Simple Reasons to feel Gratitude Today! Destructive Dog Pictures!

Funny Dog Pictures

Gratitude is the key to happiness.  Be grateful that you don’t have to pick up the mess in these Destructive Dog Pictures.

A few posts ago we warned you of DPAP–Dogs’ Passive-Aggressive Punch! Dogs that feel slighted in the littlest amount will seek revenge.  What do we mean by slighted?  Ordinary things like leaving your dog alone to go to work, helping your daughter with homework, eating a steak without sharing, watching TV with your wife cuddled up on the couch.  The list can go on and on.

Consider yourself lucky if you haven’t experience DPAP; but don’t get too comfortable.  DPAP does not discriminate, and can strike at anytime!  I deliver the following Dog Pictures as fair warning…

Destructive Dog Pictures

Come on, do you really need meds to feel happy when you have me?

Funny little pooch looking at the medicine bottle he chewed upSource: [email protected]

Simply making sure the foam insert was truly toxic free.

destructive dog pictures with a Canine looking in shame over his destruction of his dog bedSource: [email protected]

These papers were trying to sneak into our house.  I executed my duty as sworn protector of our abode!

destructive dog pictures with a pooch standing in front of the mail he shredded near the mail slotSource: [email protected]

The lid created an unnecessary waste of time….for both of us.

destructive dog pictures with a K9 standing newr the trash lid he knocked off to get to the spoilsSource: [email protected]

I told you I couldn’t sleep on this inferior bed.  Time to share yours.

destructive dog pictures with a Dog sitting in the mess of foam he createdSource: [email protected]

Your recycling separation needed work.

destructive dog pictures with a K9 sitting in the mess of trash he spread outSource: [email protected]

It’s our newest idea to scare off salesmen.  Do you like?

destructive dog pictures with Funny dogs who destroyed a cushion from outsideSource: [email protected]

Obviously, I’m being cute, not naughty since you’re photographing instead of reprimanding.

destructive dog pictures with a Pooch caught in the act chewing on a sockSource: [email protected]

Looking for my bone.  Have you seen it?

Pooch sitting in the mess he created on the floorSource: [email protected]

More Dogs of Destruction

After viewing some of this destruction, I think I’ll let my dog off the hook for chewing up that toy. It shouldn’t have been on the floor anyway. I cannot believe some of this destruction!  I don’t even know what was destroyed in some of these pictures.  Leave it up to some good old Dogs of Destruction to give us some great pictures!

“You’re welcome, now go buy a memory foam pillow, and quit crying about your stiff neck!”

funny dog picture of canine sitting in the mess he created with a feather pillow

Source: [email protected]

“Now you can stop whining about how you have to pick dog hair off the sofa every week!”

Funny dog destroyed a sofa

Source: [email protected]

“I thought the no eating on the sofa rule was for the kids.”

husky ate a big piece of fruit on the leather sofa

Source: [email protected]

My brother did the exact same thing when he was 8.

funny dog picture of a pooch that like bras

Source: [email protected]

“Well, my ball isn’t in there.  I know it’s around here somewhere.”

greyhound dumped over the trashcan and spread the mess all over the place

Source: [email protected]

“I know you thought that chew toy over there was going to prevent this…sorry it didn’t.”

labrador sitting in the mess he created by eating his dog bed

Source: [email protected]

“Why do I always get blamed when these thing happen?”

sofa chewer

Source: [email protected]

“It’s not my fault you left the light on when I was trying to sleep!”

austrailian shepherd looking at the cord of a lamp that he ate

Source: [email protected]

From left to right!

“What mess?”

“Go ahead and try to prove it.”

“Why are you looking at me?”

funny dogs sitting in the mess they created.

Source: [email protected]

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Dogs of Destruction! Dog chews a prescription bottle.