The Best Gifts for Dog Lovers Buying Guide | 2020

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Are you having trouble trying to find the perfect gifts for Dog Lovers on your list?  Is that someone a pooch person?  Are you out of gift ideas? 

If so, then you are in luck!  We have created the ultimate guide of some sweet presents! 

Buying a present for our kind is not easy.  Do you buy it for the person?  Do you buy it for the canine?  What if they already have it?  Will they even like it?  As you can see, there are many questions involved here.

Then you need to factor in the time needed to answer those questions.  How many hours will be wasted in your search?   If you’re like me, too many hours. 

Then what about the moment they open the gift?  Are you tired of trying to read them?  Trying to figure out if they actually like the gift is hard.  In addition, you don’t want the rap of being that useless gift giver. 

If you do not want to disappoint the pooch owners in your life, then follow our guide.  As a bonus, you will not waste any time or money.  You should be done in a few minutes.  So get ready to cross off some names off your gift list!  And prepare to be the gift giving hero and not the zero this year.

Yellow Lab in Santa Hat presenting a holiday gift

Disclosure:  Some of the links in this post are affiliate links.  There is no additional cost to you.  Dog and Pup Town will earn a small commission if you choose to make a purchase.   Thanks and Have a great Holiday!

thumbs up dog cartoon Santa hat

Dog and Pup Town 2020 Christmas Buying Guide of the Best Gifts for Dog Lovers!

The Dog Encyclopedia

Dog encyclopedia book for gifts for dog lovers

This book is the ultimate canine reference.  It has over 400 breeds.  Each breed has photos, traits and origins.  The book is packed with all things canine!  Whoever receives this present will become an expert in all things canine.

Wine Bottle Holder

This a pretty sweet wine bottle holder.  They have more than just a black lab.  There are more breeds available.  For example, they have a corgi, a frenchie, a pug and more.

Black Lab wine bottle holder


Dog Opoly game

Of course, this is Monopoly with a pooch slant!  Instead of properties there are different breeds.   Then the on the flip side, there are facts about that breed.  I think any pup lover would love to have this game. 

WOPET SmartFeeder

This automatic feeder has everything.  You can program it to a special time or you can activate it from your smart phone.  It also has audio and video, so you can see and talk to your buddy.  

Automatic feeder is one of the best gifts for dog lovers

Embark DNA Test

Dog DNA Kit Dog lover gift

Embark’s K-9 DNA test is the most accurate available. They use over 200,000 genetic markers to discover your pup’s family tree.  They also run over 175 health and trait tests on your pup.  This will alert you to any potential issues.

Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

Did you know that ugly is in fashion?  Who would have guessed?  This is a sweatshirt instead of a sweater.  Which is a good thing, because a lot of people I know hate sweaters.  

ugly sweatshirt

Noxgear LightHound – Illuminated and Reflective Harness

led dog harness

Safety is always a great gift.  Give it with this lighted Harness.  It has Multiple LEDs.  It is USB Rechargeable, so no batteries.  The harness is also adjustable, and lightweight. 

This harness is pretty slick!  It has 8 colors and six different flash settings.  

Bake-A-Bone The Original Treat Maker

This is an awesome gift for the healthy pooch parent in your life.  It really is a crap shoot, when you give your pooch a treat.  Not only do you have to worry about the ingredients, but you have to worry about were it was made.  The only way to solve this is to make our own treats.   

Let’s Go Fido, Walking and Travel Accessories Bag

dog bag

This is the perfect pooch pouch.  It can be used as a cross body bag or a fanny pack.  You can insure that you have everything for a short walk or a long haul.  It includes a water bowl and a water bottle.

Reflective Vest

Give the gift of safety this holiday season.  This reflective vest will make the pooch walkers visible to passing cars.  The vest has three different colors, yellow, pink and orange.

pink reflective vest

Furbo Dog Camera


The Furbo Camera is an interactive camera that lets pooch parents see, talk and TOSS TREATS to their furkids remotely.

It has two-way audio and treats dispensing capabilities.  It also has video, but it’s 1 way. You will receive bark alerts to your phone if barking is detected  This also works with Alexa.

This thing is seriously addicting.  

Are you tired of seeing run of the mill dog shirts?  We were, so we created our own.  These unique dog t-shirts make an awesome gift.

best lab dad shirt

We created several different designs.  Some are even unique to the pooch.  Each shirt comes in five different colors.  There are also different kinds of mom and dad shirts for several breeds.  Be sure to see if we have your breed.

I'm only talking to my yorkipoo shirt

When you give this shirt, you will be their gift-giving expert.  Of course, it’s OK for you to grab a couple for yourself.  

Cali the yellow lab in a Santa Clause hat wearing a Barking Laughs Paw shirt
lab mama shirt and best german shepherd shirt
border collie dad shirt
gerberian shepsky mom shirt

ILIFE V8s Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop Combo

robo vac

I hate trying to get up pooch hair!  This Vacuum self-operates and comes with pet hair care technology.   It has a focus on picking up hairs, dirt, and debris.  It’s also great for hardwood or low pile carpet.

Funny Pooch Garden Gnome

This is one funny statue!  Be sure to look at the paws closely before you buy it.  This mediating pooch seems to be flicking off the world.  

