Pictures of Lab Puppies! Meet the Number One Dog in America!

Puppy Pics

Do you need a break from all the noise in the world?  You are in luck!  These cute pictures of Lab Puppies will help you escape.  Be prepared to have a smile come across your face.

Getting through the day is ruff.  You are constantly slammed with negativity.  That is why I always turn towards dog stuff.  Canines can help you smile.  Pups can help you stop time.

Do you want to keep reading about politics and the news?  Neither of which led to anything pleasant or happy.   On the other hand, do you want to be in a happy place?  If you want to smile then keep scrolling.

This has to be one of the cutest puppy posts on the internet.  It was so hard to write because I couldn’t focus.  I just kept smiling.  Each of these pups is awesome.

Pictures of Lab Puppies!

If you are a regular reader, then you know that I have a yellow Labrador, Cali.  She is pretty much the mascot of this site.  I love these dogs!  My family has had at least one Labrador since 1983.  We have had each color, and they are all awesome.

Some people swear that each color has certain traits.   I have never noticed.  To me a Lab is a Lab.

Generally, yellow Labs are used as service dogs.  Black Labradors are field and gun dogs.  While Chocolate Labs are known on the show side.

So which one do you like the best?

Before you continue, I need to post a warning.  These puppy pics are beyond cute.  So, if you go out and get one, it’s on you.

Pictures of Black Lab Puppies

These pictures of black lab puppies are off the charts!  It is so easy to get lost in their cuteness!   Labradors tend to stay pups for a while.

How much fun you could have in that puppy pen?

3 Labrador puppies in a box

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How in the world did they get this picture?  Whenever I get on the ground with a puppy, one of us jumps on the other.

Black Lab puppy laying on the rug

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WOW!  This is better than any professional picture that I’ve ever seen.

little cute black lab in the snow

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Talk about a happy face!

little cut black lab puppy smiling for the camera

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I’ve never seen a pup smile that big.  They must be holding a steak.

Black lab Puppy with the biggest smile on their face

cronch_puppy_r[email protected]

All Labrador owners know where to find a tennis ball.  Under the sofa.

Black lab puppy playing with a tennis ball

[email protected]

I’d give that toy about two days before it is shredded.

Black lab pup playing with a toy

[email protected]

These owners are in trouble.  How can you resist those eyes?

little black Labrador puppy staring at the camera

[email protected]

What a pose!  Maybe Mac thinks the camera is food.

Mac the black lab pup

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A wet Labrador is a happy Labrador.

a wet black lab puppy

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Pictures of Chocolate Lab Puppies

These pictures of Chocolate lab puppies are very telling.  All the pups look like they are trying to figure out why humans are so goofy.

Giving a Lab a bath is a pain.  Their fur is almost water repellent.  Which makes it so hard to get the soap on and work up a lather.

chocolate Labrador puppy trying to get out of the bathtub

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Chocolate labs have some awesome eyes!

Chocolate Lab Puppy sitting outside

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What a model!  Anyone want to bet on how long those shoes will last?

cute little chocolate Labrador puppy

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This is a great pic!  I still have no idea how they gets these pups to stay still.

little chocolate lab puppy with a pink collar

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Taking a pic of this one looks hard.  This pup looks more active than the rest.

chocolate lab puppy outside

[email protected]

I guess this is where the term, “puppy dog eyes” comes from.  I know I couldn’t resist this pup.

Chocolate Lab puppy on the grass

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Pictures of Yellow Lab Puppies

Here’s a puppy picture of Cali when she was a puppy.  I wish I took more pictures, but I was too busy playing like a puppy.  She is almost 3 years old and she still loves to play like that.  There are several more pictures of yellow Labrador pups below.  This color has several different shades.  The AKC states that they may range in color from fox-red to light cream.

8 week picture of Labrador puppy Cali

This pup looks like he has eye lashes.  Look at those paws!

Yellow Labrador puppy laying outside

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Lab pups will chew on everything.  At least the ball was meant for that.

yellow Labrador puppy chewing on a ball

[email protected]

This is not going to end well.  I have lost so many shoes to my dog.  It always happened on a Monday, when I left to go to work.  My wife always found my shoes in Cali’s crate.

Yellow lab puppy chewing on a shoe

[email protected]

Christmas or not, this is funny pic!

labrador puppy dressed up like santa paws

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I have a feeling that some food is involved with this picture.

yellow lab puppy sitting and looking up

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I feel some yipping and some nipping came after this pic was taken.

yellow lab pup laying on a dog bed

[email protected]

The big one is Cody and the pup is Jake.  Life would be great if we had a big brother to show us the way.

mom and puppy two yellow labs

[email protected]

“Come on human, it’s time to eat.”

yellow lab pup walking on the pavement

[email protected]

I think this picture answers a great question.  What’s better than a Lab?  Two Labs!

a yellow and black lab puppy

cro[email protected]

Did you have a favorite?  Be sure to check out all the Instagram accounts for more pics.

Maybe after looking at the above pics, you can see why this dog is the most popular in the US.  Of course, be sure to check out the rest of the top 10 most popular dog breeds. If you need some more Labradors, then check them out being shamed!  It’s really funny stuff!

Labrador Observations

Labradors are awesome pets.  There are a few things that you should know in case you want one.

They need to be exercised daily.  This includes mind exercises.

They are good watch dogs but horrible guard dogs.  They will alert you when someone is there.  But since they are people dogs,  they just want a new person to rub them.

They love to eat and will master begging quickly.  They tend to gain weight easily.  Which is not a good thing for labs because of potential hip issues.

Labradors love water!  If you live near any water, then expect for them to be wet.  We live near a nasty creek.  One day, I had to give Cali 3 baths.  Every time she went out, she jumped in the creek.  Each time she stunk so bad.

If you want to watch these awesome dogs, then we have several lab videos!

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Two Labrador puppies, one yellow lab and one black lab.
A cute Black Labrador Puppy in the snow
A smiling black Labrador Puppy
A Chocolate lab puppy in the bathtub