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We have updated our dog costumes for Halloween of 2019!  So, what’s your pooch going to be this year?  Have you found the perfect get-up yet? It’s almost upon us!  Not really, we have a little bit to go.  However, it’s definitely time to start thinking of getting an outfit for your pooch.

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Why be melancholy, when you can be a pumpkinlab?

Cali, the yellow Labrador with pumpkin on head

Someone loves Halloween!

I love Halloween so much.  I’m sure you didn’t pick up the sarcastic tone in that last sentence.  Don’t get me wrong, I love having strangers threaten me if I don’t give them candy. 

It’s them knocking on my door.  If you have a door barker like mine.  The door knocking is muted by the overwhelming barking.

This year I have the solution!  Join in the madness.  It’s time to dress up the pooch.


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Dog Halloween Costumes

The choices this year are overwhelming!  There are some great ideas out there.

Some of these get-ups are nuts!  I cannot believe the selection that pups have.  When I was a kid, my choices were limited to Kmart’s inventory.  And you could bet whichever one I got had an awesome cheap plastic mask.  Man, I’m really starting to sound like my grandpa.  I’ll stop reminiscing.

In my search, I have assembled some great ideas.  I have even tried to find out where you can get them.  Additionally, I have some examples of these styles in action.  These examples come from Instagram.  So, be sure to check out their profiles for some more cool K-9 pics.

With that being said, be sure to read the reviews.  Most canine get-ups are a one and done item.  Also, be sure to read the size specs, and how to measure for a good fit.

Hopefully this post will give you some direction.  So, stop slacking and get that perfect Halloween outfit today!

Harry Potter Dog Costumes

Is this Harry Potter or Hairy Pawter?  Either way, this is a pretty cool getup.

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t sell one Harry Potter canine getup.   But we were able to find some of the items separately.

  1. The Glasses and Tie
  2. The Scarf
  3. A Hooded Cape

We ordered these items, and the results are below.  They did not disappoint.

Having both the tie and the scarf is overkill.  So, you just need to pick one or the other.  My daughter loved the look so much, so she stole part of this for her Halloween. 

As a tip, you might want to get some pipe cleaners to secure the glasses.  Also, a makeup drawn lightning bolt would complete the look.

Meet Hairy Pawter!

Labwarts School of Retrieving

The UPS dog with a special delivery for Halloween Costumes for dogs. Funny Dog picture of a K-9 rocking the UPS Halloween Dog Costume.
Dog Dressed up for Halloween in the Yoda dog Halloween costume.
two funny dogs rocking a pirate dog costume.
Funny Dog Picture of a smiling yellow Labrador with a pumpkin on their head
Labtain America, Yellow Labrador Retriever dressed up like Captain America
Labrador Retriever dressed up in a Halloween Dog Costumes from Labwarts a spoof from Harry Potter
Gryffindog Labrador Retriever dressed up in a Halloween Dog Costume from Labwarts a spoof from Harry Potter
HufflePooch Labrador Retriever dressed up in a Halloween Dog Costume from Labwarts a spoof from Harry Potter
Ravenpaw Labrador Retriever dressed up in a Halloween Dog Costume from Labwarts a spoof from Harry Potter
Slobbering House Labrador Retriever dressed up in a Halloween Dog Costume from Labwarts a spoof from Harry Potter
Yellow Labrador dressed up in Harry Potter and Hogwarts Halloween dog costumes

I might have went a little overboard on the Harry theme.  I found the following Harry Potter package of ties and I could not resist.

4 hogwarts ties
Luckily Cali is a good sport.  

Labrador Retriever dressed up in a Halloween Dog Costume from Labwarts a spoof from Harry Potter

Gryffindog House Labrador Retriever dressed up in a Halloween Dog Costume from Labwarts a spoof from Harry Potter

Hufflepooch Labrador Retriever dressed up in a Halloween Dog Costume from Labwarts a spoof from Harry Potter

Slobbering House Labrador Retriever dressed up in a Halloween Dog Costume from Labwarts a spoof from Harry Potter

Ravenpaw Labrador Retriever dressed up in a Halloween Dog Costume from Labwarts a spoof from Harry Potter

Lion Mane for Dogs

Below is one of the hottest sellers right now.  It’s cheap and easy to put on.  Also, it looks pretty wicked.  Amazon has a ton of them from different sellers.  Check them out here! The Lion Mane for K-9s.

