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German Shepherds are incredible K-9s.  GSDs are the definition of well-rounded.  This is a reason that they are the second most registered canine in the US.  This popular pooch is not only cool looking but smart.  We have gathered some interesting GSD details and some cool pictures of German shepherds for you.

Whatever a Labrador can do, obviously I can do better!  To put it another way, I should be the most popular dog!

German Shepherd running through the water with water coming out of his mouthCourtesy: [email protected]

Neuropsychologist Stanley Coren, PhD is the author of The Intelligence of Dogs.  In his book, he ranks breeds according to their intelligence. The GSD is the 3rd smartest dog. The only two breeds above this shepherd are the Border collie and the Poodle.

His research shows that German shepherds are in the top tier of breeds. They can learn a new command in within 5 repetitions and remember it 95% of time.   It is no wonder that GSDs are the most trained K-9 for police and military work.

awesome head shot of German shepherd dogFrom: [email protected]

GSD Origins

The German shepherd is a young breed compared to other breeds. The GSD started out as a goal from German, Captain Max von Stephanitz in 1898. His ultimate goal was to create the superior herding dog.

In the 1800’s, the best herding dogs came from Germany.  However, these herders were not a unique breed.  If you wanted a good herding dog, you would have to count on the parents being good herders.

The Captain decided to change that and develop a unique breed. This breed would have the skills of the best herding dogs. Also, he strived to have this new breed physically good looking.

Creating a unique breed took some time.  When the Captain was perfecting the GSD, another evolution was occurring.  The industrial industry was replacing the farming industry.  This has a direct effect on the demand for shepherds.

Pictures of German Shepherds with one in the grass with a tennis ballSource: [email protected]

So, the Captain refocused the GSD’s purpose from herders to police and military K-9s.  During WWI, German shepherds participated in several different duties. They served as medical and messenger dogs.  They also served as guard and a search canines.

Pictures of German Shepherds with one outside with his tongue hanging outSource: [email protected]

Post World War I

Once Americans saw this pooch in action they were more than happy to take them home.  After the War ended, the GSD’s popularity exploded in the US.  During this time, Germany was in ruins and breed regulation was neglected.  For these reasons, the quality of the breed declined.

This decline alarmed Captain von Stephanitz. He quickly regulated that a German shepherd had to pass an intelligence test to breed. However, this rule only pertained to the German Breeders and no one else.   Luckily, through his actions the European GSDs still maintained their original traits.

German Shepherd with orange eyes and orange furSource: [email protected]

The US breeders on the other hand were focusing on their looks.  Their main goal was creating show dog caliber versions. Unfortunately, this focus on looks reduced the intelligence of the canines.

This created a huge difference between a GSD from Germany and one from the US.  This became a major issue for the Military and the Police.  Causing many US police departments to start importing German Shepherds from Germany.

Luckily, the US breeders saw this mistake. They began to focus more on ability and less on looks. This redirection has allowed the GSD breed to once again ascend to its full potential.

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Pictures of German Shepherds with one on the bed with a head tiltSource: [email protected]

How big do German shepherds get?

The female grows between 22 and 24 inches tall from the shoulder. The male is a little bigger and is between 24 and 26 inches at the shoulder.

Pictures of German Shepherds with one with dog tags posing for the cameraSource: [email protected]

How much do German shepherds weigh?

Female Shepherds will tend to weigh between 50 and 70 pounds. The male will weigh between 65 and 90 pounds. These amounts are averages. GSDs with more of a true German Bloodline are more muscular so will weigh more.

German SHepherd laying on the rugFrom: [email protected]

When do German shepherds stop growing?

This is dependent on the bloodline. Regardless, shepherds grow fast! Some GSDs do reach their 100% mark for both height and weight by 1 year. Yet, some will take a little longer to reach this point. An average time for a German shepherd to reach maturity is between 1 ½ and 2 ½ years.

Sooner or later, you’ll ask me why I destroyed your shoes.  Remember this moment.

German Shepherd dog in the bathtubFrom: [email protected]

If you have some time, this video shows the first year of a GSD’s life. Beware, you will be wanting a puppy during this video.

How much is a German shepherd?

Purebred GSDs can be pricey. There are a couple of different factors that determine price. A puppy with a show champion bloodline will increase the price a lot. A puppy that is from a worker bloodline will also increase the price. Additionally, if the mom or dad are an imported from Europe an increase can occur.

Another factor is if the puppies have AKC registration and which kind. Full AKC registration allows you to breed. While limited registration does not. The price difference between these two registrations can a 1000 dollars or more.

With all the above considered, a family pet might cost 1000 dollars. If you want to get into breeding, or showing, you can expect to pay above 2000 dollars. If you see a German shepherd for sale for less than 1000 dollars, be careful. It costs money to breed quality. You might think you scored a deal, but odds are you did not.

The AKC keeps a list of reputable breeders, if you are looking for a GSD pup.

How fast can a German shepherd run?

Even though they are big dogs, they are mostly muscle. So, German shepherds can run fast! Most owners claim there GSD usually hits around 30 mph.

German Shepherd in the kitchen looking up

From: [email protected]

As can be seen in this video, 30 mph was easily reached.

Pictures Of German Shepherds

German Shepherd with tongue hanging outFrom: [email protected]

Pictures of German Shepherds with one laying on the bed with a smileSource: [email protected]

White fur German Shepherd chilling out on the rugCourtesy: [email protected]

Pictures of German Shepherds with one panting at the cameraFrom: [email protected]

Pictures of Black German Shepherds

Whenever I see a black GSD, I’m in awe!  There is something so cool about these dogs!

black German Shepherd sitting near the woods

From: [email protected]

little black German shepherd puppySource: [email protected]

black German Shepherd in the snowFrom: [email protected]

Crazy German Shepherd Video

If you are going to watch one Crazy German Shepherd Video today, this has to be the one!  I’ve seen some crazy pairings before; but I think this really takes the cake in this Awesome Dog Video.  I know that German Shepherds are on the top tier of intelligent dog breeds.  So how did this happen? I’m scared to let my pooch loose near stuffed animals, let alone live animals.  Allowing this German Shepherd access to the crow takes some guts.  Then again, what’s up with the crow?  I honestly do not know which one I feel scared for!  I saw that Bird movie when I was a kid, ans those things can do some damage!

Source: Crowanddog on Rumble

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