30+ Gifts for Dog Owners for Under 20 Bucks!

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You lucky human, you have found the ultimate list of Christmas Gifts for Dog Owners.  Holiday shopping can sometimes be a pain.  First, you have to make a list of everyone that will get a gift.  Then you have to figure out what to buy.  Of course paying for it comes in last.

Think about all the time that you have spent surfing the net trying to find a good gift.  On the other hand, what about the money wasted on a gift that probably wasn’t even used?   I hate when I give someone a gift.  Then get that “It’s the thought that counts” look.  Buying someone a dud is not fun.

If you have any canine owners on your list, you could be done if a matter of minutes.

This guide has looked at all the options and has over 30 great gifts.  You will no longer need to surf the net for hours.  What are you going to do with all that time you can save?

Don’t worry about buying a dud.  The pooch people in your life will love these presents.  Be prepared to be labeled the best gift giver ever!

Of course, I saved the best for last!  All the items in this gift guide are under twenty dollars.

By using this guide, you will save time, money and face.

Santa Lab for Dog Owner Gifts

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Dog and Pup Town’s Annual Gifts for Dog Owners

Hey, remember the mom or dad in your house.  It’s always a great idea to have pooch get them a present.  If you are looking for more stuff to do with your canine, then check out the 33 Best Dog Gifts for a Crazy Cool Canine Christmas!

Dog Fish Art

collie art

gsd art

This is some pretty cool art.  There are several different breeds to choose from.  I suggest that if you like these prints, then you order sooner rather than later.  They seem to run out of the popular ones quick.

LA Shepard Dog Art

gsd art

dog art

yellow lab art

If you are into more realism, then these prints are for you.  They have have 2 different sizes.  The smaller sizes are the prints that are under 20 dollars.  There are several different breeds to choose from in each size.

Just Bagged a Turd Hand Sanitizer- Gag Gift

Sure it’s not the most sentimental gift, but it’s funny.  Not only that it’s cheap!  Cheap for a gift, but not really for a one dollar bottle of sanitizer.

joke dog cleaner

WPFdesign Stainless Steel Aroma Therapy Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace Locket Pendant

paw print diffuser

Have you ever heard of a diffuser?  This pendant holds a piece of felt.  You then place a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil on it.  Then the wearer gets to enjoy the benefits and aroma of the oil. 

If someone needs to chill, you use lavender.   Need to be alert, then drop some peppermint.  There is an oil for everything.

This would be a great pooch lover gift!

K-9 Inspired Signs

GSD cartoon holding a signs sign

If this two signs aren’t in your wheel house, Amazon has plenty.  Choose from several over here!

No Soliciting, PVC Outdoor sign

funny pooch sign

Not only should this sign keeps sales people at bay.  It should be a small warning to any potential crooks.  However, I do not think it will work on politicians.

Funny Pooch Owner Sign

funny dog sign

How many times have you wanted to say this?  Now you don’t have to say anything.  All you have to do is point at the sign.

Canine Wisdom Mug

dog mug

I know mugs are the easiest gift to get for anyone.  But this mug is different.  Not only can they drink from it but they will learn from it.  If they take it to the office it can also teach everyone.  A win-win for everyone!

Canine Doormat

If the sign from above doesn’t work maybe this doormat will.  If it doesn’t and your pooch does jump up, oh well!  You warned them!

Puppy Socks

dog socks for people

Do you remember growing up how someone would always give you socks for Christmas?  That’s when I learned how to lie. 

“Thank you.  I really needed socks.  How did you know?” 

I think they may actually gush over receiving these fun socks!

DogButt: An Off-Color Adult Coloring Book

dog butt coloring book

I know, it’s kind of a wacky gift.  But how many of us know a wacky pooch person?  You know that one person in your pack that will love this gift.

The Pooch Selfie

Does the K-9 lover you’re buying a gift for love to take pics of their pooch?  Are the snapshots any good?  If not, this might be the gift for them. This thing is either the wackest gadget ever invented or the greatest.  You decide.  Be sure to make sure that their phone will work with it.

LED Collar, Available in 7 Colors & 4 Sizes

This awesome collar comes in 7 different colors and 4 different sizes.  They will love it as the collar keeps them and their pooch safe on nightly walks.  In addition, it can stop you from stepping on their pooch at 3 AM.

101 Tricks

101 dog tricks

Give the gift that keeps on giving.  Not only will they learn some cool tricks, but they spend some quality time with their pooch.  Oh, you thought I meant the canine would learn some tricks.  You silly human.

Dean Russo Fleece Throw Blankets

RUsso Blanket
Dog is Love blanket

We love these diverse Officially Licensed Dean Russo artwork fleece throw blankets.  They have a bunch over there with different breeds.  Here a few that we liked. 

All you need is love dog blanket
Pit Blanket
Russo GSD Throw

Book Gifts

dobie holding a book sign

All these books are awesome picture books.  Every pooch person could spend hours flipping through these great books.  I don’t think you could go wrong with any of these.

