2021 Dog Mom Gifts for Mother’s Day and Dog Mom’s Day!

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When is National Dog Mom’s Day 2021?

National Dog Mom’s Day is on Saturday, May 8, 2021!

National Dog Mom’s Day is usually on the Saturday before Mother’s day.  Mother’s day is May 09, 2021.  

Why should only Mom’s that have human kids have all the fun!  Dog Moms deserve love and gifts, too!  

Even if you missed National Dog Mom day.  It doesn’t matter what time of year it is.  You know there is a Dog Mom out there that needs a unique gift.  It could be Mother’s Day, Christmas, or their Birthday, and you need ideas.  We have compiled the ultimate list of Gift Ideas for a Dog Mom. We found books, shirts, home stuff and unique gifts.

If you are a Dog Mom or a Dog Lover, then you’ll understand the thought involved in these presents. If you aren’t a Dog Lover, trust us, WE ARE.  The Dog Mama in your life will surely appreciate these gifts!

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Dog Mom Gifts: Books

You can never go wrong with giving a pooch mama a book.  These books are great.  They are not a one and done story.  They can read several time over.  Plus the picture books can also be used for a pick me up.

Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul: Stories of Canine Companionship, Comedy and Courage

The Chicken Soup brand of books has been around for a while.  This one is obviously centered on canines.

book chicken soup for the dog lover's soul

Doggy Desserts: 125 Homemade Treats for Happy, Healthy Dogs (CompanionHouse Books) Easy & Nutritious Canine-Friendly Recipes for Cookies, Bars, Biscotti, Biscuits, Cakes, Muffins, and Frozen Desserts

Everyone loves desserts and dogs are not any different.

dog dessert book

Dog Lover: Adult Coloring Book

This is perfect the stressed out pooch parent.  Believe it or not, this is relaxing.  Remember the crayons!

dog lover coloring book

The Dharma of Dogs: Our Best Friends as Spiritual Teachers

I haven’t personally read this book.  However the reviews are pretty solid.

the dharma of dogs book

The Dog Encyclopedia: The Definitive Visual Guide

If your Pooch Mama loves knowledge and canines, this book will work!  It will take them years to get through this one.  Plus they will win anytime their pooch smarts are questioned.

book dog encyclopedia

Peanut Butter Dogs

This is one of those books that will put a smile on her face.  Peanut butter, a pooch and a camera equals gold!

peanut butter dogs a book

Lick Dogs 

Canines and tongues, what else do you need?

book cover for Lick Dogs

This is another awesome picture book!  The look of focus is great!

Treat book


Dog Mom Gifts: Home Stuff

ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum

It’s always dangerous giving a mom a vacuum on Mother Day.  But, in fact you are giving her the gift of true laziness.  No, really, I’d love to have this robot vacuum thingamajig, so I don’t have to do the work myself.  This thing comes with pooch hair technology.  It focuses on sucking up dirt and hair.  It works on rugs and hardwoods.

robo vacuum

Don’t Worry About The Dog Beware of The Owner Wood Sign

This sign would be perfect to warning to hang on the front door.

dog owner sign

Dog Shower Curtain

Spice up her bathroom and put a smile on her face at the same time.

dog shower curtain
Wipe Your Paws Doormat

Tell solicitors that there is a beast inside.  Plus, everyone needs a doormat.  Win! Win!

Wipe your paws doormat

Lucky Lab Wine Bottle Holder by Foster and Rye

How cool would this be in any dog mama’s house?  They have more breeds to choose from!   Check out some are these wine holders?

Labrador wine holder

Best Dog Mom Ever Coffee Mug

Everyone can use a mug.  Sometimes keeping it simple is always a winner.

dog mom mug

If The Dog Is Home Funny Wine Glass

I knew my logic wasn’t flawed!

dog themed wine glass


Mug and Glass Holder or Just a cool thing to hang on the Wall!

Unique Dog Mom Gifts

The Best Dog Selfies! Pooch Selfie: The Original Dog Selfie Stick

What Canine Mama doesn’t love selfies with there pooch?  This gadget might just help them score an influencer deal!

pooch selfie gadget

Best Dog Mom Ever Cotton Canvas Tote

Practical, convenient and a little boastful, this would make a great gift!

dog mom tote bag

Furbo Dog Camera

Gift the gift of communication and safety.  Let them see and chat with their dog when they aren’t home.  They can also feed them.  Plus it has real time alerts, for any unusual activity.

ibiyaya 5 in 1 Pet Carrier + Backpack + CarSeat + Pet Carrier Stroller + Carriers with Wheels for Dogs

Sure this is kind of wacked, but I’ve seen people actual use these things.  If they have a small pooch, this might be the greatest thing you can give her.

travel pack for pets

Dog Mom Gifts: Clothes

5 Pairs Women’s Fun Dog Socks

Everyone needs socks!

dog socks

Unisex Adult Animal Paw Crew Socks

These things freak me out!  But if your dog mama has a funny bone, she’ll love these.

wacky dog socks

Waldeal Women’s Embroidered Adjustable Denim Baseball Cap

These hats makes awesome Dog Mom Gifts!  There are several colors to choose from!

dog mom hat

Dog Mom Shirts

Check out our ultimate Dog Shirt collection.  We have over 175 different breeds and mix breeds.  If you are looking for a totally unexpected Dog Mom Gift, these shirts will do the trick.  

It’s easy to find a Labrador, German Shepherd or Corgi Mom shirt, but what about the other 100 breeds of dogs out there.  That is why we are constantly updated our breed selection and our Dog Shirt collection.

If you click on any picture you will go to our main dog shirt page.  There you can see if we carry your breed.  If we don’t, shoot us an email and we’ll see what we can do!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for a Dog Mom
Golden Retriever for Dog mom gifts
Sunset silhouette with a dog mom and her dog.
German Shepherd puppy picture for 2019 Dog Mom Gift Guide For Mother's Day
German Shepherd and Flower picture for 2019 Dog Mom Gift Guide For Mother's Day

lab mom shirt

bichon mom shirt

bernese mountain dog mom shirt

cane corso mom shirt

husky mom shirt

corgi mom shirt

Rottweiler mom shirt

mutt mom shirt

pit bull mom shirt

golden retriever mom shirt

german shepherd mom shirt

yellow labrador mom shirt

I hope that you found the perfect gift.  Every dog momma deserves a special gift!