URPOWER Seat Cover

car seat cover

Vacuuming a car is worse than trying to vacuum your home.  One way to avoid the hair issue is to avoid the problem.  This backseat hammock does the trick.  It also protects your car seats from scratches and dirt.  

Deluxe Gift Box Basket

When all else fails, just send a gift basket.  This comes with 4 grain free and gluten free snacks.  It also comes with 5 different toys.  If time is more important than cash, this is the way to go.

dog gift basket for dog owner


Labrador Art

gift for a pitbull owner

dog lover gift for a Beagle Owner

Petart has these awesome pooch prints for every breed.  The art is filled with unique traits of that breed.  Also, you can have the canine’s name added for a personalized touch.  I choose to show only a few of the prints.  However, these are not the only breeds over there.

smiling dog cartoon Santa hat

SpotBot Pet hands free Spot and Stain Cleaner

spot cleaner for dogs

This cleaner would make an awesome gift for the K-9 lover on your list.  Hey, stains happen!  It’s a fact of life with any pet or kid.  The cool thing about this cleaner is that you can use the wand.  The wand lets you clean hard to reach places.  So, you can use it on furniture or in cars.

You also, don’t need to clean the entire rug.  If there is a muddy paw print in the middle of the floor, just use this thing in minutes.

Angela Bond Art

Labrador painting

Dog Painting

Dog Art

Art is always a cool gift.  The collection by Angela Bond is awesome.  These pop art prints for available for many breeds.  Some of the prints are signed and numbered.  This might impress your canine lover on your list. 

You can also get the prints on mugs and coasters.  I saw a cool mug I wouldn’t mind having. I’m only showing a few of the prints here.  There are seriously several at the below link.

Pet House Candle

pet candle

Anyone could use this good practical gift.  These candles come in over 20 different scents.  The good thing about these candles is that they are pooch friendly.  This means that they do not contain dyes or paraffin that taints the air. 

It doesn’t mean that you can leave it around the K-9.  They are also made in the US, so they are serious about using safe ingredients.

Tipsy Elves Women’s Feliz Navidog Ugly Christmas Sweater

Tipsy Elves, the ugly sweater company, has this cool sweater for Pooch People.  This is a women’s ugly Christmas Sweater with “Feliz Navidog” on the front.

Tipsy Elves Ugly Christmas Sweater for a Dog Mom


Whistle dog trackersmiling dog cartoon Santa hat

Whistle Go Explore is a 24/7 health monitor for your canine.  It checks and reports daily activity.  Also, it monitors the sleep quality of your pooch.  With this information you can make better decisions about food, exercise and sleep.   

I can tell you right now, your pooch probably isn’t getting enough exercise.  The recommended daily activity is pretty crazy.  I was shocked when I learned about it. 

The funny thing is that some of the stuff in this guide will actually help with activity.

Doo Doo Tube Filled Dog Waste Bag Holder

It is kind of a pain, carrying around empty or full poop bags when you are on a walk.  The Turdlebag solves this issue.  You can also attach this to the leash or a backpack.

ibiyaya Multifunction Pet Carrier

travel for dogs

This is a 5 in 1 pet carrier.  It can be used as a carrier, car seat, backpack, a rolling carrier and a stroller.   If you know, a person that would enjoy pushing their pooch around, this might be ideal.

Interactive Food Puzzle Toy

This is a gift that will make a pooch happy.  Which in turn makes their owner happy.  This puzzle, will keep their pooch occupied and fed.

dog cartoon Santa hat


bissell barkbath

I wished they made these things for humans.  Giving pooches a bath is a pain.  If you use the bathtub, you usually have to clean the bathroom after.  Not with this thing.  You can use it in any room in the house.

It sprays a no rinse shampoo beneath the fur.  It then sucks them dry.  It does sound like a vacuum, so a little training might be needed.  I know this isn’t a great explanation, but you can learn more at the link below.

HAPEE Canine Raincoats

My Lab ironically hate the rain.  It is such an ordeal to get her to use the bathroom on a rainy day.  This pooch raincoat helps with that issue.  Plus, I don’t have to waste a clean towel drying her off.  Not to mention the smell of a wet pup is avoided.  This coat comes in 4 different colors and 4 different sizes.

dog raincoat

FriendshipCollar and Matching Bracelet Set

matching collar and bracelet

This would be a great gift for the K-9 lover on your list.  They have several different looks to choose from.  Imagine the look on their face when they get a cool looking collar with a matching bracelet.  Some also have matching leashes.   

Best Dog Lover Coffee Lover

This is a cool gift with canine inspired coffee flavors.  The sampler pack comes with 8 different flavors.  Each package makes an 8-10 cup pot of coffee.  So if you know someone that loves canines and coffee, this would be the choice.

dog coffee sampler

iFetch Too Interactive Ball Launcher

iFetch ball launcher

Who wouldn’t love this gift?  The pooch drops the ball in and the launcher shoots it out.  Hopefully the pooch will fetch it.  Then they drop it back in and the whole thing starts over.  

There are two different sizes for this, so make sure you get the right size.  Check out this video.

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Labrador holding Chuckit in their mouth

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Yellow Labrador with Christmas Presents

We hope that you can cross some people off your list now. On the other hand, If you want some of these presents, then be sure to share this list with whoever is buying you a gift this year.  The easiest way is to pin it on Pinterest.  Or you can share the whole post on Facebook.

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