What in the World is Causing these Dogs to create such a mess? Crazy Dog Pictures

Funny Dog Pictures

What’s better than Funny Dogs?  Nothing!  Here at Dog and Pup Town, we find the greatest humor in Crazy Dog Pictures that highlight destruction!

Some selections in this gallery of Crazy Dog Pictures beg to ask the question…Is there a conspiracy in the Dog Food/Paper/Bed industries?  We believe these three factions are colluding!  Perhaps dog food companies are inserting a crazy enzyme in the food that compels Dogs to destroy paper products and dog beds?  It’s not too far-fetched when you scroll below.  Go ahead…have a barking laugh on us…

Speaking of laughs, be sure to check out these funny dogs when you’re done.

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Crazy Dog Pictures

“Would you get up!  You might as well write the word guilty on your face. “

crazy dog pictures of a lab and Sheppard over the paper towel mess they created[email protected]

“Would you believe the chevron pattern on the floor specifically drove me to it?”

crazy dog pictures of a canine posing in front of the mess he created[email protected]

“Digging through the trash…it just isn’t what it use to be since they started that recycling kick.”

crazy dog pictures of a Pooch with a funny expression in-front of a trash pile[email protected]

“I know they used this stuff to make cookies last time!  I wonder why it didn’t work this time?”

crazy dog pictures of a Labrador sitting in his crate with white powder all over the place[email protected]

“I bit the chair every time you said, STOP BEGGING!  Give me food next time.”

pooch posing with the chair he destroyed[email protected]

“I deduced how this thing got so lumpy.  Next go-around, can I have a memory foam bed?”

crazy dog pictures of a canine hovering over the stuffing of a pillow[email protected]

“This book started off great; but around page 130…just too hard to digest.”

canine standing over a destroyed book[email protected]

“Is this really my fault?  How many times do I have to do this before you stop leaving papers on my bed?”

crazy dog pictures of a Malamute laying in their bed with shredded paper all over the place[email protected]

“On the positive side, now you don’t have to waste money on a doggy door!” 

crazy dog pictures of a canine outside standing over the screen door he went through[email protected]

“I just don’t understand why this beautiful paper is rolled up.  Looks so much more decorative unrolled and nibbled.”

crazy dog pictures of a pooch with toilet paper all over the place[email protected]

Don’t Leave your Dog Home Alone Without Looking at These Silly Dog Pics!

I deliver the following Silly Dog Pics as fair warning…

Beware Dog Owners:  Your dog requires not only a proper goodbye; but a proper briefing before you leave your home.  Dogs depend on routine, and when you stray too far from it (or even just a little in some cases)…LOOK OUT…because you’re about to experience DPAP.  Dogs’ Passive-Aggressive Punch.  Personally, DPAP occurs most frequently on Mondays when I return to work.  I come home to find my most treasured items mangled, lost, chewed, destroyed.  Scanning the house for the aftermath of DPAP has become a dreaded Monday night ritual.

If you haven’t experienced this situation, consider yourself one of the lucky few.  But don’t get too comfortable…DPAP does not discriminate, and can strike at anytime!

Silly Dog Pics

“Technically, this solves one of your great problems.  No need to climb your clean couch to look out the window!”

silly dog pics with a Silver Labrador who destroys blindsSource: [email protected]

“Can you blame me? It never blinked!”

silly dog pics with a canine that eats the eyes off a stuffed animalSource: [email protected]

“You were wasting too much time reading, and not enough time rubbing my belly!”

silly dog pics with a pooch who killed some eye glassesSource: [email protected]

“This was me communicating to you…this room needs a fresh paint job.”

silly dog pics with a canine that eats the houseSource: [email protected]

“Improved upon your shoddy job separating recyclables from trash.”

pooch leaves a mess on the rugSource: [email protected]

“Just wait until tomorrow’s walk.  I’ll dump out the other half of the fiver.”

