Guilty Dogs Funny Shaming Pictures! Get Your Laugh On!

Dog Shaming Pictures

There is nothing funnier than guilty dogs funny shaming pictures.  Some of these pictures are crazy!  A few had me laughing out loud.  But a couple had me gagging.  Regardless, if you are going to look at one dog shaming post today, this has to be the one!

Guilty Dogs

Mom had to make the neighbor apology cookies because I escaped off the porch.  Had the audacity to bark at them in their garage.  While playing keep-away from her!

I like to try to herd all of my new friends at doggie daycare.  They really don’t like it, but I won’t stop!

When I first read this one, I missed the up part.  That small little word makes all the difference.

I spit up on my dad’s face.  I’m sorry.

I ate all the birthday cupcakes and then the cat food.

I ate the TV remote.

I destroyed my sister’s toys and I’m not sorry.

I ate my mom’s Macbook charger.

I love the look on this pooches face!  There is almost a sense of pride!

I toot into the fan, by accident.

I eat chicken poop and think it’s delicious.

I made your undies obscene.

I chased the cat into my mum’s room.  Locked myself inside, thrashed her bedroom, shat on her clothes and smooshed it into the carpet.  My mum then vomited whilst cleaning it up.

I rolled in poop this morning!  I got a cold hose bath! Dog Shame!

I ate my best friend’s dinner.

Emmitt get the shaming business for chasing ducks.  He didn’t only chase them on land.  He jumped in the water and chased them for a while.

I thought the vacuum was mad at me so I peed the bed, again.

There is nothing worse than getting to an end of a puzzle and finding out that a piece is missing.  Just imagine finding it outside in a pile of poop.  Would you still use the piece to complete the puzzle?

Yesterday, I ate the last puzzle piece.  Today Mom Found it.

I chewed up my dad’s Happy Birthday decorations.  Happy Birthday Dad!

Mom and Dad went back to work today.  So, I decided to get on the furniture.  I found the recline button.

I eat Maxi Pads from the trash.

I rolled in raccoon poop and came inside and woke mommy up covered in it.  She had to give me a bath in her PJs!

I like to poop in the shower!

I pee’d on dad’s winning birds because they got a pretty ribbon and I didn’t.

I stole half of mom’s gluten free grilled cheese sandwich! 

Canine Construction

Did some demo so dad has a house project.

Wow!  This is a nightmare!  Glad they turned this tragedy into a small piece of humor.

I ate the wall!  It was better than all my chew toys!

The vacuum is scary so I crashed into a bucket of paint.

Get More Shaming!

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