Funny Dog Shaming Pictures Done Right!

Dog Shaming Pictures

We present you a new selection of funny dog shaming pictures.  This batch is so funny.  It is very hard not to laugh at some of these shenanigans.  Of course, you should not censor your laughter.  After all isn’t that the reason you’re here, to laugh.

As can be seen, these pictures are crazy!  Specifically, the turtle sign had me laughing hard.

I’ve got to give major applauds to all these dogs and their owners.  All of these signs and pictures are so funny!  For this reason I can not choose a favorite.  If you have a favorite, be sure to pin it and share with your friends.

Funny Dog Shaming Pictures

I peed on the living room carpet.

dogshaming picture of a dog that peed on the floor

Source: [email protected]

What the heck is going on during breakfast?  First the eggs, then the bacon!

I stole Jennie’s omelette even after she mad me my own egg.

dogshaming dalmatian that ate an omelet

Courtesy: [email protected]

I stole a whole plate of bacon off the table.

dogshaming bacon theif

Source: [email protected]

I ate the nanny’s dining room chairs.  Oh and the skirting boards!  Help me!

dogshaming Labrador that ate some chairs

From: [email protected]

I fart loud!

funny dog shaming pictures of a farter

Source: [email protected]

Thought mom forgot about the fresh homemade loaf of bread she just made.  So I brought it to her in the living room (in my mouth).

dogshaming golden that ate part of a load of homemade bread

Courtesy: [email protected]

I will stop dragging all of mom’s stuffed animals and socks under her bed.  So she doesn’t have to win tug-of-war just to get each thing back.

dogshaming husky

Source: [email protected]

I’d like to get a copy of this sign for my next beach trip.  Not for me!  For other people.  Can you imagine if I dropped this sign on people sleeping in the sun.

I like to expose myself while asleep to the public.  I have no shame!

dogshaming exposer

From: [email protected]

I refuse to poop outside in the cold.  So I poop in the house and eat it to hide the evidence.

dogshaming pug

Courtesy: [email protected]

I ate all the bacon!

dog ate all the bacon

From: [email protected]

I eat dog poop.  Mine and many others.

Dog shaming with a dog that partakes in poop eating.

Source: [email protected]

I owe Dad $21.00.

Dog eats some cabbage

From: hanktheminima[email protected]

I pooped in Mom’s garden, right on top of the mint.

Funny Dog Shaming of a dog that pooped on the mint.

Source: [email protected]

This is wacky.  Good thing it wasn’t a snapping turtle.

I pooped on a turtle and didn’t even know it.

Dog Shaming with a pooch that pooped on a turtle.

Courtesy: [email protected]

I had a friend who had the same issue.

I pee everywhere when I am excited.

Little pooch getting shamed for peeing when escited

Source: [email protected]

I enjoy eating poo of various origins that I find in the yard.  Nom Nom Nom!  Love Leelah. 

Labrador that also partakes in poop cuisine

From: [email protected]

I head-butted my mom.  Gave her a giant lump on her forehead and made her cry.

Canine getting shamed for a lump creating head bump.

Source: [email protected]

You need some more, don’t you?

Have no fear, we have a ton of dog shaming posts.

Funny dog shaming picture of a pooch that has strange eating habits
mint pooping dog
turtle pooping dog
head butting dog getting shamed

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