This mane is one of the best sellers on Amazon.

Of course, I loved this look so much.  I needed to buy one for Cali.

Labrador dressed up as the Lion

Here we have Cali the Lion.

We got this from Amazon and tried it out.  Cali is about 65 pounds and the large was almost too big.  Thankfully they have an adjusting string.

Superhero Dog Costumes

You can never go wrong with Superhero Pooches!  I feel like these two fit the bill perfectly.

Superman Dog Costume

Superman is probably the most known superhero.

This version below is over at Amazon.  It is more like the one the bigger one is wearing above.  I like it more, because it is more Superdog than Superman.

superman dog costume

Batman Dog Costume

Everyone knows the Batman.  These German Shepherds can totally pull this look off!

This Batman Canine Costume at Amazon is pretty much the same style as the above pics.  If you have a GSD or even a Frenchie, then you can forgo the bat ears.

Robin Canine Costume

This pooch is rocking the Robin.  Of course, it’s Robin the Boy Wonder!

These things use to be cheesy, but recently they are looking good.   Amazon still has this Robin Canine Costume.

robin dog costume

Wonder Woman Dog Costume

Amazon has few different sizes, so I’m going to show you two different pictures.

Spiderman for Pooches

Spider-Dog!    Still some left over at Amazon.

spiderman pooch outfit


“With Great Pawer comes Great Responsibility!”

Harley Quinn Dog Costume

I know that Harley isn’t a hero.  But she is a popular character.

This is Bella in an original Harley Quinn.  She has a great Instagram account!  You need to check out all her styles and pictures at BellaWeen.

Amazon has a few Harley Quinn styles.  One is the cartoon version and the one below is the movie version.

This one comes in many sizes.
classic Harley Quinn pooch outfit

Labtain America

Feeling a bit inspired, I joined in with my Lab, Cali.  I found this mask at our grocery store.  The shield I got at Target for $5.  Meet Labtain America!

Cali the yellow lab dressed up as Labtain America


These are some of the funniest pooch styles ever.  But I think they’re more for photo ops.  Regardless, they actually look like pirates!  The looks on their faces are priceless.

We couldn’t find the exact one on Amazon.  However, this one is a pirate.

Dog Bear Costume

These front facing ones are the very creative.  This Bear is perfect for a smaller pooch.  I don’t think a larger one can pull it off.

Maybe a bigger pooch can pull it off.  This picture makes me laugh every time I look at it.

Amazon has a couple of different versions of the bear.

teddy bear costume for k-9

Pandaloon was the company that was on Shark Tank.  The cost for these are a little pricey.  However, the comments say that it is excellently made.

Here is a video that shows how cute these are.

Star Wars Dog Costumes

May the force be with you!  Star Wars get-ups have been popular forever!  I’m probably going to age myself again, but the original trilogy is where the characters are. 

To be honest, I can’t remember any of the names from the last two movies.  Chewbacca was on one of my first plastic nightmare.  I can still remember that cheap rubber band on the mask.

Yoda Dog Costume

Everyone can recognize the green Jedi master with great speaking skills.

“Do or do not. There is no try.”

“Not if anything to say about it I have”

” Already know you that which you need. ”

Yoda at Amazon he is.

yoda pooch outfit

Darth Vader

Of course, we need the bad guy.  When I say bad guy, I mean the baddest one in the whole Universe.

Even after all these years, Darth Vader is still being sold!

Ewok Pooch Costume

From the Forest Moon of Endor we have the Ewoks. The picture below shows a cool pooch and a pretty sweet get-up.

To be honest the one below is an Ewok, but it doesn’t look as good as the one above.

Minion Dog Costume

Banana!   I love the Minions!  Let’s face it, some canines act the part.  The following pictures are awesome!  These canines got the shenanigans down!

Amazon has a few different versions of the Minion K-9.

UPS Dog Costumes

This one keeps getting more popular by the year.  The following picture has a big K-9 pulling off the look flawlessly.  If I worked at UPS, I would contact this guy to be our new spokes-dog!   I only wished they threw an extra P before UPS.

