Time for Some Funny Pictures of Dogs to Make you Smile!

Funny Dog Pictures

Of course, here at Dog and Pup Town we are all about DOGS, as well as laughter…all of the time.  But with this post of funny pictures of dogs we go for broke as the gallery bypasses funny into sheer hilarity.  The great thing, too, is you can bookmark and view this post whenever you need a quick medication-free pick me up and a surefire means to make you smile.  Laughter really is the best medicine for all kinds of ills.  In fact, we made a list of a few of the benefits of laughter at the end of the pictures.   So take a deep breath and prepare to get you laugh on!

Funny Pictures of Dogs

This is exactly how I look DURING a Netflix’s binge watching weekend.

Funny Pictures of dogs with a dog laying on the sofa sticking out his tongueCourtesy: [email protected]

My daughter gave me the same look after enforcing the “No Desert on Weeknights” policy.

Funny Pictures of dogs with a Beagle giving a funny facial expressionCourtesy: [email protected]

In fact, don’t we all know someone that goes overboard on their eyebrow maintenance routine?

Funny Pictures of dogs with a white dog with painted on eye browsCourtesy: [email protected]

“They said I could be anything I want, so I choose Sea Lion”

They said I could be anything I want, so I choose Sea LionCourtesy: cookie.er[email protected]

“Oh what big teeth I have?  That’s no way to talk to your grandmother!”

Funny Pictures of dogs with a dog looking like an old womanCourtesy: [email protected]

“This will do, I suppose.  But I prefer treats to balls.”

Funny Pictures of dogs with a dog with a ball giving a funny lookCourtesy: [email protected]

“Do you think you can wash this bedding, while you binge Netflix? There is human hair all over the place! “

Funny Pictures of dogs with a shepherd giving a funny lookCourtesy: [email protected]

“To Clarify I’m really 21, but I’ve only had 3 birthdays!”

Funny Pictures of dogs with a canine sitting on the sofa giving a funny lookCourtesy: [email protected]

“The Boxer and the Banana joke wasn’t funny the first 8 times you told it.”

Funny Pictures of dogs with a boxer and a bananaCourtesy: [email protected]

This is exactly how I look AFTER a Netflix’s binge watching weekend.  Actually this how I look on Sunday Afternoon when I was in College.

Funny Pictures of dogs with a dog upside down with mouth openCourtesy: [email protected]

Benefits of Getting Your Laugh On with Funny Pictures of Dogs

If you know someone that would enjoy some Funny Pictures of Dogs, then be sure to share this post.  Because even your friends deserve a little happiness.  You will not only be giving them laughter.  You will be giving them the following benefits of laughter:

  • Reduced Stress.
  • They will be woken up by all the endorphins shooting through their body.
  • Their Oxygen intake will increase.  Have you ever laughed so hard that you had to catch your breath?
  • Their blood flow will improve, which helps with heart health and blood pressure.
  • A boost of immunity will fill their entire body.

And you just thought that you would be sharing a funny post!  In fact you will be giving them so much more.  I sure wish I had friends like you.

Check out some more random funny pictures.

Funny Pug Video

Never underestimate a Pug! This Pug takes it a huge step forward, he is crazy. The way he keeps provoking that Police K-9 is insane.  That German Shepherd is 50 times bigger than him.  This happened in Phoenix, when the police were trying to negotiate with an armed robbery suspect. I’m not sure if this provided a little comic relief during the 4-hour stand-off or irritated them.

I only wish I could hear what everyone is saying in this news clip.  In the very least someone should make some goofy subtitles to go with this video.  Have you ever seen such a scene?

source: ABC15 Arizona on YouTube

Funny Husky on Trampoline Video

This video is perfect.  This dog is having the time of his life, until he realizes he’s not alone.  The statue pose is hysterical.  Do you think they are wondering if he got caught?

If you need to keep the laughs going then check out these funny dog videos!

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