13 Crazy Dog Pics that Will Make You Thankful for Your K-9 Today!

Funny Dog Pictures

No matter how well-behaved, your pooch will succumb to the dark side of destruction at some point, and it will be (or feel like) your fault most of the time.  There’s a doggy list of reasons tucked away in your canine’s memory vault for this bad behavior–most of which center on the times he/she felt ignored.   I actually lost a pair of Chucks because I wouldn’t let my dog keep me company in the bathroom one morning!  Needless to say, I learned my lesson. Meanwhile, looking at these crazy dog pics might make you appreciate your dog today.  Because you don’t have to clean the mess up.

Crazy Dog Pics

In fact, the mess on the floor is actually the remains of a Bible.

“Now you have no reason to leave me for two hours every Sunday.”
crazy dog pics of a puppy standing over shreds of the Bible he just ate

Source: [email protected]

“You really should reconsider the order in which you dispense water in this household.  I come before a plant!”

crazy dog pics of a Cattle Dog buries a ball in a potted plant

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“Obviously I thought you accidentally threw away some edible food.  Waste not. Want not.”

crazy dog pics of Pepper the Husky knocked down the trash can and went through it.

Source: [email protected]

“You gave me a bed that was too small.  Now it fits my entire crate.”

crazy dog pics of a Black Labrador Retriever destroys a dogs bed

Source: [email protected]

“If you learn how to be a boss, you won’t have adequate time for me!”

crazy dog pics of a Pooch rips up a girl book

Source: [email protected]

“She had a choice to sleep with me, or that stuffed elephant.  I just took choice out of the equation.”

crazy dog pics of Buddy the chocolate Labrador Retriever destroys a stuffed elephant

Source: [email protected]

“You want to waste the night by watching The Shining?  Then you’ll love this…Here’s Johnny!”

crazy dog pics of a Canine who shredded the screen door

Source: [email protected]

“Now you don’t have to worry about paying those bills and balancing your checkbook.  I not only saved you time, but I saved you money!”

crazy dog pics of a little puppy eats a bill

Source: [email protected]

“This bed is defective.  Maybe I should use yours?”

crazy dog pics of a Beagle who lays inside a dogs bed that exploded

Source: [email protected]

Bad News, we have a rat! Good News, I’m looking for it!
pooch ate all the cats food and hides under the sofa

Source: [email protected]

“You spend 4 minutes a day with that thing, 28 minutes a week, close to 2 hours a month.  It all equals time better spent rubbing my belly.”

Basset Hound chews up an electric toothbrush head

Source: [email protected]

“Something happened to your landscaping supplies.  Now you have time to take me to the dog park.”

black canine does some landscaping without permission

Source: [email protected]

“Thank God you’re home!  A monster broke in, destroyed my toy, scared me real good!  I think he might come back.  So, please don’t leave me alone again.”

little pooch tore out the stuffing and is hiding under the sofa

Source: [email protected]

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Which mess do you think would be the worst to clean up?  Which one do you think cost the most?  Picking up shreds of paper or bed stuffing always is a pain, but I think the screen door is the pricey one.

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