These Cute Husky Puppies and Dogs Will Mesmerize You! Facts & FAQS

Puppy Pics

If you ever seen a Husky, then you know they are awesome!  They are such magical dogs, it’s hard not to want one.

They are not easy!  They need a lot of attention and exercise.  Of course, that doesn’t prevent you from enjoying these pictures of cute Husky Puppies, dogs, facts and FAQs.

10 Siberian Husky Facts

  • 1) Origins

    This breed is originally from Siberia, Russia.  They were bred and used by the Chukchi Eskimo.  First, they were used as sled dogs.  They carried humans and cargo all over this icy region.

  • 2) Who Needs a Babysitter?

    The Chukchi would have these dogs babysit their kids.  They would guard the kids from other animals and people.

    At first I thought this was nuts.  Then I remembered that my parents let me babysit my brother.

  • 3) Gold Rush

    Siberians made their way to the US in 1909.  At this time, the gold rush was occurring in Nome, Alaska.  They helped the gold diggers by moving their equipment across the icy land.  They were also great companions to these lonely men.

  • 4) Name Change

    Before 1991, the breed was known as the Arctic Husky.  In 1991, there was a name change.  To place a focus on the breed’s origins.  The word Siberian replaced Arctic.

  • 5) WWII

    This breed were members of the Search and Rescue squad in World War 2.  Some were even trained to parachute out of airplanes.  Thankfully, this never occurred during the war.

  • 6) Wolf?

    In a 2015 Current Biology report.  DNA linked the Taimyr wolf and the Siberian.  This report suggests that an early variation of the breed was present 27,000-40,000 years ago.

  • 7) Frosty!

    Siberians are cold weather machines.

    • They have two layers of fur, for warmth.
    • Extra hair inside their ears helps keep their ears warm.
    • They have almond shaped eyes.  This allows them to squint and stop the ice and cold from blinding them.
    • The furry long tail, is often used when they sleep, wrapping their head.
  • 8) Speed Demon!

    A Siberian can run 150 miles in one day, averaging 11 miles per hour.  Some can even run up to 30 miles per hour.  Check out this video to watch this furry speed demon.

  • 9) Houdini

    They are the known escape artists of the canine kingdom.  It is highly suggested that owners install a fence.

    Not just any fence!  A high fence, because they can climb and jump.  Also, a buried fence, because these dogs are also skilled diggers.

  • 10) ZOOM!

    They can control their metabolism.  They can run all day evading fatigue by controlling their energy output.

    Sometimes they will have too much stored energy and will need to burn it off.  The results of this energy burn off are Zoomies.  Never heard of a Zoomie?  Check it out!

Cute Husky Puppies

We have found some awesome pics.  If you enjoy them, then check out their gram accounts!

This white Siberian husky with blue eyes is so cute!

This fluffy Husky puppy would make a great pup model.

This red Husky puppy has the perfect coloring!

This has to be the coolest white Siberian Husky puppy!  Look at those eyes, and how they appear to be different.

WOW!  Look at those blue eyes!  This is a Agouti Husky.

This all black Husky Puppy is going to grow up to be a badass dog!

This pup has some cool black marks.  This way the colors are so symmetrical is crazy.

One thing about these pups, they really know how to use their eyes.

I love how it looks like there is a clover on the forehead.   Also, the two different eye colors is wicked.

It’s hard not to want this white Husky puppy with blue eyes!  That shade of blue is mesmerizing.

You can’t tell me that this pup isn’t smiling.  Look at those paws!

Barking Laughs Dog Mom shirt for the husky

I don’t think I’ve seen such a magical blue shade before.

The Hero

Diphtheria is a contagious and life threatening bacterial infection.  In 1925, it was infecting the people in Nome, Alaska.  Their only hope was 1000 miles away in Anchorage.  That was where the medicine was located.

Because of the weather conditions, the medicine could only make it 300 miles by train.   The other 700 miles was untravellable. That is when they decided that their only hope was the dogsled.

Officials decided to enlist 20 dogsled teams to complete the journey.  They designed a relay to transport the serum to Nome.

150 Siberian and some Alaskan Malamutes ran the relay in 6 days to deliver the serum!

Puppy Videos!

Wow!  If you’re watching this video alone, then you are doing it a disservice.  You need to immediately hit pause and go get your dog.  Then crank up the volume and watch the video.

The most entertaining part will actually be watching your dog lose their mind.  Actually, you probably don’t even have to get your dog.  They’ll hear it and be right behind you in a matter of seconds.

Siberian Husky FAQs

I think these pooches are one of the coolest dogs out there. They are fun to play with. They are also mesmerizing to look at and watch.

