27 Smiling Dog Pictures that Answer the Question! Can They Smile?

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So, can canines crack a smile? Have you ever noticed that some canines do actually appear to grin? Do you think that it is an optical illusion or is there really a smiling dog.  I really do think they are smiling.  It usually happens when they are happy, just like us humans.  Nobody taught me how to smile, it’s just something that happens to my face when I’m happy.

If you are a non-believer and believe that a dog smiling is just an optical illusion, we might be able to change your mind.  Below are 27 pictures of smiling dogs, additionally there is one smiling dog video and a smiling dog GIF.  Feel free to judge for yourself.

Smiling Dogs

Smiling dog sitting down Source: [email protected]

Smiling Dog laying in the grass tongue out smilingCourtesy: [email protected]

Smiling Dog in the kitchenFrom: [email protected]

Smiling dog outside sitting on the grassSource: [email protected]

smiling dog on the sofaCourtesy: [email protected]

smiling dog with tongue hanging outFrom: [email protected]

Smiling Dogs with a sweet canine looking at the camera with a huge smile!Source: [email protected]

two smiling dogs sitting on a boulder Courtesy: [email protected]

Two funny smiling dogs outsideFrom: [email protected]

This is one funny smiling dog!  His name is Reece, who also has an original Fan Page over at Facebook.  Be sure to check it out and become a fan, Reece the Professional Side-Kick!

funny smiling dog reeceSource: [email protected]

Smiling Dog Video

Here is the video of a smiling Labrador.  How in the world did they train this dog to be able to do this?

Benefits of a Smiling Dog

Remember the first thing everyone says about smiling, it’s contagious!  So if you are around a smiling dog or looking at their pictures, then you should start smiling as well.

Have you read about all the benefits of smiling?    First, smiling can release endorphins.  In other words, smiling can make you feel good and improve your mood.  Smiling also helps with your immune system by producing more white blood cells.  Lastly, smiling can make you more approachable, trustworthy and attractive to others.  Then again, if that is true, then you will have to deal with more humans.  In reality, that last one might not be a “benefit” after all.

The cool thing about all this scientific research, it shows that these benefits are even realized if you fake the smile.  However, that will not be the case after you look at some more photographic proof which clearly shows them smiling.

This looks like a High School Yearbook pose.

funny smiling dog picture that looks like a high school year book pose

Is this dog smiling or are they out of breath?
A dog smiling for the camera
Big dog smiling near a barn

This pooch looks like he found someone’s stash.
Dog is smiling on a blanket at a picnic
dog is grinning ear to ear in the snow

Why is this dog smiling? Because he is sitting on a cat!
smiling dog pictures of a dog with a cat on his tail

This is the goofiest picture I’ve seen in awhile.
running smiling pooch

This guy looks like he literally just ate the canary.
GSD smiling

Molly looks like she just did something really bad.
smiling dog picture of a goofy canine
smiling dog picture of a Labrador

The above images were from Pixabay.

Smiling Dog GIF

We don’t want to overwhelm you with the obvious answer to the question, Can dogs smile?  But this Smiling Dog GIF is pretty convincing.


Surely that had to convince some of you!

More Smiling Dog Pictures

In the event that you still are on the fence, here are some more pieces of proof.

smiling dog outside

That is one funny grin on this pup!

Little Smiling puppy

This Beagle is obviously grinning, you can see it in the eyes.

Beagle Picture of Smiling Dog

What’s better than a funny dog smile? A cute puppy smile!

Labrador puppy smiling

cute white puppy smiling

This lab has the coolest look in their eyes that just says, happiness!

yellow Labrador smiling

Pictures of Smiling Dogs of an awesome canine

The above images were from Pixabay.

So are you a believer now?  The above has to be the most compelling evidence that you have experienced.

Certainly those smiling dogs had to put a grin on your face.  I guess smiling really is contagious.  If you did or didn’t smile, maybe looking at life from a different angle is beneficial.  Regardless, I recommend, 20 Upside Down Dogs!  What about some wet pooches?  Have you celebrated you dog’s birthday yet?

Well, we hope that got you into a great mood.  If you know someone that loves smiling dogs, then be sure to share this post, because even your friends deserve a little happiness.   Remember that sharing is caring.  We also have more pictures of cute dogs and a ton of other kinds of Dog Pictures.

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2 dogs smiling for the camera!