2021 Father’s Day Gift Guide for a Dog Dad!

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This Dog Dad Gift Guide works for every occasion.  If a birthday, Christmas, or Father’s Day is coming up, you better remember all the pops in your life.  Especially remember the Dog Dad!  I don’t know about you but buying gifts for my Dad is a pain!  I never know what to buy him.  And I usually see everything that I have ever given him shoved in a corner in the basement.

If you have experienced the same frustration then we have you covered.  We have put together the best list of Father’s Day Gift Ideas for a Dog Dad. We found K-9 books, shirts, funny junk, and unique gifts.

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dog Dads: Books

Most Dads love to read.  The others like funny pictures.  The following books are ideal for both breeds of dads.

Underwater Dogs 

This is one cool book!  It is filled with great pictures of canines that are underwater.  A word of warning!  Don’t look through it.  If you do, you might just keep it.

Unerwater Dogs book

Peanut Butter Dogs

This book is hard to put down.  Most of these canines are rescues and photographed with perfection.  However, there is a side effect of this book.  Your Dad might try this on his pooch.  Which could be funny or it might get your Mom mad at you.

Peanut Butter Dogs Book


This book is awesome!  The photography will blow you away.  Also, the looks on their face as they try to catch a treat is hysterical.

Treat Dog Book


This K-9 book is hysterical and the photographer is incredible.  61 pooches are captured in mid-shake!  Check out some of the photographs, they are nuts.

Shake dog book

The Dogist: Photographic Encounters with 1,000 Dogs 

This book has it all!  1000 pooches perfectly photographed and their spirit captured for your father’s enjoyment.  He will run the gambit of emotions with this book.

the dogist book

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dog Dads: Funny Stuff

Dogs Welcome People Tolerated;  Funny Sign

If your Dad does tolerate people, this might make a great present.

dog sign

Beer Pilsner

beer pilsner for a dog dad

Dog Treadmill

Hey, canines need exercise too.  Sure it’s kinda wacky, but what dad wouldn’t love this.  Plus, a tired dog is a chilled dog.  Every dog dad loves a chilled dog.

dog treadmill

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dog Dads: Cool Stuff

Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, Full HD Wifi Pet Camera and 2-Way Audio

When you are busy at work, are there times you need to see and talk to your bestie?  With the Furbo, you can!  This device has 2-way sound and 1 way video.  If this device hears, you pooch barking, you can get an alert sent to your phone.  It will even let you give them treats!

FUrbo system

Echo Dot (4th Generation) – Smart speaker with Alexa 

What does the echo dot have to do with pooches?  Nothing really, but where there is a will there is a way.  I have literally spent hours playing with my Lab and the dot.  There is nothing funnier than having Alexa bark like a mutt, meow like a cat, or sound like a dolphin.  While your pooch runs from room to room in search of the offending animal.

echo dot

West Paw Zogoflex Zisc Dog Frisbee

We love this flexible Frisbee.  Have you ever sliced your hand on a chewed up Frisbee?  You don’t have to worry about that with this thing.  It’s great for pooches that are just starting out catching discs.

Dog Gifts West Paw

Coolrunner Pet Treat Launcher Training dog food catapult

This is a fun canine gift and can keep your dad and his pooch occupied for a while.  Load it up with hard treats, push the button and let them fly!  It can also be used in training your dog.

treat launcher

West Paw Zogoflex Hurley Durable Dog Bone Chew Toy 

It says chew toy, but I use it for fetch.  The coolest thing about this bone is the crazy hop it gets when it lands.

hurlry bone

Chuckit! Classic 26M Launcher 

This is one of the most perfect Dog Gifts I ever received (I mean my Lab ever received).  No more shoulder pain after going to the dog park.  No more picking up nasty spit soaked tennis balls.  The best part, the ball goes a whole lot farther.  Also, your wonder-mutt tires out a whole lot quicker.  Warning.  The ball that comes with the Chuckit is horrible.  The last one I got lasted 20 minutes.  Just be sure to get the one that fits tennis balls, and you will be good to go.

chuck it ball tosser

The ORIGINAL ‘Did You Feed the Dog? (v. 4.0)

There is nothing more annoying than forgetting to feed the machine. Except feeding them twice.
did you feed the dog

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dog Dads: Shirts

Dog and Pup Town have our own line of dog shirts listed on Etsy!  Our goal is to get as many breeds as possible!  Here are a few of our lines, if you see something that you like, then head over to Etsy to see if we have your breed!

I’m Only Talking to my…

These are fun shirts to wear.  We have over 100 breeds, including mixed breeds.  Click the link to go to our Etsy Store!

border collie shirt

I like my…

When you wear this line, be prepared to be questioned!  “Am I one of the three?”  Over 100 cross breeds and pure breeds!

golden retriever shirt

Best Dog Dad Ever

These shirts are flying off the shelves!  We have over 30 different breeds for this popular dog dad shirt!  Click the picture, to go to this section on our Etsy Store.

Best Black Lab Dad Ever shirt

I just want to Drink Beer and Pet my…

Sounds like every dog dad in the world!

I just want to drink beer dog shirt

If you want to see some of the breeds we have, then head over to our Dog Shirt Page.  We are constantly updating it, so some of our shirts might not be on our site.  To see the update, be sure to check out Barking Laughs Etsy Store.

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