Who knew that TJ Maxx allowed dogs! Funny Dogshaming!

Dog Shaming Pictures

No matter what is going on today, looking at these Funny Dogshaming Pictures will make you smile.  Additionally you will feel gratitude and feel appreciative that you don’t have to deal with the mess, the destruction and the bills.

So are you ready for that time again?  What time would that be…time for more funny dogshaming, of course! I don’t know what I like more the crazy antics described on the sign, the evidence or the look on the their face. What about you?

Funny Dogshaming!

Poor little guy.  Look at his back leg.  He really did get broken.

I broke my little brother because I couldn’t find my breaks.

Maybe he though it was old fat guy trying to break into the house.

I ripped off Santa’s face.

0 days since last Skunk incident!

I ate moms succulents and get dirt all over the house.

My farts can clear a room in under two seconds!

This dog has to be insane, to not have only run through an electric fence once but twice!

I ran through the electric fence (again) like a bad boy.

With my dog, the sign would have read that she ate the chicken.

I eat chicken poop!

I saw a squirrel and pulled Mommy across wet grass and in flip flops!  And she fell.  Sorry Mommy.

I got into the trash while mom was at work.  She found me chewing tinfoil.  

I ate my mom’s underwear!

Yesterday, I tried to make snuggles with a porcupine.  OUCH!

I wonder if they found the result before they got to the airport?  Could you imagine TSA finding that!

I ate four fifths of the slab of Oreo Chocolate.  I puked in Mom’s suitcase this morning, I regret nothing!

As can be seen, I really don’t thing Bella cares about being shamed.

I pooped on the dog sitter’s bed.  So not sorry.

Of course this is a funny dogshaming picture, but when did TJ Maxx start allowing dogs?

I got so excited in TJ Maxx that I pooped on the floor.  And then stepped in it and smeared it everywhere.

Considering everywhere a dog’s mouth has been or what they eat, this might not be too bad.

I go outside and eat bugs then kiss my mommy.

I woke Mommy up at 2:15 this morning.  Not to pee, not for a drink of water, but for belly rubs.  Mom said, I’m lucky I’m cute.

I ate the Garden!

I’m a bad boy!  I ate the chicken off the counter!

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dog shaming wild farter
underwear eating dog
Dog shaming with TJ Maxx dog pooper

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