20 Legendary Dogshaming Pictures! Do you want to Smile?

Dog Shaming Pictures

I just can’t get enough of these mischievous pups and their actionable shames.  From decapitated stuffed animals to regurgitated bunnies, some of these really test the definitions of Funny Dogshaming Pictures.  However bizarre, these crazy cute dogs will make you laugh or gag.

In the first place, it’s nice to feel less alone in our individual daunting dogs-owning-universe, and see fellow canine owners dealing with similar trials and tribulations.  On another positive note, be glad that these situations aren’t yours today.

Just few quick observation or questions to keep in mind as you enjoy these silly pics, in particular.

  • I didn’t think Netflix delivered DVDs anymore.
  • What’s up with blue candy?
  • What is a motility disorder?

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Funny Dogshaming Pics

“This chair is the only place I’m not allowed to lay.” 

Obviously the dog can not read or can he?

My mom just had hip surgery.  So her lunch friends brought her pizza and had lunch with her.  They were kind enough to leave leftovers…for me.  I jumped up on the counter and ate the rest, onions and all!  #sorrynotsorry

“I ate three baby bunnies then came inside and threw them up on the kitchen floor”

Was the bag of flour already on the couch or did Darla the Husky grab it from the kitchen, bring it over to the couch and then opened it up?

“I spilled a bag of flour all over the couch.”

“I ate Daddy’s Valentine pup.”

My name is Chevy and I pooped and peed on the borrowed rug in my Gwamma’s living room!

My dog has done this some many times it drive my crazy!  In fact, as of late, she been finding fish carcasses that the birds drop in our backyard.

“I like to roll in dead animals @ the beach.”

“I was able to sneak a deviled egg off the counter the other day.  It made me puke because of my motility disorder, i tried to eat that too – Titan”

“Counter Crook!  I just ate my mom’s fish and sweet potato.  I left the salad.  Not Sorry”

I’m in disgrace for eating chicken poo like they’re sweets.

“I just stole my babysitter’s PB&J!!  Mom has put me in the dog house!”

“I have the bladder of a 70 year old man and Dad love the present I left in his bed.”

“I ate a whole bag of Mom’s Blue Candy Melts, while she wasn’t home.  Now my poop looks like a Smurf. -Sahara”

Destructive Shaming Pictures

Do you think dogs experience a point of no return?  They know they’re in trouble regardless, so they just keep the destruction going.

“I decapitated my favorite Stuffie”

I hate ate moms art. – Bo

“Mom didn’t let me have an Oreo, so I ate her pillow!”

“Dear Netflix, I got mad at my mom.  So I ate the DVD.  I am in trouble -Logan”

I ate the fingers off the oven mitts! #fingerlickin’good

“I chewed a hole in the couch and crawled in it.”

“I didn’t think this antique table was distressed enough. -Moose”

So did you have a good laugh?  Don’t stop now!

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