Insane Dog Shaming Pictures That will Make you Smile!

Dog Shaming Pictures

Wow!  We have found some insane dog shaming pictures for this post.  Dog shaming is the best cure for a bad day.  Unless of course you are the victim of one these pooches.

Some of these seem pretty expensive.  At least the owners had a sense of humor about it.  I want to be sure to thank everyone that allowed us to post their pictures.  Be sure to check them out of Instagram.

Expensive Destruction

I’ve broken so many sunglasses in my years.  I no longer spend over ten dollars on a pair.

I have expensive taste in sunglasses.  Now I’m in the dog house.

WOW!  I have no words!

And Mom thought to be worried about the cookies on the counter.

Whoops!  That will be a little expensive.

I knocked over mom’s laptop off the table and broke it. 

In hindsight, chewing mommy’s book was really a bad idea.


I spilled water on Mum’s laptop and then lapped the puddle.  

That is going to be a pain to fix.

I though I was sneaky and ate the evidence.

I think this might be the first time a robot gets shamed.  Maybe this is the event that make Skynet mad?

Not So Expensive

These pics are not as costly as the above images.  However some of these still look costly to the soul.

I pooped on the floor today -Rye

I smeared it all over the house -Shark Robot

I took a bite out of mom’s bouquet.  That daddy got her for International Women’s Day!


I counter surfed and ate mom’s supper! -Lady

I taught the Pug to enjoy the splendors of garbage.

This doesn’t look like her first rodeo.  I’ve seen mugshots less scary.

I eat Chapstick.

I chewed 2 doormats in 2 days.

This house must be a trip!

I snuck into my brother’s (pig) liter box and ate all the chocolates.

This owner might have been Huck Finned.  If I ran my dog for a mile, she would be in Heaven.

I ate the leg of the rocking chair, so my mom would take me on her runs.  It worked, 1.5 miles today!

I eat more of my poop than I do of real food.

I wish my dog could learn this trick.

I ate my Dad’s AMEX twice.

I have about 15 toys but I eat sock and panties. 

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