The item below is from California Costumes and is available from Amazon.


Here we go with a Dinosaur outfit for canines.  It should actually be called a Dogasaur!  There are a lot of ways you can go for this theme.

Amazon has a few different kinds of dinosaur get-ups available here!

DinoDog outfit

Dino pooch outfit

Available at Amazon

Hot Dog Halloween Costumes

Obviously, the next two canines are some Hot Dogs!  I’m not talking about the daring risky kind.  Of course, I’m talking about the kind you eat.

Below is the version that is over at Amazon. It looks like the one the Husky has.

Freddy Kruger

Freddy Kruger and the original Nightmare movie kept me up for many nights.  

Amazon actually has a version of this Freddy Get-up, here is a picture to compare.

freddy krugar pup outfit

Unicorn Dog Costumes

This unicorn outfit is a winner.  How can you go wrong dressing your K-9 up as a mythical creature?

The Unicorn below is named Martha. It’s hard to believe that this girl was rescued a year ago. In fact, she was found barely alive locked in an abandoned car. But all that has changed! She has found her furever home.  She also has a new sister, Meg, that looks like her twin.   Their Instagram Page is incredible.  These two are so photogenic it’s crazy.  You need to check them out!

As you can see, all the above ensembles are different.  Amazon has a few different unicorn outfits, so be sure to check them out.

More Ideas

Tick Tock, so have you found the perfect dress up idea yet?  If you are drawing a blank, have no fear Barking Laughs is here. We have assembled some great dog pictures of some costumes to give you some ideas.  So stop procrastinating and get that kicking look today! Here we have Mike from the movie Monsters, Inc. movie. Talk about rocking a look! This GSD looks awesome as a football player! The Frenchie is definitely pulling off this flower!  I found some flower outfits, but they were not at this pooch’s level.

The Devil is in the Details

This Rascal is going to walk alone, we couldn’t find this exact outfit anywhere.  You can go ahead and look at Amazon’s Devil outfits and see if anything burns your fork. Cute funny canine in a dog Halloween costume the devil

Source: [email protected]

Garden Gnomes have always scared the hibbies out of me.  So this look is actually a little more terrifying than the traditional Halloween fair.  Amazon has the hat and the beard, but not the overalls and shirt.  Maybe you could find another outfit, or just go with out. Awesome canine in a dog Halloween costume a garden gnome

Source: [email protected]

This is pretty cool Lumberjack dog costume.  Awesome canine in a dog Halloween costume lumberjack

Source: [email protected]

This picture cracks me up.  I can’t decide if it’s the outfit of the look on the face.  I see that “Really?” face all the time with my dog.  We can’t seem to find this ensemble on line.  The bull rider was easily found.  The horns were a different story. Dog Halloween Costumes with a Lab dressed as a bull for halloween

Source: [email protected]

The villain and the hero!  The Convict Canine is perfect for the mischievous little guy in your life.  Of course, the only issue with this costume is if people actually say, ‘Bad Dog’. Dog Halloween Costumes with a funny dog dressed up for Halloween

Source: [email protected]

Got to love the canine convict.  I like this one because it doesn’t say “Bad Dog” on it. funny dogs dressed in costumes with Scooter the dog dressed as a convict for Halloween

Source: [email protected]

Here we have either a viking or a doggy devil.  Take your pick.

Hysterical!  You can get this outfit in only a few days through Amazon, Chick Magnet.

How fitting for a dog named “Potato.”
This one looks awesome and expensive.

Unique Get-ups

Sometimes you just need to think outside the box.  As an illustration, check out these three pictures. After looking at this pic don’t you just want to chill on an Island and listen to some Marley? We love this guy!  This might not be a costume, but this hat is awesome!  I’ve looked for this hat all over the place.  It isn’t specifically a doggy hat, but a woman’s hat. Awesome canine in a dog Halloween costume dressed as a cat

Source: [email protected]

Then we dressed Cali up like Brett Michaels. I found this wig and bandanna at Party City, it was a human costume though. I hope this post gave you some good ideas for Dog Costumes for Halloween .

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