21 Ridiculous Dog Shaming Photos That will Entertain!

Dog Shaming Pictures

Need a quick entertainment fix?  Do you think these ridiculous dog shaming photos could help?  We do! 

Some of these dogs are out of control, and we love it! Are these mischievous antics born out of genetics or are they learned?

But how can it be learned behavior if they are the only dog in the house?  Do the funny dogs get together at the park and discuss how to antagonize the humans?  Do they have secret websites, which detail the instructions of antagonistic behavior?

They have to be sharing their strategy somewhere, because most of us can relate to a few of these dogs.  Somebody somewhere should really apply for a federal grant and find out the answer!  Who knows!  Anyway be sure to enjoy the latest and the greatest pictures of dog shaming!

Dog Shaming Photos

I don’t think that this would end well for any creature.

This is the ultimate look of shame or maybe the dog is praying for lenience.

Of course, the poop bag was left at home.

Seriously, what is the deal with shoes?  Is it just a crime of opportunity?  Are they just convenient because the shoes are on the floor?

I couldn’t even imagine this scene.  If you think a skunk smells bad.  Think about how much more powerful a dog’s nose is.

Once again, shoes!

We had food thieves in our house growing up.  It just taught me to eat quicker and never look them in the eyes.

My brother was a royal pain, but I had no problem taking his stuff. That’s what big brothers are for after all.

This look is priceless!  Also the deed itself is hysterical!  Imagine the reaction of the mom and the guy that pee’d on.  Both reactions must have been comical.

You accepted the challenge and succeeded!

My sign would have read: “My parents left me alone for the weekend and I drank a whole bottle of tequila that they brought back for Mexico and replaced it with water.”

This Shaming Picture does not pertain to me.  But I can’t say the same about a family member.

The little ones are always the most devious.

My daughter has done a version of this act, many times.  She doesn’t eat the whole thing.  Not because she wouldn’t, she just gets caught before it could happen.

My sign would have read:  “I ate a Bar of Soap because I said the word crap in front of my mother’s boss.”  Of course, I still hate Ivory soap and say “crap.”

I feel your pain pooch.  My sign would have said:  “I broke the cardinal rule…Don’t drink from anyone’s Jim Beam and Coke that is in the kitchen!”


Don’t stop now, the fun is only beginning.  Gotta love Guilty Dogs!

Underwear eating pooch get some dog shaming treatment! Dogs gone Wild!
Funny dogs in ridiculous dog shaming pictures. Pooch sniffs the wrong butt!

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