25 Great Puppy Pictures Equals 25 Reasons to Smile!

Puppy Pics

It’s time to chill with some puppy pictures. Stress is the worst! Life moves too fast! Sometimes you just need to sit back and chill out. That’s one reason I created Dog and Pup Town. I realized long ago what a pup can do to you. Smile!

So, if you are in a mood, sit back and prepare to grin. If you aren’t in a mood, sit back and prepare to grin. It’s almost like puppies are the great equalizer. No matter how you are when you start this post, the end result will be the same.

If you are going to look at one puppy gallery today, this is the one!  It is the mother lode of cuteness.  Once again, I will not be responsible if you go out and buy a pooch.

Puppy Pictures

I bet this little Frenchie gets everything he wants! Could you resist this little guy?  For a little bit of trivia, French Bulldogs can’t swim.

Frenchie puppy staring at the camera for puppy pictures

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Do you think this Australian Cattle Dog is performing a trick?  Or does he just like antagonizing the camera?  Either way he is ready for Tongue Out Tuesday!

Australian Cattle puppy with tongue sticking out

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Even as puppies these canines are huge!  If you need to see a Bernese Pup in action then check out this video!

Bernese mountain dog puppy

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Look at those paws!  This is one good looking English Springer Spaniels.  Did you know that William Wallace of Braveheart fame had one of these pooches?  Merlin MacDonald was his name.  Legend has it that Merlin even helped in some battles.

English Springer Spaniel puppy

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Wow.  Who can be sad looking at this little guy?  I have never seen a baby Rottweiler picture look this adorable!  It’s no wonder that these canines are one of the Top Ten breeds.

Rey the Rottweiler Puppy

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I think that this is our first Samoyed puppy.  Talk about being fluffy.  If you’re having trouble saying the breed name, then use its nicknames.  Sammy, Smiley and Sam are common nicknames for this ancient breed.

Samoyed white puppy

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 Sammy Pup Video

This is a cool video that highlights the first year of Arya.  As can be seen below, she is a Samoyed pup.

Talk about a stare.  This is Chia, from Sweden.  That is one dangerous look!

More Pup Pics

golden retriever puppy staring at the camera for puppy pictures

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Who can resist a baby Beagle? It is no wonder that these small fries are the 6th most popular breed in the US. If you are a Beagle lover, then check out these pups!

beagle puppy on the grass

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Not a care in the world for this Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pup.  These dogs are famous because of King Charles II of England.  He loved these Cavaliers so much that he even made a royal decree for them.   This law made sure that Cavaliers could go into any public place.   Because of this decree, the Cavalier was even allowed in Parliament, which had a no animal policy.

Cub the Cavalier puppy

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This Miniature Long haired Dachshund should enter a pooch posing contest!

Miniature Long haired dachshund puppy

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Here is Dachshund from Germany, Sammy.

Adorable puppy picture

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How do you like this smile from Milo?  Milo is a Corgi pup.  Did you know the word Corgi is Welsh?  It means Dwarf Dog.

picture of a corgi puppy

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This Black German shepherd is so cute!  I love the floppy ears on a GDG pup!  This guy is going to be so awesome looking when he is full grown.   This popular pooch is not only cool looking but smart.  Want to read more about GSDs?  Then check out some more pups and dogs!

Black German Shepherd puppy

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Somehow a Lab always sneaks into my puppy posts.

Yellow Lab Puppy on a bed

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This Aussie Pup is awesome! Even his name, Dude, is awesome and fitting. Look at that grin!

Dude the Blue Merle, Australian Shepherd puppy smiling for puppy pictures

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Do you want a close up on that smile?

Dude the Blue Merle Australian Shepherd puppy with a great expression

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I know another Aussie. But can you blame me. Look at those eyes! Do you want to see one of these Aussie pups in action? Then check out this puppy video.

Awesome puppy picture of Rooster the Aussie

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Mixed Little Pups

As can be seen below.  Cross breed pups are just as cool as pure breeds.  I would love to have a K-9 that had a mix.  However, my issue would be narrowing down the two breeds I would want.

Meet Louie a rescue from San Diego. I think he has the smiling trick down. Check this out, if you want to see more smiling dogs.

puppy picture of louie the rescue dog

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These guys are awesome looking!  I think that this mix has some lab, pit, Boxer, Coon Hound and Staffy in it.  Check this out if you want to see some more blue-eyed dogs.

blue and brown eyed puppies on a sofa

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Tobias is a rescue from Houston.  Obviously, Tobias is a bit of a mix.  They were told there’s some Border Collie and some Pit flowing through his veins.  If you love rescues, then check out these rescue pictures.

Tobias the mutt puppy picture

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I have a strange felling that this one can read my mind.  In fact those eyes are digging into my soul.

closeup of puppy eyes

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What do you get when you mix a Husky and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier? River the cool looking Stafsky! I think I like Huffy a little bit better.

Staffy and Husky mixed puppy

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This little guy is another rescue.  Seriously has the puppy eyes down to a science.

cute puppy staring at the camera

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Meet little Luna, a Springer and a Cocker cross.   This kind of mix is known as a Sprocker.

Luna the Springer and Cocker Spaniel mix puppy

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For some strange reason I want this little guy to bite my finger.

smiling puppy laying in the grass smiling

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Meet Mila!  She is a Husky mixed with Golden Retriever!  This puppy is so cool looking.  I can’t wait to see what she looks like when she’s grown.  Obviously, a Husky and a Golden Mix is an awesome combo.  I think we need to create a special name for this combo.  What about Golden Husky?  How about Husky Retriever?  Or better yet, Huskytriever?  If you want to learn more about both of these cool breeds.   Then check out Husky Pups and Golden Pups.

husky and golden retriever puppy mix

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If you need more smiles, we have more puppies!

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