15 Cool Pictures of Rescue Dogs That Beat the Odds!

Cool Dogs

Stray dogs or rescue dogs are not only cool, but the best.  If they haven’t been put through the human ringer, they are immediately the most grateful dogs out there.  If the ills of humanity have tarnished them then it does take a little time to gain their trust But once they give you that trust, you are golden.  Just look at the below pictures of rescue dogs and you will actually see happiness.  In my younger years, I was able to rescue two strays, and those two dogs were awesome!  Here’s my story of the first phenomenal stray, Daisy.

Daisy found my house and my heart when I was eleven years old.  Immediately, my parents laid down the law and said I couldn’t keep her.  Still, Daisy hung around the house for the next couple of weeks and I defied my parents’ instruction.  I not only routinely fed her, I also cleaned out our old dog house in the backyard and set her up with a bed of old towels.  Looking back on that situation, I’m kind of shocked that I wasn’t caught.  However, I was a latch-key kid, and so I only had to truly worry about supervision on the weekends.

Ironically, the parental units did discover my new dog on a cold Saturday night in November, and here’s how it happened.  My parents often went out on the weekends–and being the oldest–I was the designated babysitter.  Since it was the first chilled night of the season, I introduced Daisy to the house.  Unfortunately in doing so, I introduced my siblings to MY dog.  They were excited to meet Daisy, and surprised to know that I was harboring her.  I guess something strange was in the air that night since they agreed to keep Daisy a secret.  Well, that pact was immediately put to the test when we heard the doors of my parents Mercury Cyclone slam shut.  I quickly grabbed Daisy and put her in the garage.  I was not going to throw her outside when it was that cold!

In the hope that my parents would follow their normal routine and go to bed, I figured I could just get up early and get Daisy out of the garage.  Then, all of the sudden, it happened.  The pact shattered into piercing sound.  Of course, I tried to ignore what I heard, but the damage was done…everyone heard it.  And it wasn’t even my siblings breaking the pact–it was Daisy with one of the loudest barks ever.   My mother opened the door to Daisy shivering in a box.  That moment forever cemented the power of puppy dog eyes for me because the only thing I heard was “awe”.

Luckily for Daisy, my parents often came home on weekend nights in a better mood than when they left.  None of us got in trouble that night and Daisy even was able to sleep inside.  However, I did have to give up Daisy…to my mother!

The Numbers

According to the ASPCA, approximately 3.3 million dogs enter shelters in the US yearly.

  • 620,000 of those dogs were lost or separated from their owner and returned.
  • 670,000 of those dogs are euthanized.
  • 1.6 million dogs are adopted.

These statistics are estimations since there are not any federal regulations to keep exact numbers. That is probably one reason the numbers don’t exactly add up.  However, even if the math is not correct, the numbers are still overwhelming.  Keep in mind that this data only includes the US.  There’s no telling what the numbers look like everywhere else.  In fact, some of our featured rescue dogs are actually from different countries.

Pictures of Rescue Dogs

We hit the mother lode of cool, cute, awesome Pictures of Rescue Dogs for this post!  The coolest thing about all these pictures has to be their animated faces that beam with life, happiness, and gratitude.  If you are on Instagram, you definitely need to follow these accounts.

Pictures of Rescue Dogs smiling puppy

Source: [email protected]

Picture of a happy Rescue Dog

Courtesy: [email protected]

Pictures of Rescue Dogs that are happy near a pool

Source: [email protected]

cool dog picture of a rescue dog that looks like his praying

From: [email protected]

Happy rescue dog with mouth wide open

Source: [email protected]

Pictures of Rescue Dogs that found a furever home

Courtesy: [email protected]

Smiling Pictures of Rescue Dogs with their mouth open smiling

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smiling dog that was rescued

From: [email protected]

Pictures of Rescue Dogs with this one that became very muddy

Source: [email protected]

Big rescue dog licking his nose.

Courtesy: [email protected]

happy and go lucky rescued dog

Source: [email protected]

happy rescued husky being at one with the sun

From: [email protected]

Pictures of Rescue Dogs with smiling Kelpie

Source: [email protected]

Pictures of Rescue Dogs with Canine sitting on a pier with tongue out

Courtesy: [email protected]

French rescue dog from Mauritius

Source: [email protected]

First all, we would like to thank everyone for letting us use their pictures featuring their cool rescues dogs.  Also, much gratitude goes out to dog people like you for actually rescuing the dogs!

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Rescue Dog Australian Kelpie smiling big