I have gathered some cool Husky FAQs, some great pictures and even a story for you.   After reading this post, hopefully you will feel the same way about this awesome dog.

“Oh, grandma!  What big eyes you have.”

What are common Siberian Husky Colors?

As you can see from the pictures, there are all kinds of colors and patterns.  All colors from white to black are allowed in the AKC.  Below are the official AKC colors for registration.

Agouti & White

An Agouti Husky has banded hair.  So the a piece of hair is not a solid color, but has bands of different colors on it.



This Black Husky picture is amazing!

Black & White

Black Tan & White

Brown & White

Gray & White

Red & White

Sable & White

What different Eye colors can the Husky have?

Almost all pups will be born with blue eyes.  It is possible that the color will start to change between 5-8 weeks old.  Below are the different colors for this dog.


This eye color can range to a very deep blue to an almost bluish white shade.  If you want to see more blue eyed pooches we have a cool post.


This eye color can go from dark brown to an almost amber shade.


This is when each eye has a different color or shade.  When you see one of these pooches it’s so hard not to get lost in their eyes.


These eyes are rare.  It is when two different colors are present in one eye.  On the picture below, you need to look at left eye.  You will see some brown in the blue.

This Parti eye is pretty noticeable.  It is the one on the right.

You can also see this is the left eye.

Another form of parti is called split.  This is when the second color is more uniform.

Huskies aren’t the only pooch that can blue eyes.  The Aussie and the Border Collie can also have them.  Also, any mixed breed with the Husk can have them.  Like the Gerberian Shepsky.

How long do Huskies live?

The average Siberian Husky lifespan is 12 years.  Some can make it to 15 years if they are healthy.  A proper diet, yearly vet visits, exercise and teeth cleaning can go a long way in the health of all dogs.

How big do Huskies get?

Because of all their fur, they are smaller than they look. But they really aren’t big dogs. The male Siberian Husky size is usually between 21 and 23.5 inches. While the female is usually between 19 and 22 inches.

How much do Huskies weigh?

Since fur doesn’t weigh a lot, I think you will be surprised on how much this breed weighs. The male Siberian husky weight is between 40 and 60 pounds. The average male is around 50 pounds. On the female side the average weight is around 42 pounds. The range for the girl is between 35 and 50 pounds.

Do Huskies Shed?

Yes, they shed, a lot!

Siberians have a double coat of fur. The inner layer is thick and fuzzy. It is designed to keep the dog warm. The outer layer protects the inner layer from the elements. So, the outer fur takes on the wind, the ice, the rain and the sun. Because of this coat combination, they have no issue with subzero temperatures.

Twice a year they fully shed their coat. This usually occurs in the Spring and Autumn. In general, this lasts for 5 weeks.  However, dogs do shed year-round. Some hair here and some hair there. But for a month twice a year, it is an all-out hair pick up-athon.

This twice a year occurrence is called a “Blow out.”  It is when they are getting rid of their winter or summer coat.

This video is pretty cool and shows how much hair can be removed.  Can you imagine to old days when we didn’t have these tools or vacuums?  I guess in the old days there were not a lot of indoor pooches.

Are Huskies hypoallergenic?

No, they are not hypoallergenic. In fact, there are no hypoallergenic dogs. Allergy sufferers are allergic to a protein that is on the skin of the dog. This protein is also found in a dog’s spit.

There are some dog breeds that have less of this protein.  These are the dogs that usually are referred to as “hypoallergenic”.  These breeds also shed very little or not at all.   Which pretty much eliminates the breed.

How much does a Husky cost?

A Siberian husky price depends on a few factors.  A Pooch with AKC papers should cost between 700 and 1000 dollars. This price will increase with any champion blood.  Also, the price will be more for full registration. This means that you have breeding rights.

If you find a pup for under 700 dollars, be careful. Your deal might end up costing you money in the long run. I’m not saying it’s not impossible, but do your homework.  See if you can view both parents and their health history.


These dogs are filled with personality!  Each one is unique in their own way, but there are some common threads with the breed.

What is the Siberian husky temperament?

The following data is from The American Temperament Test Society, Inc. (ATTS).  They perform tests on each breed.

The Husky has a score of 86.8%.  Here are a couple scores, to you give you an idea.

  • The Labrador has a score of 92.2%.
  • The German Shepherd has a score of 85.3%.
  • The Golden Retriever has a score of 85.6%.

Are Huskies smart?

Define smart.  If you are referring to how well they learn new commands and obey them, then they are average.  However, they are stubborn dogs, so this metric might be unfair.

