18 Pictures of German Shepherd Puppies and 10 German Shepherd Facts!

Puppy Pics

The GSD is so awesome looking! Not to mention, they are strong, agile, and smart. For this reason, they are often used as police and guard K-9s.

Yet, many people are afraid of them. To ease your fear, we have gathered some pictures of German shepherd puppies. We also have 10 German shepherd facts to paint a complete picture of this dog.

GSD Puppy with head up laying in the grass From: [email protected]

10 German Shepherd Facts

  1. What does GSD mean?

    GSD is stands for German Shepherd Dogs. The GSD is one of the few breeds that their official name has the word “dog” in it. Back in the day, the GSD use to work for actual shepherds in Germany. The human shepherds were actually the ones called German Shepherds. As a result, they added the word dog to the GSD to avoid confusion.

    German Shepherd puppy on his side in the grassThe Source: [email protected]

  2. The Shepherd Dog?

    During a few points in history the world wasn’t too happy with Germany. The first time was during WWI, in 1917. This caused the US and the UK to change the breed’s name.

    The US AKC renamed the dog to Shepherd Dog. The UK renamed it to Alsatian Wolf Dog. The GSD regained its name in 1931, after the world chilled out with Germany for 16 years. In hindsight, that might have been a little premature.

    German Shepherd puppy staring at a chew toy inside on the floorFrom: [email protected]

  3. The 2nd most popular dog breed in AKC registration!

    According to the AKC, The GSD has been hanging out in the 2nd position for the last few years. This position is right behind the Labrador Retriever.

    If you want to see the rest of the list then be sure to read, Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds!  This information is for Dogs in the United States.

    German Shepherd Puppy sitting in the grassFrom: [email protected]

  4. Popularity Spike

    During WWI, the US Military in Europe saw firsthand these dogs in action. As a result, several service men returned to the home with the dog. This caused an immediate popularity with the breed.

    German Shepherd puppy giving an awesome pose for the cameraCourtesy: [email protected]

  5. 3rd smartest Dog

    Stanley Coren, PhD is the author of The Intelligence of Dogs. In his book, he ranks breeds according to their smarts. The GSD is the third smartest dog among all the breeds. This is right under the Border collie and the Poodle. His research shows that GSDs are in the top tier of breeds. They can learn a new command in under 5 repetitions and remember it 95% of time. I know a lot of people that can’t even do that.

    German Shepherd Pup sitting on the floor Source: [email protected]

  6.  The Nose Knows!

    This dog has one of the best noses in the Dog world.  Through different sources the GSD is in the top 5 of the world’s best sniffers.  Because of the long nose, a GSD has 225 million smell receptors.  Stanley Coren PhD, wrote an interesting article in Psychology Today.  Do some dog breeds have better noses and scent discrimination than others? This is a great trait for a police dog.

    German Shepherd puppy on a wood floorSource: [email protected]

  7. First Service Dog

    In 1927, Dorothy Eustis wrote an article for the Saturday Evening Post. This article was about a training program in Switzerland. This program was helping WWI German blinded veterans. She was helping these veterans by using German Shepherds as guide dogs.

    Morris Frank was a young man in Tennessee who lost his vision when he was 16. Morris read Eustis’ article and immediately reached out to her. Eustis extended an invitation to Morris. Seven months later, Morris completed his training in Switzerland. His new best friend was Buddy, his new Seeing Eye dog.

    In New York City on June 11, 1928, Frank and Buddy make their American debut. In front of several reporters, the two showcased their abilities. Seven months later Dorothy and Morris started The Seeing Eye program. This became the first Guide Dog program in the US.

    I recommend that you visit The Seeing Eye, to learn more about this organization. Also, below is a short video about their co-founder Morris Frank.

  8. The Bionic Dog

    The Bionic Woman Jamie Summers was the proud dog mom of Max.  Max was not only a Bionic Dog, but a German Shepherd.

  9. Loyalty

    Captain, an Argentina GSD, was the ultimate loyal dog. In 2006, Captain’s owner, Miguel Guzman, died and is buried in Argentina. After the funeral, the family noticed that the dog was gone.

    They later found him at cemetery at Guzman’s headstone. They kept taking him home. But Captain would keep returning to the cemetery. The family gave up and Captain stayed at the cemetery.

    Captain remained there for over ten years until he died at age 15. During the ten years, nobody figured out how Captain found the cemetery and the exact grave.

  10. Star Power

    2 out of the 3 dogs on the Hollywood walk of fame are German Shepherds.  Strongheart was one of the first dog movie stars.  He starred in 6 movies from 1921-1927.  Rin-Tin-Tin is the second GSD to have a star.  Rin-Tin-Tin stared in 27 movies from 1922-1931.  The last star belongs to some collie.

More German Shepherd Puppies

This GSD puppy will definitely be a huge dog!

German Shepherd Puppy in the grassFrom: [email protected]

Of course, who would ever be afraid of a GSD Puppy head tilt?

German Shepherd puppy with a classic head tiltSource: [email protected]

German Shepherd puppy in the back seat of a car

The Source: [email protected]

German Shepherd puppy in afield of grass with some flowersSource: [email protected]

German Shepherd puppy outside with pink collarThe Source: [email protected]

German Shepherd puppy on the grass with an emoji covering his little boy partsFrom: [email protected]

Baby German Shepherds are specifically known as chewing destroyers.

German Shepherd puppy eating a shoe on a wood deckSource: [email protected]

German Shepherd puppy on the pavement with a red heart on his collarFrom: [email protected]

German Shepherd puppy laying on the ground with a head tiltCourtesy: [email protected]

German Shepherd puppy sitting between a chair and table From: [email protected]

GSD Puppy laying on the ground Courtesy: [email protected]

German Shepherd Puppy Video

Here is a funny German Shepherd Puppy Video documenting the great beast being introduced to a phone’s ringtone.  Just wait until they introduce the doorbell, microwave and smoke alarm!  I know the gadget in their hand might confuse some of you, but it is a cordless landline phone.  It was technological wonder back in the day.  It enabled us to actually leave the kitchen when we were talking on the phone.

Source: rington on Rumble

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