of Flipper coming out behind those huge teeth.  Would you drop to the floor laughing?  Or would you run as fast as you can, because you just witnessed a demon from the fourth dimension?

source: KaytCo on Rumble

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Dog doesn't look happy after eating some kind of raw vegetable

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