How to Smile in 1 Minute: Funny Dog Shaming!

Dog Shaming Pictures

So you need to smile?  You’ve come to the right place!  Today we bring you some Funny Dog Shaming, to brighten your day…at least a few minutes of it.  If you want to continue your happiness and continue to release your stress, then by all means check out the rest of our DOGS.  So go ahead and get your wag on as well as your smile!

They say that smiling uses less muscles than frowning. Also they say, “Smile and the whole world smiles with you.”  They also say that smiling is contagious. Here at Dog and Pup Town we say, “Shut up about smiles and show me some dog pictures so I can start smiling!”

Funny Dog Shaming

I guess she wanted a pair of Maui Jim’s.

I ate the Ray-Bans.

I fart loud!

This is so funny, I get in trouble for sleeping as well.

I peed on my Dad’s blanket.  Because he was ignoring me while he was sleeping.

I found my mom’s hidden birthday present and opened it for her!  Aren’t I a good dog?

You only fail if you don’t try.

Failed Escape Artist.  2nd Attempt.  Ultimate Bad Girl. 

This has to be one of the funniest dog expressions I’ve ever seen. At first I thought it was a stuffed animal until I checked out his Instagram page.

She said she hated wearing readers.

This face on this pooch is awesome!  That is some kind of grin!

I sneak into the kitchen and eat trash when no one is home.  Then great them at the door with the evidence around my neck.

Mom left me alone with Dad last night.  So, I ate my bed and pooped in the house.

I think Rufus can lend that sign to a 7 year old daughter we know.

My name is Rufus and I fake injuries for attention.

This one has to be a classic!

I stole another dog’s pain pills today, when Mom wasn’t looking.  Now I’m dreaming of pink elephants.

I got nothing, this is just too funny!

I rolled around in mulch while soaking wet!

With that shocking look on your face, I’d say you bit thru one.

I chew power cords.  

Do you think dogs question the fact that you go to the bathroom in their water bowl?

I drink the toilet dry!

I can’t stop laughing at this one.  It has to become a classic!

I thought I saw a spider in the spider plant.  I think I got him.

My breath stinks because I’ve eaten poo!

Bug mouth ain’t that bad.  Look above!

I go outside and eat bugs then kiss my mom.

Meet Cali our resident Labrador Retriever in her first Dog Shaming Picture.  Some people have accused me of buy this pink beaver knowing that Cali would eventually destroy hit, resulting in this shaming sign.  Of Course I did!

I destroyed the pink beaver!

Dog shaming Lab kills pink beaver

Keep your happiness going!

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