Most believe that they know how to learn and obey, but choose not to.  So, they do not follow blindly.  They choose what’s in their best interest.  That sounds pretty smart to me.

Are Huskies good with kids?

They love kids.  They would never be aggressive with children.  However, this only holds true if the kid isn’t trying to harass the dog.  So, I guess the answer to this question is that it depends on the kid.

One thing to recall is Zoomies (see fact 10).  If the dog is burning off energy, you probably don’t want a small child around.  When they get in the Zoomie mode, watch out.  Their destruction isn’t intentional, but I can see a small kid being collateral damage.

Are Huskies good dogs?

Define good.  This breed is social and very pack oriented dogs.  If you want a watch dog, they are not that great.  If you want a member of the family that gets along with everyone, then they rock.

If you want a dog that can do 100 tricks, then they are not the best.  If you want a work out buddy, that’s always ready to play, then they are great.

With that in mind.  If they aren’t engaged physically, they can become very destructive.

Are Huskies aggressive?

This breed is one of the most social dogs!  Social around humans and other dogs.  They don’t go out looking for a fight.  They have a high prey drive, so they’ll go after smaller animals.  This includes cats.

When they are releasing their excess energy, they have been known to knock over kids and some adults.  These cases are generally accidents.

Do Huskies Bark?

They can bark, but rarely do.  They prefer howling.

Why do Huskies Howl?

There are a few reasons behind howling.  Howling is a trait that this breed gets from their Taimyr wolf DNA.

Pack animals used howling to find each other.  Howling is also used to warn other animals that they are getting too close.

Besides being in their DNA, here are a few more reasons behind the howling.

  • Boredom
  • Pain
  • Separation
  • Strange Sounds
  • To get your attention

More Pictures of Cute Husky Puppies

This pup has it all, cool markings and blue eyes.

Try not to fall in love with this puppy.  You know they are going to get big.

Husky dad men's dog t-shirt cran

This blue eyed Husky puppy looks like toy.

Wow!  Look at those paws.  How big is this little one going to get?

Why do I have a feeling that this pup is going to be an expert beggar?

This little guy looks like trouble.

Wow!  Those are some deep blue eyes.  This pup is going to get away with everything.

This little red pup looks like a ball of energy.

This little guy was meant to be a co-pilot.

This is one soulful looking pup.  The pattern on their head is awesome.

Looks like someone is planning to make the sofa their new bed.

If you’re planning on getting one of these pups, check out are dog names to pick the very best!  We have blue eyed, unique, cool and badass names that would work with the Husk!

4 Unleashed Funny Husky Videos!

Do Huskies have a monopoly on funny dog videos?  We know they to talk, but all of these funny husky videos show another side of these awesome dogs!

Funny Husky Video with an Ice Maker

Leave it to a Husky to find the coldest stuff in the whole house, ice.  I wonder, if he is making a secret ice bed somewhere.  Members of my family should watch this video to learn about ice dispensing.   My daughter usually ends up with more ice on the floor than her cup.  I wonder if this Husky gets occupied for hours doing this?  I guess the next trick should be getting a beer.  Until then, please enjoy this funny Husky video!

Source: Huskyyyyy on Rumble

Silly Husky in the Leaves

I wonder if the whole goal to raking the leaves was to capture this short video.  Talk about artistic commitment!  Thank you!

source: Kent Petersen on YouTube

Spoiled Husky

WOW!  Talk about a spoiled Husky. But, seriously how could you not grant her wishes?  Then again even the cutest things get old.

Source: PawRecord on Rumble

Crazy Husky Video

Warning, this is a Crazy Husky Video!  This is one of those funny dog videos that needs to be watched a few times. Holly Cow! This Husky is crazy! I can’t stop watching it. The best part is the sound of the sofa getting smacked.  I’ve seen cats act like this but never such a big dog.

Source: Super-hyper husky does crazy zoomies by ZestyMike on Rumble

If you need more laughs, then check out these other Husk Vids!

Wrap Up

Sadly, the number of abandoned amount of these dogs has grown eight-fold since 2011.  Likewise, The Game of Thrones became popular in 2011.  Many fans wanted their own Dire Wolf, so they got one of these pups.

They quickly grasped that this breed could be difficult.  Therefore, they gave away the dogs.

If you want one, then you need to be in it 100%.  If you do have the time and experience, then they will certainly enhance your life.  But, if you don’t, then enjoy these pictures again and again.

I hope you enjoyed our post.  If you did, be sure to share it!  I would like to thank all the people that allowed us to share their pictures.   Definitely, be sure to visit them on Instagram!

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