Peanut Butter Dogs

This is one of those books that’s hard to put down.  Every picture is awesome, and it feels endless in a good way.  Not to mention the 140 lovable pups will steal your heart.

Most of them are rescues and photographed with perfection.

peanut butter dogs


The pics in this book are supper funny!  Quick photography catches the funniest faces of these pooches when food is thrown their way!

treat book


If you want to see funny pics of a pooch in mid-shake, this is the book.  61 canines are captured at the perfect moment.  This book will leave a smile on anyone who gets this as a present.

shake book

Underwater Dogs

To begin with this is a Great Picture book which showcases underwater pictures of canines.  Additionally, this book is perfect for your coffee table.  In fact, be careful if you decide to look through it before you wrap it because you just might keep it for yourself.

underwater dog book

Beer Pilsner

drinking glass for dog lovers

This beer glass would make a great gift.  The saying is a funny and logical assumption.  Better yet, why don’t you get them Canine Beer to actually go with the glass?  I’m not kidding, with this in mind visit Pooch BEER

Stemless Wine Glass

We had the pilsner for the beer drinkers.  So this the glass for the wine drinkers.

cartoon dog running with a gift

dog wine glass

Pearhead Photo Frame

dog frame

Any owner would love this present.  This kit comes with everything you need.  The fram is a wood shadowbox.  The print is made from a clay material.  You don’t have to worry about mixing or baking the clay.  All you do is roll it out.  Then take the impression.  Then let it air dry.

Leash Hangers

I like this one!  Pretty funny and practical.

leash hanger

A more refined hanger than the first.  Plus it has two hooks.

There is nothing worse then not being to find the leash.  These holders remove that frustration for good.  Well, unless you have a certain person that never puts anything away.

Pet Studio Tote Bags

Chihuahua bag

Don't judge my dog bag

Rottweiler bag
pit bull bag
pug bag

Tote bags can really come in handy.  The best part of these Pet Studio Totes is the message on them.  They have 13 different breeds and a catch all.

Original Barking Laughs Paw Shirts

Buying clothes for gifts is tricky.  You have to hope that they like the design.  If they are a pooch person, they will love these unique shirts.

Where ever they go, they will receive major compliments.  Then they will brag about you and what a great gift giver you are.

In the Paws collection, there are 5 different designs.  Each design comes in men’s, women’s and kid’s sizes.  Each cut comes in 5 different colors.

Of course, grab yourself a couple while you’re at it.

Coloring is a great way to chill out and get out of your head.  Why do you think kids are so happy?  Give the gift of meaningless fun to the pooch lover on your list.

dog lover coloring book

2-Pack Food Grade Silicone Paw and Bone Molds With Recipe Booklet

silicone treat

Help the K-9 owner in your life provide healthy treats to their best friend.  This kit comes with FDA approved silicone treat molds.  Processed food isn’t just bad for humans.

Chicken Soup for the Soul

All canine owners will love this book.  Some of the stories are hysterical.  As usual for Chicken Soup books, some stories tug on the heart strings.  

chicken soup dog book

Pooch Accessory Bin

toy bag for dogs

I’m sure the owner in your life is tired of stepping on toys.  This cute gift is the solution.  Plus they will always know where the balls are, beside under the sofa.

Barking Laughs Dog Mom and Dog Dad Shirts

Dog Dad t-shirts

Dog Mom T-shirts

Feed Your Best Friend Better: Easy, Nutritious Meals and Treats

Show them that you care about their 4-legged-buddy with this totally healthy pooch eating book.

Much like human food, canine food is mass produced and processed beyond processing.  Let’s face it, can’t be that healthy.

Texts from Dog 2020 Day-to-Day Calendar

Filled with hysterical “Texts from Dog,” this day-to-day calendar is based on the popular textfromdog.tumblr.com website.

Portable Water Bottle

This is a great little gift.  It’s such a pain when you and your buddy are out and about on a walk, and you know they need some H2O.  This thing does the trick.  It is a portable and filtered water dispenser.  So not only are they getting their water, but it’s also clean!

portable water bottle

Doggy Moodycards!

funny dog pictures for office

There really isn’t much to say about this gift.  You really have to see it, to get it.  There intent is to use them is the office to tell your co-workers your mood for the day.  Each mood has a funny pooch picture.

How does it feel now that you can cross some people off your list?  How much time and money did you save?

Did you see a gift that you would really like to have?  If you did, be sure to share this post with your friends and family.  Think how helpful it would be to share this list of Gifts with your all your friends.

Remember the Pooch!

Hey the Pooch deserves presents too.  If you need any ideas, then check out 33 Best Dog Gifts for a Crazy Cool Canine Christmas.

Labrador holding Chuckit in their mouth

More Gifts For Dog Lovers

yellow lab in a santa hat
If you are not worried about money, then we have another gift guide

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