27 New Dog Shaming Pictures That Will Make You LOL or Gag!

Dog Shaming Pictures

These new dog shaming pictures will make you think.  “What the heck is going on in the canine world?”  I’ve never seen so many dogs eating so much random stuff!  Maybe it’s that time of the year, where they need to bulk up for the cold.

Who knows?  Regardless, be sure to enjoy some of the crazy pictures!

New Dog Shaming Pictures

Skunk Battle # 1!  I challenged a skunk and lost!

I chased after a deer this morning.  But I’m only in half trouble because I came back and didn’t chase the baby deer.

My Labrador does this all the time and it drives me mental!

I lick the couch.

Mom shut us in while she sprayed off the patio.  So, we locked the door.

Stepped in poop and tracked it through the house.  So that my mom wouldn’t leave me to go to the gym.

I just wanted to play.

Sorry for being a cow last night.  Thanks for saving me from myself.

I destroyed my snowman toy.  SO, now the floor is covered in stuffing.

Mom, I know today is your Birthday.  So, while you were at work, I pissed on the couch and your bed.  Love Gus

Skunk Battle #2

Dog Ate What?

I eat chicken Poop!  Dad says it makes my breathe foul.

Man, a whole box of bran couldn’t have been kind.

I ate the whole box and liked it.


I ate Mum’s Serrano Peppers off her plant.

My mommy got me a brand new bed.  Nicer than most human beds.  I ate it for lunch.

I ate all the bagels my uncle Tommy brought from New York.

I eated it.

I ate my brother’s bed.

I escaped from my crate and ate my mom’s fake red flowers.

I’m naughty because I chew on drywall while mommy is away!

I’m Wilson.  I chew all dad and mom’s shoes!

He looked at me funny.  So, I ate him.

I stole my mom’s cheddar biscuit from honeycomb and have no regrets.  14/10 would do it again.  Charlie

I stole uncooked pizza with raw toppings off the kitchen counter.

I ate the internet.

I broke into the house.  While Mom and Dad were out.  Ate the entire contents of the bin and the whole brand new bag of dog food!

Mom and Dad go out on a Friday night and leave me here?  I’ll show them!

I’m Sorry I ate my Human’s homework!

I hope that put a smile on your face. I also hope you kept your lunch down. Be sure to check out some more of our dog shaming pictures!

If you need a quick smile fix, then sniff on over to our dog sayings!

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