Even the Most Popular Dog Screws Up. Labrador Dog Shaming!

Dog Shaming Pictures

Labrador Retrievers have been the most popular dog in the US for awhile according to the AKC.  The Labrador has once again made the list.  Do you know which position they are in this year?  Check out the, Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds! 2018!

These friendly outgoing dogs are definitely one of the go-to dogs for many families.  However, just because they’re so popular doesn’t mean that they still don’t act like dogs.  For this reason, they are fair game for some good old fashion shaming.  So sit back and enjoy some Labrador Dog Shaming!  Labradors are known for eating almost anything.  For that reason, the first several pictures focus on their appetite.

Labrador Dog Shaming

I ate a cracker out of my human’s mouth.

I ate my nanny’s dining room chairs.  Oh and the skirting boards!  Help me!

I ate Daddy’s Valentine’s pup.

I enjoy eating poo of various origins that I find in the yard.  Nom Nom Nom!  Love Leelah. 

Mom caught me with her brand new iPhone in my mouth.

I have the same taste in shoes as my mom.  The only difference is I prefer to chew on them!

I ate daddy’s pizza while he wasn’t looking.  Then savored it while getting my lecture.

I ate 12 mini rolls and the wrappers!  It was a sharing pack!

I was able to sneak a deviled egg off the counter the other day.  It made me puke because of my motility disorder.  I tried to eat that too.

How does this happen?

I ate baby poop while mom was walking me today.  I Liked it.

I ate mom’s underwear and I’m not even pretending to be sorry.

I liked the decor off the gingerbread house.

Christmas dog shaming picture of a Labrador that licked a gingerbread house


I ate my mom’s retainer.

My humans paid $90 to find out I have acne.

Because I drool too much.

Occasionally, I see a sign that really perplexes me.

Today I got to share the shower with human.  Because I rolled in human poop!

I drink the toiler dry.

Do you think this dog got set up with a pink beaver, knowing it would eventually get chewed up and end up in this dog shaming picture?  Yes.

I destroyed the pink beaver.
Labrador dog shaming of a lab that killed a pink beaver

We made it snow in Florida!

I am getting nothing for Christmas.  I ate the Elf on the Shelf and he was good.

I rolled around in poop.  Now I’m in time out.

Those Labrador dog shaming pictures had to have helped you laugh.  If you need some more, then continue below!

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chocolate Lab getting shamed
Labrador dog shaming deviled egg eater
Labrador Dog Shaming with a Lab that ate an Apple.

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