canine eating moneySource: [email protected]

“I thought it was understood that I only sleep on foam mattresses.”

silly dog pics with a Canine destroyed doggie bedSource: [email protected]

“Spontaneity + little thought = This mess-trap predicament.”

silly dog pics with a pooch destroyed his doggie bedSource: [email protected]

“Your bad…not mine!  Did you really think two dogs could share one bean bag?”

silly dog pics withTwo funny dogs destroyed pillows or cushionsSource: [email protected]

“Who knew you couldn’t play tug-of-war with a pillow?  Obviously, not us.”

silly dog pics with Funny Dogs destroyed something with some stuffingSource: [email protected]

Is Boredom the Single Most Costly Issue When Dealing with a Crazy Dog?

In all reality, there isn’t such thing as a crazy dog.  These crazy dogs just don’t have the means to communicate with us properly, so they let their destruction do the talking.  Specifically Boredom and Revenge!

Boredom is definitely a huge issue with dogs, and it can turn pretty pricey.  Sure, some dogs destroy for revenge, as in the [how dare you go to work] sort of revenge or the [how dare you sleep with that other human] sort of revenge.  But I’d say boredom may even trump revenge for Dogs of Destruction.  Hours spent alone doing not much of anything HAS to lead to creative madness or genius…and then DESTRUCTION.  Scroll down, and see what I mean…

Crazy Dog + Boredom = Big Mess

“There was a lump in this thing that was really bugging me!”

Crazy Dog in crate with destroyed bed

Source: [email protected]

“I found out why this bed was soooo comfortable.  They make it with clouds!”

Crazy Dog sitting on top of a bunch of stuffing

Source: [email protected]

“I was just trying to remind you that you should use a cover with Tupperware.”

Crazy Dog who spills food all over the place from counter surfing

Source: [email protected]

“Something happened to your favorite chair.  Time for a walk since you can’t sit down and relax.”

Crazy Dog chilling out on the leather chair they destroyed

Source: [email protected]

“Just trying to help you condense the cardboard for the recycling bin.”

Crazy Dog standing over the mess they created with cardboard

Source: [email protected]

“Label’s spot-on.  Chewing this gave me a MASSIVE headache!”

Crazy Dog destroys protein powder

Source: [email protected]

“It’s your fault!  Go ahead and leave me again, and see what happens to your love seat.”

Crazy Dog destroyed an entire sofa

Source: [email protected]

“Less Pepsi, and more toys for me will solve this problem.”

Crazy Dog takes the garbage apart

Source: [email protected]

“Good news: I found your Shoe!  Bad news: It was only after I rummaged the trash looking for it!”

Crazy Dog destroys the trash and spreads it all over the place

Source: [email protected]

“It’s just so funny when you scream from the bathroom that you need more toilet paper!”

Crazy Dog with a funny expression shreds the toilet paper

Source: [email protected]

“I can’t read anymore of this tabloid trash!  Please select a magazine that at least challenges me a little more.”

canine chills in the paper mess they created

Source: [email protected]

“What are you looking at?  I didn’t do it!”

Crazy Dog looks guilty for destroying something made out of foam

Source: [email protected]

The next two pics are of a Border Collie / Weimaraner / Great Pyrenees / Saluki mix named Ranger von Greenwood.  This dog cracks me up!  His Instagram page is filled with tons of destruction.

“Be sure to get the entire mess in the picture!  Being in a BarkingLaughs’ Dogs of Destruction post will definitely give me some Dog Park cred.”

Crazy Dogs with a ranger the dog destroys his bed again.

Source: [email protected]

The bed was re-stuffed and guess what happened 24 hours later?

“I didn’t like the picture from yesterday.  The mess was sub-par, and my expression didn’t capture my true essence.” 

canine destroys bed

Source: [email protected]

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All these dogs deserved to shamed like these dogs!  Or maybe these shamed dogs!

Labrador with Flour all over the place