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What happens when you light your pooches’ food on fire and start singing to him, Happy Birthday?  It’s time to celebrate the birth of your cute Pooch!  If you don’t know when your buddy was born, you can pick the ‘bring home’ date to celebrate.

Of course, you could just make it up.  I actually did make up the dates for two of my canines.  Just as long as you celebrate yearly, I think you’re fine.  Enjoy these cute and funny Happy Birthday pooch pics.

So, you’re thinking a birthday party for your four-legged buddy is crazy?  Well, we don’t think so, and neither do these devoted K-9 lovers.  If you choose to have a party, be sure to take as many Cute Pooch Pictures as possible. Until then sit back, and celebrate with these crazy canines.

Happy Dog Birthday!

So how do you celebrate a canine’s birthday?  You will need a birthday cake and gift!  Also, you will need a camera.  What’s a birthday party without pictures?  Remember in your Birthday dog photo to include all the decorations.  Especially include the Birthday Hat!  A puppy wearing a party hat would be such a cute pic!  I would however, skip the balloons!  A pooch with balloons can be a little dangerous, especially if they try to swallow them.

When I say cake, I don’t mean the human kind.  You will need to make or buy a canine cake.  There are several Canine cake recipes that you can make yourself.

Here’s the recipe we tried.  Most canine cakes are safe for humans to eat.  But a word of warning from my daughter, “Ewwwww.”

Birthday Gifts for your Pooch

Everyone deserves a Birthday gift, especially your 4-legged buddy.  So, what do you buy your pal?  Here are a few ideas.

Chuckit! Classic 26M Launcher 

This is one of the most perfect Gifts I ever received.  By using this thing, the ball went 3 times farther.   And my Lab wore out 3 times quicker.  If you get this, be sure to pick the one that uses regular tennis balls.  This Ball Launcher also saved me!  Before I got this toy, I use to come home from the park crying about my shoulder.  My shoulder throbbed for hours from throwing a ball.  Once we got the ChuckIt, my shoulder pain went away.

Chuck it

West Paw Zogoflex Hurley Durable Chew Toy 

The title implies it’s a chew toy, but we use it for a fetch toy.  When you throw this bone, it has a very crazy bounce once it hits the ground.  If you get a good bounce, it can easily end up anywhere.  This  keeps your pup on its paws so to speak.  Word to the wise, don’t throw it towards the house.

Hurley dog toy

West Paw Zogoflex Zisc 

I tried to use a normal Frisbee, but it didn’t end well.  The hard plastic usually cut up her mouth.  In addition, when she chewed on it, there would be razor sharp jagged plastic pieces that cut my hand.  Not with the disc!  It’s very flexible and perfect for those just starting out with the Frisbee.

Dog Gifts West Paw

Bubbletastic Bacon Bubble Machine 

We know, it sounds crazy, but they love this thing.  This machine is exactly what it says it is, a Bacon Bubble machine.

bacon bubble maker

Happy Dog Pet Water Fountain 

No more changing out that water bowl.  When your pooch is parched, they step on the peddle and BAM!  Cold H2O!  How many times have you seen some kind of science coming to life in the water bowl?  This Fountain will change that!    Beware that the peddle needs pressure to operate, so a small pooch might not be able to trigger it.

dog sprinkler

Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, Full HD Wifi Cam and 2-Way Audio, Works with Amazon Alexa

I think the title says it all.  If your pooch has that separation anxiety, this might be the perfect gift for them.

Furbo dog camera

Dog Birthday Images

dog birthday pictures of a Small pooch decked out for birthday“Cool, a new hat!”

Source: [email protected]

“Why do they always celebrate every 7th Birthday and ignore the other 6?”
happydog birthday pictures of a Canine standing at attention at his birthday party

Source: [email protected]

“Why the hell did they light two sponges on fire?”

happy dog birthday pictures of a pooch staring at birthday twinkies

Source: [email protected]

“43 pictures is enough!  Let me eat my cake!”

happy dog birthday pictures of a Toby the German Shepherd birthday celebration

Source: [email protected]

“Why is she talking about cheese, because I don’t see any cheese!”

happy dog birthday pictures of a two funny dogs partying at a second year birthday party

Source: [email protected]

“Why are they singing and holding a plate of flaming food?  Also, why am I wearing a hat?”

canine dressed up for birthday

Source: [email protected]

“I know if I lick the whole thing, I won’t have to share it.”

(Sadly, my daughter also shares the same philosophy).

dog birthday pictures of a canine licking birthday cake

Source: [email protected]

“Let me guess…you’re going to give me a Christmas/Birthday combo present again?”

Pooch at his 15 year birthday

Source: [email protected]

Optical Illusion Question #1.

Which is bigger the pooch or the bone?

canine with a huge birthday bone

Source: [email protected]

This is one good girl!  My Lab wouldn’t wear a hat, also leave the treat be to take a pic.

birthday pooch with a cupcake

Source: [email protected]

Canine Age Chart

Wow, I always assumed the 7-year rule with a linear progression of age.  According to the chart above, that isn’t even close until they are around 6-7 years old!  The crazy thing is that the weight or size of the canine doesn’t come into play until year 6.  I guess it make sense, since most canines reach full size before they’re two years old.

I feel bad, I thought my Lab was only 14 human years and it turns out she’s 24 human years.  This data seriously contradicts everything I thought I knew about canine age.  Of course, I’m not vet, so I’m going to cut myself some slack.

Pooch Birthday Party Video

This Pooch Party is pretty tamed to some of the B-day Party videos out there.  This is such a cool idea!

Source: Golden Retrievers get surprise ball-pit birthday party by Jnt436

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